Charitable Giving

A flat 10% of what I earn is given as a tithe. Sometimes it’s more than that but never less. Having said that, I’m very careful and very jaded when it comes to charities and charitable organizations. I’ve seen how some famous tele-evangelists spend the money that they take in and they are abominations. Don’t get me started.

Recently the Nazarene Fund has come into the spotlight, removing Christians from Afghanistan.

“To liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need.”

Glen Beck is one of the headliners for the Nazarene Fund.

If I was a zillionaire, I think that I’d focus on doing something immediate and local like improving the conditions for foster children. Something that I could monitor and be involved with personally so I wasn’t throwing money down a rat hole.  But I’m not a zillionaire and my crust of bread that goes toward charity and to do good work ends up being bundled with those from others.

I have a neutral position on the Nazarene Fund. I was asked to comment on that subject on this blog and that’s my answer.


Plague Masks

A government study found that mask mandates are ineffective.

According to the analysis, mask mandates did not reduce deaths, patients hospitalized in either intensive care or regular hospital beds or ventilator use.

Mask mandates also did not reduce number of Covid-19 positive patients.

The study was conducted by scientists from the US Army Institute of Surgical Research and the Brooke Army Medical Center, JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland, the Madigan Army Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado, and the 121st Field Hospital, Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea.

There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator occupancy of COVID-19-positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.

Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 Mask Mandates on Hospital Resource Consumption and Mortality at the County Level

They are obedience masks for the fearful and the compliant.


Identify the Rifle

An extra point if you can correctly ID the scope as well.


LSP, when he flew for the RAF

The fighting monkey was his co-pilot.

…The monkey knows where LSP keeps his money.


Identify the Aircraft


What was this tank used for? 

Extra points for identifying the tank itself and other facts including # of crew, main battery etc.


  1. i would say ak74 w/pso-1 scope but that’s too easy so i must be wrong. is that a chechen?…now that the army knows what we’ve been knowing all along, will they back off the covid b/s? no, not likely.

  2. #Rifle: Russian Dragunov SVD (snayperskaya vintovka dragunova)
    #Scope: PSO-1 with infrared detection capability
    #Plane: Messerschmitt Me 110 Bf
    #Tank: M 548 Cargo Carrier with fuel air explosive rocket mine clearing device in a multiple-tube array
    (I saw this system once in the late 1970s being fired during a life-fire exercise in Grafenwöhr, Germany … I was young and easily impressed but holy smokes this was like the end of the world on tracks! Instant recognition factor: +1!)

    • The fuel air explosives are most impressive when you watch them detonate, and they will clear mines — but everyone within 100 miles knows that you’re clearing them.

      • The population of Grafenwöhr was well used to grief in the form of sonic booms and other loud noises by day and night which cracked window panes, rattled crockery in the shelves and upset babies and the livestock. Uncle Sam was a quite important economic factor and the Army damage control office always paid up handsomely so you heard no complaints in public.

  3. Note that the study by Schauer et al doesn’t report on (much less draw conclusions about) effectiveness of WEARING a mask. It reports on [apparent lack of] effectiveness of a mask MANDATE. The authors themselves note this in the Discussion section of the paper.

    Our host appropriately introduces the paper to reflect this above. But it’s worth emphasizing because I’d hate to see someone cite this paper as “proof masks don’t work!” and then look foolish.

    One thing the authors did not mention (or it’s in the paper somewhere and I missed it; I only read the Abstract and Discussion in detail — at work here) is that mask-wearing may lull people into a false sense of security, where they get slack on other preventative measures. To top tht off, you see lots of people with a mask hanging on their face, but improperly worn, even for a silly cloth mask. (Much less the guy with an N95 perched over a FULL BEARD, who actually crossed the street to scream at me “you are endangering MY life by not wearing a mask!” as I was outside walking down a residential street devoid of humans apart from him and me.)

    Interesting to note is the death rate: of 40,771 reported new cases during this roughly 2.3-month period, there were 470 deaths apparently attributed to Covid. Assuming arguendo that these WERE all true Covid deaths, that gives a 1.15% case fatality rate. Sort of. It’s actually an upper bound on the CFR. We will never know the true denominator of ALL the people who had Covid, because there are people who get it, and never seek medical attention. They stay at home and be sick for a while, then get better.

  4. Not a dragunov. Those taped together magazines are definitely not for the 7.62×54 Russian and the stock is of the folding paratrooper variety.

    • It’s a bit of a hybrid rifle as I understand it, neither fish nor fowl, not a classic Dragunov or AK. Clearly a paratrooper stock. A paratrooper sniper weapon of AK extraction.

  5. Ah, those were the days, LL, wild blue yonder and all of that. And the monkey was a fierce little fella too. Of course he’s older now and larger, but still fierce. Some people make the mistake of charging in and demanding “where’s the money!”

    Then they wish they hadn’t.

  6. I still have a problem understanding how a mask with pore openings at least 400 times the diameter of the virus can trap the virus.

    • It can’t.

      Just be a good slave and wear the mask all the same. How can you love Big Brother if you can’t obey?

    • The only thing they do empirically that is meaningful is act as a sneeze-guard to varying degrees. They sure as hell can’t block the virus, but they can intercept some blobs of snot, which might contain the virus.

      Mostly their adherents seem to think they operate as magical talismans, combined with Sneech belly stars.


      • For the record, I don’t care if other people wear masks. That’s on them. I hate the MANDATES for something that doesn’t appear to be effective. We can go into different types of masks, a bandana, an N-95 (and all grades and subsets of N-95 masks), the cheap paper face diapers and so on.

  7. Tithes do not have to go to a church or charity. Mine to go the local Humane Society but I could just as well drive around giving money to people who need it. God gives you money; it is up to you to decide how to give it back.

  8. Likewise, I give 10% off the top to my church, and I give a smaller amount every month to groups like Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Underground Railroad, and annually to other worthy causes.

    I’ve been subscribing to Glenn Beck’s internet channel since something like 2004 and subscribe to the Blaze streaming channel, but have never given to Mercury One of the Nazarene Fund. Tim Ballard, who runs Operation Underground Railroad is also in the management of one or both of those two foundations under Beck’s name.

    Those backgrounders are setup to that when Glenn started pushing his mission and pleading people to donate to the Nazarene Fund, I felt I should do something but when I heard that Samaritan’s Purse was doing something similar, I just decided to increase my donation to them, rather than start up an account with Nazarene Fund.


    • We do something similar. When Beck requested donations to get people out, and then stated he was starting with $100k of his own money, then overnight raised half of the $20 million, then related his wife told him that $100k from them was “hurting enough and they should increase their personal donation to $200k”, that spoke volumes.
      Beck flew over a day later, leading by conviction and “works”, despite the evil-doing State Dept. trying every angle to thwart their effort to get out – ultimately – 5000 Christians.

      What did other wealthy do? Nothing.

  9. We prefer to give locally, so we donate to the local mission and humane societies that we’ve vetted through our in-laws and other local friends. And SLW gives a nice chunk to St. Judes every year.

    I also give to museums, like the Battleship Iowa Museum, Confederate Air Force (I’m Olde Skool), National Museum of the Surface Navy, and the USAFFTC Museum.

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