Twofer Tuesday

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Attitude is Everything

M1A1 Abrams “Rockin’ Reaper” displays 5 kill markings on its barrel;
two T-62s, two T-72s and a ZSU. Iraq, 1991

Clearly would work out fine in Arizona

The Face of War

(link) The War in Afghanistan has gone on a very long time. Revisit this old blog post from September 1, 2012 if you’re so inclined. People like The Butt Guy rotated through the war as a duty driver while a commissioned (reserve) officer to earn his “veteran status” in his quest for higher political office.
There were a lot of men and women who were killed and many more including my son-in-law who returned from Afghanistan 100% disabled. I’m not suggesting that the war was or is a cake walk for many people. But it certainly was a way for a lot of rear echelon people to collect the odd campaign ribbon and check a box. That should not have been/be the case for our longest war.
I’ve heard a lot of criticism for President Trump in his desire to withdraw – pardon me while I butt into line in the chow hall at Baghram and scoop up some turkey, gravy, stuffing, a biscuit and a slice of apple pie. But it’s time.

EXTRA – This just in – The source of the Wuhan Coronavirus and the plague of locusts that have hit China have been found to be “Poxing” by our own fellow blogger, Fredd. Anyone who reads his blog knows that he’s been throwing down a ‘pox on this’ and a ‘pox on that’. Apparently this time his ‘pox on China’ finally worked.

EXTRA – (Babylon Bee) U.S.—After Bernie Sanders praised elements of Cuba’s totalitarian regime, the presidential candidate’s loyal supporters scrambled to cobble together makeshift rafts so they could paddle over to Cuba to experience the Communist island’s renowned literacy programs, medical care, and other social services.

15 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. Nahhhhh. Let them make it there.
    Just keep 'em from coming back until they repent.
    Then they can warn others.

  2. My alleged China pox, I don't recall casting any such pox. But in the spirit of Barry Obama, I will step up and take the credit. You're welcome.

  3. From the picture, that looks like either an unusually small bike, or some unusually large handgun rounds.

    Maybe it's just perspective.

  4. Poxing…apparently it works. Modern smiting in action.

    I say send that Seattle "There's a hole in the sky where a tree once stood" Lefty whackjob to assist the Chicom's in fighting the virus…Da Bern can lead the tour, and together they can sing their collective lament:

    "There's a hole in the market where China once was…"

    Staying home to avoid the coming COVID19 apocalypse in town (according to the doomsayers)…helps that it looks like Barrow Alaska out there. February is wearing thin.

  5. My late father, a CBI WWII vet and staunch conservative, was adamantly opposed to our country becoming involved in any Asian land war. I believe he was right.

    President Trump has avoided increased involvement and, however the Afghan adventure ends, is doing the right thing, IMO.

  6. I have a cousin who was a tank gunner during Desert Storm (I was a Commo rat). He mounted a VHS camera on the barrel of his Abrams. Great shots! The best was this guy in a Hilux truck that jumps out with an AK to shoot at the Abrams and they shoot the truck. The impact of the projectile on the truck wiped the fighter out. The truck was almost vaporized.

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