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A lot of different people have fallen under the generic term, “barbarians”. Generally the term is fungible, depending on where you’re standing. To Ancient Rome, anyone not them was a barbarian to include Hannibal. Eventually, most if not all of Rome’s legions were comprised of “barbarians”.

Today in the USA, if you support President Trump, you’ll find that donkeys often refer to you as a “barbarian”.

Maybe we should look back, here, on the blog?

The Thracians were barbarians who were feared for their skilled cavalrymen, javelineers and sica (scythe-like swords) wielding infantrymen so they were often employed as mercenaries by many of their Greek and Hellenistic neighbors. If you wish, you can expand that to cover the Dacians. In their wars with the Roman Empire the Dacian’s employed a falx, a shield-slicing sickle-like weapon, inspired by Scythian cavalrymen.

The Thracians are the biggest nation in the world, next to the Indians. If they were under one ruler, or united, they would, in my judgment, be invincible and the strongest nation on earth.” – The Histories by Herodotus, 5.3.

Europe was the subject of MANY migrations over its histories. One of these groups, rarely spoken of, were the eastern Celts, who lived on the edge of the Hellenistic world. Following the death of Alexander, his Diadochi (“successors”) squabbled over the remnants of his empire and in their endless bickering, Macedon, Greece and Thrace were greatly weakened. As their fractured Hellenic neighbors struggled to hold their own, these eastern Celts seized the moment to invade and enter this Hellenistic game of thrones. In time these Celts can be seen inhabiting or working as mercenaries from eastern Europe to Egypt in the south and Persia in the east.

The kings of the east then carried on no wars without a mercenary army of Gauls; nor, if they were driven from their thrones, did they seek protection with any other people than the Gauls. Such indeed was the terror of the Gallic name, and the unvaried good fortune of their arms, that princes thought they could neither maintain their power in security, nor recover it if lost, without the assistance of Gallic valor.” – Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus by Marcus Junianus Justinus, 25.2.

The Illyrians,  were barbarian tribes inhabiting a swath of land from northern Epirus (Chaonia) to the far north by the borders of the Italian Alps and the Danube River. In time, the Illyrians colonized the south-eastern coasts of Italy, the heel of the Italian boot. They were renowned for their evolved hit-and-run tactics, cavalrymen and javelineers. Their famed queen Teuta clashed with the Roman Republic. Their navy were known as pirates who contested for dominion over the Adriatic Sea.

He sailed round the promontory of Brundisium, and was carried up the Adriatic, where he had on his left the harborless shores of Italy and on his right the countries occupied by the Illyrians, the Liburnians, and the Histrians, savage tribes chiefly notorious for their acts of piracy.” – The History of Rome by Titus Livius (Livy), 10.4.


The Iberians and Celtiberians of… Iberia (Spain and Portugal) inhabited  the Iberian Peninsula and caught between Carthage and Roman, both of which used them as pawns to tip the scales to their favor. These “barbarians” were notorious for their skill as cavalrymen, skirmishing, hit-and-run tactics and guerrilla warfare. The heavy infantry of Carthage and Rome both needed skirmishers and they filled the role.

“[1] Now that we have spoken at sufficient length about the Celts we shall turn our history to the Celtiberians who are their neighbours. In ancient times these two peoples, namely, the Iberians and the Celts, kept warring among themselves over the land, but when later they arranged their differences and settled upon the land altogether, and when they went further and agreed to intermarriage with each other, because of such intermixture the two peoples received the appellation given above. 

And since it was two powerful nations that united and the land of theirs was fertile, it came to pass that the Celtiberians advanced far in fame and were subdued by the Romans with difficulty and only after they had faced them in battle over a long period. [2] And this people, it would appear, provide for warfare not only excellent cavalry but also foot-soldiers who excel in prowess and endurance.” – The Library of History by Diodorus Siculus, 33.1-2.


  1. If I remember correctly Greece, in it’s day, referred to the residents of Italy as barbarians.
    Then Rome came to power and returned the favor.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith go to Washington, locked and loaded. Nice visual. And precisely why the swamp creatures who dwell there hate them.

    Guess I’m a barbarian…works for me. Better that than a cowardly unhinged brainwashed lemming moron that inhabit the other team.

      • Difference of a lot of well-earned income with nice resorts versus power and fat bank accounts by graft. Cheaters on the field hate those who don’t. Guilt is a powerful intoxicant.

        Thinking of getting MrsC the gal pirate outfit…it’s a good look.

          • Maybe a kilt instead, embrace my inner Scotch-Irish (it’s a smaller amount yet seems to overshadow the remaining Eastern Block ancestry).

          • Full disclosure, I have a Black Watch tartan kilt and have had it for over 40 years. I have nothing against the kilt, but it’s definitely for cold weather.

  3. I do appreciate the history lesson. You know far more about Rome than I do and what you posted here was interesting. I guess I’m another barbarian. For some reason I’m not bothered by that.

  4. History would be far different if the Celts, in general, were as skilled in politics as they were in fighting.

    What is the saying? “The Irish won’t fight for anything, but will fight against anything and anyone”.

  5. I wrote this comment elsewhere, but it seems appropriate here as well:

    In the past civilizations were taken over by Norsemen or Goths, or some other respectable pagans.

    In 2020 we’re bowing and scraping to f***ing retards with stupid childish names, sub-80 IQs and no impulse control, half of whom are morbidly obese and will have severe type 2 diabetes by the age of 35. But I don’t blame the retards. I blame the high-IQ types that enabled the retards and continue to defend them in the press and in the courts.

    That was in reference to a recent incident in Sacramento in which a cop didn’t stop after some mostly peaceful “protestor” leaped onto the hood of his patrol vehicle. A person called “Nehemiah Nuk-Nuk Johnson” representing some organization called JUICE was all upset about that. Nuk-Nuk is a ridiculous name, but is it really any worse than a 250-lb man going by “Pookie”?

    I’ve long maintained that the West’s cultural heritage is Greco/Romano/Germanic with a strong overlay of Christianity. It has served the interests of many groups to downplay the Germanic influence, for various reasons, but some of our best folkways come from the Germanic tribes.

    • In past epochs, creatures like Nuk-Nuk and Pookie would have been killed off before they reproduced, leaving the DNA strong. We don’t have an Antifa problem. We have a DNA problem.

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