Our fellow blogger, Jules, who is also a good friend of mine, has a Wolfit (wolf-dog) named Tex. This is what has been going on:

(from her Facebook post) My beautiful Tex has been going through hell this Easter and ended up in hospital for a few days and I nearly lost him. He has today been diagnosed with Addison’s disease so I’d be happy to hear from anyone who has a pet living with that. He’s still very poorly as he’s had a nose bleed for 4 days which is another issue that may or may not be caused by his recent crisis. He’s not out of the woods yet by a long shot but hopefully, once they get Addison’s under control he can be treated for the nose bleed. I love him so very much and anyone with a pet will know what the family is going through with this.


Ukraine Naval News

There is a story being circulated wherein the Russian Navy seized a Ukraine Navy Stenka class patrol boat. Project 205P Stenka is a variant of the Project 205 Osa-class missile boat. The Stenka used the hull of the Osa class and had a slightly larger crew. This is a picture of the boat that they ‘seized’, severely damaged in the first days of the war. The Russians are stretching to find positive headlines.


Another National Park

Arizona’s next national park – the Chiricahua National Monument. I’m not anti-national parks, but I’d have preferred it if Arizona could have claimed it as a state park — but as with a lot of things in Arizona, it was sited on Federal land.


From Old Blighty


  1. Jules, what a handsome wolf/dog. Hopefully your veterinarian will get things under control quickly and Tex will be back to normal. Pets are part of the family too.

  2. Thank you, Larry and for the above comments.
    He’s such an important part of my life that I’m absolutely distraught. He can survive with lifetime medication once they get that correct but I must now find out why his nose is bleeding and he’s not eating because of that. He looks like a scrag end. 😞 He’s now off to a specialist vet now as he’s a complex wolfit. As a person used to free healthcare and now being nearly 6k into vet bills I realise that I should have been a vet.

    • How is Halo (Tex’s brother) reacting to the situation? Dogs mourn – even though Tex has a good prognosis for recovery. Halo still has to see Tex very sick and to emote.

      • Halo has been farmed out to family as Tex is not allowed anything “bouncy” around and Halo is like an 18 month old donkey! Until his bleeding stops Halo is on holiday but family looking after him are on a power trip because they keep getting stopped in the street when they walk him because he’s enormous and handsome and eats his victims in one go. Tex is the alpha dog and not being able to deal with his brother might exacerbate the stress and create pack issues. I think they certainly miss each other though. I visited Halo today and he went insane. I nearly had full body trauma.

        Thank you all for the well wishes. So kind and appreciated x

          • Lymph Ed? Check for meningitis, especially if she’s painful all over and losing weight. Treatable. (Just had a neighbors dog with this, a missed the diagnosis. MrsPaulM finally got involved and after bloodwork and lymph aspirate saw the culprit. A Hail Mary treatment at that point but the dog is improving each day. Lucky. Yeah, I seriously married up.)

        • I know LL forwarded MrsPaulM’s veterinary comments…however please do not hesitate to reach out, having dealt with this condition many times she is glad to assist.

  3. Adding my wishes for a speedy recovery for Tex. I don’t know anything about Addison’s, so I can only hope you find a good vet that can help Tex.

  4. Here’s hoping God hears my preayers for Tex. As Jim said, our pets are family members, just as much as our other family members.

    Sig makes excellent pistols. My poor, drowned P226 (Just like Fox Mulder carried!) was a very nice piece. Accurate, solid, fit my hand perfectly, and was hard-hitting in 40S&W.

    Having done all my training with a 1911, it took some getting used to, but I can easily see it being an EDC pistol.

  5. What a good boy!

    Here’s hoping he’s quick on the mend. Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge on this, so am useless for tips.



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