Skynet Improvements

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The whole article is interesting, but the UK now has a Space Command. A unified US/UK effort, “Starfleet Command,” has not been announced yet as life imitates art.

Last week the MoD named Air Commodore Paul Godfrey as the first commander of the new UK Space Command. Godfrey, soon to be promoted to Air Vice-Marshal, is no stranger to the U.S. military. His previous position saw him responsible for the planning and employment of coalition air and space power across the Middle East within the U.S. Air Force Combined Air and Space Operations Center.

Based at RAF High Wycombe, Space Command will be a joint command, staffed from all three arms of the military, the civil service and industry. It brings together under a single two-star military commander: space operations, space workforce generation and space capabilities.

Some of those capabilities may be enhanced by an announcement Feb. 8 that Lockheed Martin UK has contracted ABL Space Systems to launch a rocket from the Shetland Space Centre being created on Britain’s most northerly island.

ABL’s new RS1 rocket is set to become the first ever vehicle to vertically launch small satellites from the UK.

If the Lockheed Martin-led work, known as the UK Pathfinder Launch program, goes to plan, lift-off of the rocket from the Shetland island of Unst is set for next year.


What About a few Maps?

Birthplaces of Top 100 Ranked Classical Chess Players.


This won’t hold as the US prints money to hand out to buy votes for the current regime. But it was true a year ago.



Pick on Rhode Island? Why not pick on Rhode Island? Rhode Island on opposite side of Atlantic Ocean (same size & latitude).


Yes, there was a university study on this. What does it mean to you? Nothing. BBQ doesn’t seem to be popular in the Dakotas and neither do french fries, but apparently they’ll eat steak. Tacos beat out BBQ in Texas, and West Virginia searched for hot dogs more than any other state.


Homicide Rate By US State per 100,000, 2018.

Of course, this doesn’t include abortions performed for the convenience of the mother. I wonder how that would skew things?


  1. I heard an interesting podcast yesterday that pointed out that the effort to inflate the US economy is driven by, one the oligarchs holding tangibles like real estate and metals and being able to address their debt (that they purchased it with) with inflated dollars later.
    It occurred to me that it is the ultimate short sell.
    I realize that it occurred to Soros a lot sooner.
    Using that logic, should I remortgage to buy silver?

  2. Our homicide rate is apparently skewed upwards by a few urban counties. A couple years ago in my county we had our first homicide in 20 years. The weapon. An automobile. Obviously more gun control is needed.
    No surprise that we do best on the bottom row of the food maps. The eastern part of the state is a BBQ hot bed, tacos are beloved everywhere, and cattle production is an important industry.

  3. Skynet: Rise of the Machines. Life imitates art.

    Eastern bloc countries seem to have a high rate of chess players, maybe because they don’t have good beaches and need something to do inside during the Winter. If the Earth warms enough like we’re being told, maybe they’ll take up surfing and other beach activities. It’s minus 2 here, a 30 degree drop since last evening, guess it’s February in Colorado, but to hear the news this is the first time it got this cold…ever. My mom would say “Put a sweatshirt on if you’re cold.”

    Nevada homicide rate? No doubt Las Vegas is skewing the results.

    • Pushback in these bizarre times is righteous; “fighting” for ones principles is even better. Good on them.

      I predict this will not end well for the cowardly occupiers who are still surrounded by protective cyclone fencing with razor wire and NG troops.

  4. The food maps are for web searches, eh?
    Maybe people in ND know where to get their food-of-choice and don’t need to search for a place.
    Or the local cuisine is a piece of boiled beef in one hand, and a boiled potato in the other. And that’s what we likes, dammit.

    • Yes, web searches. They are telling, but they can’t tell the whole story. If all you want is a turkey leg, a-la-carte, you likely know where to head. Or a liver and whey shake. But if you’re from out of town, working in Boston and you want baked beans – that would require a more discerning search.

  5. Mike brings up a good point. All of these ‘research’ things have little or no scientific basis for control groups, group sizes, accessibility, etc.

  6. My AO is one of the very reddist of the red. I would submit to you, that if broken down to the county level , the red would track perfectly to the vote for joe and de ho. Democrats are deadly.
    Approach them at your own risk.

    • You’re right. They have endless funding from people who have hundreds of billions sitting around, and they have an agenda as old as time. And you – and the rest of the little people who visit this blog, are in their way.

  7. Essentially every meaningful nation now has a Space Force. It was only ridiculous and contemptible when Donald Trump did it though.

    That inflation map is the good old days, for sure.

    Yes, pick on Rhode Island. The place is a total dump nowadays.
    With Fall River just across the eastern border, the proximity to Portugal is accurate, too.

    Even though we have essentially zero violent crime here, it doesn’t reduce the constant tearing of clothes and rending of hair over the “blood on the streets” , and calls for ever more draconian gun restrictions.


    • Firearms restrictions do NOTHING to stop firearms crime. They only serve to disarm the honest and honorable and keep them from being able to defend themselves.

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