You can play with it and customize your strike. (h/t stringshot)

Let’s face it. When congressional leaders are advocating nuclear war,  it’s fun to see “what if” they get what they want (for you, as your elected representative).


The Air War up close (h/t Claudio)

“In a conflict that’s so far confounded many expectations, it’s no exaggeration to say that the performance of the Ukrainian Air Force in its response to Russia’s invasion has been one of the more surprising aspects.”


This comes over the transom from LSP: (American Thinker)

There is value to studying the Spanish Civil War. “The fix was in. When the next parliament took their seats, the Left impeached the center-left president Zamora, and installed a hard leftist president who proposed “mass confiscation of property, seizure of churches and schools, reparations to sanctioned leftists, and court-packing.” — sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Finally, if you haven’t read CDR Salamander’s piece on Integrated Deterrence, you should. “This push for the already failed concept of “Integrated Deterrence” is just another way to attempt to dilute efforts to build a strong military deterrence against nations who wish to supplant us and our allies by themselves or with others from our premier position on the world stage.”

It’s Sal at his best.


  1. What little confidence I might have in the (P)regressives infesting our Federal Government is reduced to near zero when they start babbling about nuclear bombs. What madness!

    Does the mutual corruption between the Ukraine and the swamp pose, should the information come out, more danger than being turned into a radioactive cinder in the (P)regressive’s minds?

    • They consider nuclear war to be recreational. They’re positive that they’re too cool to be inconvenienced by a nuclear strike. Country Club membership imparts this exemption.

  2. Yep, both good ‘references’ as to what is happening. More interesting, Xiden et al are sending a couple of squadrons of EA-18 Growlers to ‘Europe’ for an unspecified duration.

    • They can stay on the NATO side of the border and raise holy hell on the Russian side including spoofing their missiles.

  3. Hmmm, those of you who tried out the nuke map, raise your hand if you chose the District of Criminals, and specifically Congress, first.

    • I chose Nasty Pelosis mansion in wine country with a low yield nuke. Is there something wrong with me?

      • Dickerson Vineyard (from which Ravenswood makes excellent single-vineyard zinfandel) is near Pelosi’s wine country house and I’d hate to see it spoilt. I vote for conventional munitions.

        • Ok direct assault, Mike_C… I take your point. Nobody wants to destroy a world-class vintage, but in your way, you can be a fun stopper.

    • Nah. I fired up the best local nuclear target; fleet sub base Groton and the adjacent Electric Boat plant about 35 miles away.

      Results as expected, and I figure we’ll get a multiple visit.


  4. War Games Redux – Let’s see, where shall I start…hmmm…taptaptap…too many choices, maybe start at the corners and work my way inward, skipping over flyover country of course.

    Is it me or does it seem like the Ukraine vs Russia Celebrity Death Match is dwindling in MSM attention? Could simply be the minutia is every other minute now instead of every nanosecond. Relief by some measure.

    ..and where is Covid, is that a thing anymore?

  5. my spot did fine in every detonation and i was feeling smug until i tried charlotte, n.c. a ten megaton there would leave a fallout plume that would force us to take action. that puts a kink in my plans. oh well, no reason charlotte should be a target that i know of so i’ll hope for the best.

  6. Nukemap: I live a few miles from Patrick Air Force Base, under one of the main approaches, and back in the ’80s there was some sort of news story that said not only were they targeted, but that some of the electronics companies around here were targeted as well. We could well have been surrounded. If you realize you have minutes left to prepare, do you hunker down inside the house (and there are no basements in Florida that I’ve ever seen) and hope for the best, or do you stand outside and watch it?

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