Fill in the Blanks

-Yes, Trump knew Epstein. He admitted it himself. There are photos of them, standing together together before 2003.

-In 2004 Trump not only barred Epstein from Mar-a-lago estate, he also placed a bid on property (and won) in Palm Beach that Epstein was looking to purchase.

-In 2005 Trump revealed Epstein secrets to PBSCO investigation.

-In 2006, two of Epstein’s victims confirmed they knew Trump had barred Epstein from his estate in mar-a-lago.

-In 2009 Bradley Edwards (Prosecutor on the Epstein case) made a public statement that Trump was the only individual who helped in the prosecutions against Epstein.

-Per victim testimonies on the newly released Epstein/Maxwell documents reveal that Trump was not seen on Epstein’s island or anywhere with Epstein.

-The newly released documents show that the FBI withheld victim evidence in 2009 and in 2014.

-Who was the President in 2009 and 2014?-Obama.

-Who was the FBI director in 2009?-Mueller

-Who was the FBI director in 2014?-Comey

-Who led the Russia Collusion Hoax against Trump?-Mueller and Comey.

-Who was Muellers key witness during the Russian Collusion?-George Nadler

-Who was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for Pedophilia/Dozens of imagines and footage of children being sexually abused?-George Nadler

-Who was the Secretary of State under Obama?-Clinton

-Who did Epstein’s victims list on the pedo island?-Clinton

-Who funded the Russian Dossier?-Clinton

-Who fired Comey in 2017?-Trump

-Who praised Weinstein for being a great human being in 2013?-Obama

-Who was Obama’s VP?-Biden

-Who is running for President against Trump?-Biden

-Who received campaign donations from Epstein’s law firm?-Kamala

-Who is Biden’s VP?-Kamala

Research and educate yourself because if you vote for Biden, the victims of Epstein will never see justice for what they have endured.


Your Plague Guidelines

-Babylon Bee


Fear Russia

Russia’s entire national budget is smaller than the US military budget. That is why the Democrats want you to fear Boris and Natasha. Countries whose entire national expenditure is less than the US military budget are marked in red.

When you elect an Intellectual Lightweight (with a light foot)


The Climate


Celtic Nations


For Beans


  1. Yet – according to the self-deluded – Trump is the liar and cheat and immoral one. The rational among us know better.

    Chicago is more of a mess than ever at the hand of psychotic grifters. Here’s a hint: Quit voting for Lefty Democrats and your business won’t get looted and burned.

    Gotta love the Celtic…I mean, “Lord of the Dance” almost got me to buy some clogging shoes.

          • Not happening…purely a nanosecond misfire of thought that shall never again be entertained. Probably permanently pull something. Easier to watch Flatley (retired now, made Celtic cool, and the guy could do it in spades…and it ain’t braggin’ if ya can do it.)

        • Only in Ireland.

          I figure if Biden’s Green New Dopey crew has their way America will go all-composting terlits, which can’t be clogged, by shoes or otherwise.

    • “according to the self-deluded – Trump is the liar and cheat”
      Those people are all about projection. (Don’t think about what Freud must have thought about his own mother…)

      Lightfoot’s physiognomy is interesting (which is a polite way of saying “bizarre” in this case). Is there some ethnic group that looks like her, or is she unique? (Admiral Ackbar does not count, being a fictional person and all.)

      • My memory is cluttered by so much crap, but I think that ADM Akbar was one of the Calamari race, which means that if you deep fry them, they’re good dipped into cocktail sauce. I don’t think that there is any sauce, no matter how pungent, even skunk stool, that would improve Lightfoot. I just don’t.

        Sometimes freaks have hearts of gold in art – Sloth (John Matuszak) portrayed in the movie, “The Goonies”, for example.

        It doesn’t seem to work that way in real life – but there was the “Elephant Man”.

        • Pretty sure the ethnic group is “fetal alcohol syndrome”.

          Or possibly “space alien synthoid”.


    • I think that she knows and is bargaining with them.

      Tom Hanks and the Missus became Greek Citizens for when the videos surface…

  2. Nice harness on that last guy. Looks like a varangian guard outfit (Byzantine lamellar armor with ‘eyeglass’ style helm.

    Bad thing about a nice padded gambeson, or in this case if it’s Byzantine, a kliebaton, is you can’t get the smell out. Especially if it’s the original horse-tail hair stuffed one. There’s a line out of a David Eddings’ book, part of the ‘Elenium’ where the main character, Sparhawk, is asked why armor smells so bad. His answer was basically “if the enemy’s eyes are watering, you’ve won half the battle.”

    Trust me. You can’t get the stink out of armor. It’s embedded into it. The leather, cloth, even the metal all soak up the ‘armor stink.’ It’s like gun-stink. To me, both smell good.

    As to the whole Epstein thing, it’s hard to find any positive articles regarding Trump vs Epstein. Oh, sure, before he announced his candidacy, there were articles, but all of them seemed to disappear afterwards…

    Trump also ended racial discrimination at Mar-a-Largo. So of course he’s absolutely Hitler. Maybe Hitler if his daughter was Jewish, he went to Church, ate real food, actually hated socialism, was good at hiring and listening to experts…

    • You cure leather in piss and shit (traditionally) and that stink becomes fully embedded in the tanning process. Once can’t expect that it wouldn’t leach out as the boiled leather armor is subjected to the elements, to heat and rain and movement and so forth.

      Modern Armor can be washed to smell minty fresh once again, but it doesn’t have the character of horse hair padding. Then again, the Templars never washed and grew their hair. Just got raunchier and raunchier.

      The Romans seemed to love baths and having their skin scraped but clearly not on campaign. You could always smell an army before you saw them, and if you trailed them, there were twenty thousand men and camp followers crapping twice or thrice daily and the general offal of a camp… Not all that different today with the stink of mech added to it from my experience.

      The problem with movies is that they don’t convey the STINK of a battlefield, and I’ve see a few. After a few days in the Sun, splattered bodies take on a richness of their own. You can’t get the smoke and the smell out of your clothes and often just have to toss them. During battles in and up to WW2, there were the dead draft animals (Germans) in addition to the livestock that was killed, and the cordite and the shit and the corpses, and the chemical smell of burning vehicles, and homes. Quite a cocktail. I was glad to have missed it, but my wars were no less noxious.

      Even landing in different countries, they all have their smells, don’t they? Korea, Thailand, Holland, Italy, the USA, Cairo (Egypt) and the stinking Nile. Not all bad, and certainly not battlefields.

      • Interesting how you bring up the unique smells different places have. I always picked up on it whenever I arrived some place I’d never been. California always smelled dry and dusty to me. Colorado reminds me of growing up in Illinois, but with pine scent added. The first time it rained heavy here, SLW said she could smell it coming, and it smelled like “dirt” to her, a memory of her first six years growing up in Iowa.

        And foreign palces have their own unique aromas.

        • The White Wolf Mine smells of pine. It’s very appealing. Sometimes columbines or some other mountain flowers add their scent.

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