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Sixty Minutes US is a pawn of the power elite. The Aussie version seems far more able to report.



The US Navy’s moves from uniform to uniform seem chaotic, but is there a precedent? Captioned, in October 2019, the navy scrapped the “blueberry” uniform and went to woodland camouflage for standard wear – at sea.

Some the ancient mariners recall when officers and chiefs wore wash khakis and enlisted wore work dungarees.

However strange and chaotic the U.S. Navy’s search for a uniform may be – woodland camo at sea being the present preference, there is precedent

The British Royal Navy underwent similar changes (but not camo) in the 19th Century.

To understand the uniforms of 1840’s you have to anticipate something and so we begin with 1812, which from this year there are steady changes in RN uniforms

The 1812 pattern uniform reinstated the white collars and cuffs that had been replaced by blue in 1795. There was also a blue undress uniform that was devoid of lace and white facings as well.

1825 saw the introduction of the ‘undress tailcoat’; which was a blue tailcoat, similar to that worn by civilians at the time, that was worn with the epaulettes. A radical change in the full dress coat occurred in 1827, when a new pattern was introduced that was very similar to the undress coat of the 1812-1825 pattern.

Instead of sloping away from the chest, the tails of the coat were now cut away at the waist (like a modern-day civilian tail-coat) and were ordered to be buttoned up at all times. Midshipmen, Masters, Volunteers of the First and Second class and Surgeons were to keep their existing uniforms but were to wear them fully buttoned up. In 1827, regulations; there was ordered to be no distinction between full dress and undress, the only distinction between the two being that officers were allowed to wear plain blue trousers in undress. In 1829, however, a single-breasted frock coat was allowed for officers for wear in the vicinity of their ships. This featured sleeve lace to denote rank: a braid for midshipmen and mates, two stripes for lieutenants, two stripes for commanders, and three stripes for captains. Flag officers were to wear their epaulettes with the frock coat. This garment was worn with plain blue trousers and a peaked cap by all officers. Although short-lived (it was abolished in 1833), this frock-coat was an important precursor and influence on later styles of uniform, particularly in undress. In 1830, the facings of the full dress coat were changed from white to scarlet. This was the case until 1843.

1843 saw the return of white facings to the full dress uniforms of commissioned officers. Lieutenants were granted two plain epaulettes in place of the former one.

The Royal Navy’s uniforms were standardized across the Senior Service. In the British Army, things were more chaotic.

The British evacuation of Boston, 1776, featuring regular infantry, grenadiers, light infantry, marines, general officers, the Royal Artillery and the Royal Navy. By H Charles McBarron Jr.

Breaking down the detail:


Mystery Aircraft – can you ID it?


It’s not what you look at. It’s what you see.  -Thoreau


The Revolution Peters out…at General Tso’s House




Will Hunter start horning Ice Cream with his art straw?

If he does, will he get brain freeze?


  1. F-111, right? Is that an Aussie roundel on the wing?

    Seems like what the USN needs in a uniform would be gray/black/rust camo, so the sailors could maybe hide from some Warfighting Intersectionality seminars, and get some shuteye.


    • Yes, an F-111 Aussie variant with the roo on the wing.

      Uniforms are important in military service. Having the Navy dressed up like the Army is stupid.

      • It reminds me of the time that the always insecure and neurotic Air Force decided to test out a Pastel Blue Battle Dress Uniform so that Everyone could see they are NOT the Army.

        It was the laughter that killed that abortion in it’s cradle.

        Unfortunately, we kept the Morons who thought up that idea in power…

        (Quarter Century USAF vet, but most of that time was SF Army support)

      • I see absolutely nothing wrong with the WWII era US Navy uniform. They look like United States Navy personell as the world knew them, and I favor a return to khakis and dungarees.

        It was a common topic of discussion aboard the Iowa while I was there.

        • They were working uniforms that worked. The Navy consists of small floating cities with combat capability (of some sort) and people have to work to keep those cities floating and fighting. Work uniforms (not woodland combat) are what is required.

          • Those are for the new electric “green” ships promoted by AOC and crew…maybe they have fresh greenery aboard and want sailors to match.

    • Given the way things are going the navy would be better off with bright orange, that way when Joe’s woke admirals get our ships sunk the Chinese will have an easy time spotting the survivors.

  2. That would be the same 60 minutes trying to make a mountain out of a molehill about half a dozen blokes being “neo-nazis”. That one? There is 3/5 of f*** all media in Australia that aren’t lying left wing scumbags, so the idea they’re reporting anything accurately…. well I’m heading out to check if the sky is still blue.

    I may be prejudiced.

    • Oh snap, Bluey. Compared to the US version of Sixty Minutes, the Australian version occasionally touches on the truth.

      But you’re right, it’s all propaganda.

      • I realised I was sounding bit like I was taking you to task there, my apologies. Having been listening to the media here fete the state premier over locking everyone down again I’m a bit pissed off.
        Especially hearing his rant about anti-Semitic behavior has no place etc. etc. after a jewish engagement party got caught breaking the restrictions and people are pissed.

        • I’ve been reading about what is happening there. And it’s not like that here, Bluey. At least not where I am or travel. In Southern Colorado, nobody is wearing a mask, even in businesses legally required to post the mandate. Not in Arizona, and not in most of California, where I have traveled – mostly Southern California.

          The situation as it has been presented here, in Australia, is intolerable.

      • The Aussie version rips into Biden quite a lot and they also take on their government for their crazy over reaction to the WuFlu.

    • I don’t know about 60 Minutes Australia, but Sky News got banned from YouTube for a week so they might be doing something right. Then again, apparently they knuckled under and promptly removed the offending “COVID misinformation”.

      YT vs Sky: maybe it’s like the saying, two infotainment conglomerates, three positions. IOW it’s maskirovka to makes us think they aren’t basically all in collusion.

  3. Sorry for my silence on the airplane: this is far too modern for me.
    I am more of a ‘rotary engine, open cockpit’ type.

    Neither Hunter Biden nor Joe Biden will ever get a brain freeze.
    The first requirement for that is having a brain.
    No brain = no brain freeze.

  4. I’m guessing someone’s making lots of money from constant uniform changes. Still, why camo for sailors? So they’re invisible when they’re washed up on land?

    Doesn’t seem to make much sense, but not does, in clownland.

    • Well, the blueberrys made the fallen-overboard sailor match the ocean, so…

      And they were baggy, got caught in machinery, were not very safe around chemicals….

      • The only thing different about jungle camo (worn in Submarines too) is that it’s jungle colored. It still gets caught in machinery, etc.

        • Which is why the uniform should be khakis for the top and dungarees and cotton long sleeve blue shirts, or jump suits, for the regular sailor.

          Loose-fitting clothing in a machinery space? Even I know not to do that.

  5. They should go back to the dungarees and Dixie cups. To me that’s the look of the USNs working man. I wonder what the enlisted dress uniform will be now? Probably a dress.

    • I think maybe that White House intern named Cooper who works for Jen what’s-her-name the press secretary was modeling one of those new uniforms recently.

  6. Knew things were bad when the Army (1) went to all-berets to emphasize the Power of The One, and (2) compelled everyone not in the field to wear dress uniforms that make them look like Russians. It got worse with the Forties throwbacks, which are insulting when you consider the values of that period are virtually abandoned. They should have stayed with greens and fired the idiot(s) who thought the Now was cool.

    Seems as though the Navy has fallen into an “arms race” with the Army.

      • I still like the look of the garrison cap. Folds flat, you can stuff it under that shoulder thingy starting with ‘e’, and looks sharp. Regular soldiers can wear it normally and only the jaunty bastards can wear it cocked.

        The non-combat uniforms in ‘Band of Brothers.’ That’s what the regular non-combat and not-on-maneuvers troopers should be wearing. Sharp dressed men and women.

  7. One plus with Woodland pattern, after falling overboard, the corpse will be easier to see.

    Circa 1965 the Army decreed all would wear a Little League baseball hat. I loathed that cover.

    I like the Army’s new Class A.

    • The WW2 retro has that old AAC Twelve O’Clock High feel about them. Do you recall Command Decision? Great films, everyone wearing pinks and greens.

      • Sorry, no. During my time we wore greens in the winter. Summer was long sleeve khakis with a tie for Class A, short sleeve no tie for Class B. No winter Class B but we could wear a field jacket in lieu of an overcoat suitable for the Russian front. Being Engineers, we would go over a year without wearing Class A.

        One time a cook, SP5 Hyatt, had to stand formation in Class A. He had no ambition to be promoted and was waiting for retirement. He had jumped on D-Day, had been a POW, had a Purple Heart from WW2 and Korea, and one of the biggest “bricks” outside our 1Sgt who was a Big Red One WW2 vet. Few of his ribbons were “I was there”. We had a worthless 1st LT (who I would have had to stand in line to shoot if the balloon went up) that had been harassing Hyatt. He took one look at what was on Hyatt’s uniform and ceased his b.s.

    • Martin,

      That was a good read. It is a reasonable point of view. But who knows what the heck is happening? The World and the USA are both big messes right now.

  8. Uniforms are important. Outside of land combat, the uniform should tell one who is the officer, the chief, the worker, the scroat.

    It’s why the Navy should go back to khakis and dungarees. Why the Army should go back to a nice uniform (like worn in WWII) for office workers rather than wearing BDUs every-damned-where.

    If the problem is that the soldiers don’t look good in the uniforms anymore, mayhaps the soldiers need to get off their duff and get back in shape.

    • Yes, part of the motivation for BDU’s has to do with female sailors, broad across the beam, who look like you could land an aircraft there if they had arresting gear. And since we want them to feel good about themselves – baggy cammys.

      • That has to be today’s top answer…”broad across the beam,….arresting gear.”

        A hilarious visual descriptive. Next it’ll be Capri’s…the inventor of which should be run out of town on a rail for intentionally making woman’s legs look shorter.

        • Capris were designed for slim-limbed Italian and French babes, as a way of not getting their leg coverings covered in the filth of Italian and French cities.

          Or sand, when the babe went to the beach, or such.

          On destroyer-class babes they look good. On capital-ship sized women, not so much.

  9. As to the Taliban photo, you can tell how many of them were trained by US forces. Just look at their trigger fingers.

    That right there should tell you why the Big Army approach failed, miserably.

    • They were all trained by the Big Green Machine, Beans. Just like Los Zetas in Mexico. It’s not much of a cartel anymore but its origin was US-trained narcos. We should be so proud.

  10. Good stuff Ll.

    If they r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to camouflage naval personnel they’d use gray…but as suggested, dungarees and white t-shirts. In that vein, baseball…as screwed up as the game has gotten, needs to go back to tall socks and strap bottom pant legs. Ball uniforms should be unique, tradition is best.

    Under this weirdo administration, waiting for the Army to come out with the all-inclusive non-binary uniform; Periwinkle Top, Chartreuse skinny leg pants, Pink “pussy” cap, latex gloves, and Jimmy Choo pumps.

  11. LL, you mentioned masks above….was at a big box store yesterday. so far no mandates except local schools. i was struck by the numbers of young, 20-35 y/o, crowd wearing freaking masks in a warehouse store. older folk nor us middle aged fellows wearing such crap. wth has befallen our younger folk, aka millennials? today, first in a year and a half, i lost a friend to “complications” of covid. well,sad for him/his family, but he was “chunky” ten years ago, alcoholic and diabetic. first known casualty, yet i know 3 young healthy folk who died/are dying from the shot, plus two little old ladies with new health issues from the jab. one denies it, can’t wait to get the booster. go figure.

      • Just remember, Per Mr. MAGU:

        “You have to wait 8 months between shots, meaning if you got the 2nd shot in January you are eligible to get the booster in September.”

        What are we three?

        Massive sell-job (a euphemism for this circle jerk)

        • WTF is going on with these people? Is scaring us with fake diseases to keep us locked-down the best they can do?

          Geesh….I’m waiting for them to bring out the Flying Monkeys…..

      • LL
        Today in the Air Force if you are deploying the service member would wear the current battle dress for that area of operations. If leave or on TDY then civilian attire. Don’t know about the other services.

        I wish the AF would have gone back to the 1505s (Khakis) for office work, cool, looked good, and dirt washed out. For the maintenance side of things fatigues worked, no cami just solid green. I wonder between all of the services how much money has been wasted in the last 50 years supporting the various uniform boards and all the different uniforms we ended up wearing.

        • lots of kickbacks and consulting jobs for retiring generals. the one that brought the black beret to the whole army, pissing off every ranger that ever lived, retired weeks afterward. its their golden parachute. we meer mortals didn’t want to wear the damn thing either, no brim and hot as hell.

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