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Participation Trophies in California Schools

“Under the new system, students will not be penalized for failing to complete assignments, and teachers will give them extra opportunities to demonstrate mastery of subjects. The grades they receive upon completion of a course will no longer reflect their average test and assignment scores. “Common grading practices such as averaging a student’s grade over time can disadvantage students who started the year behind grade level and can discredit the progress a student has made, experts have said,” noted The San Diego Union Tribune.”

So going to school in California from here on in will earn you a participation trophy instead of a grade. You have to admit that the new system is very progressive.

Trump in Prescott

There were big doings in Prescott, Arizona on Monday and forgive me for being late on the trigger in terms of reporting. The rally was a massive success with about 40,000 people attending.

President Trump and Kayleigh (hot)

It started with a lot of people, patriotic music and an appearance by a bald eagle that circled over the crowd for about 15 minutes as they were waiting in line. Attendees commented that it could have been a tame bald eagle, trained by Trump. We see a lot of bald eagles in the area, but the timing was particularly inspiring.

Prescott loves President Trump. I have to guess that somewhere around 98% of the vote would have gone to him before the whistle stop and now maybe 99%, but that’s how the people feel. Three OV22 Ospreys arrived in sequence and then Marine One (a Blackhawk) arrived with the president onboard. It was warm under the clear Arizona skies, but the President gave his speech and stayed about an hour longer than scheduled. At times when the President mentioned Corrupt Joe Biden, the crowd spontaneously chanted, “lock him up”. There was not a lot of love for Senile old Joe or his democrat handlers there in Prescott.



Is this Art?



I must admit that I like Oktoberfest, but there isn’t any celebrating in my neck of the woods that I know of, likely people, scared by the China Plague didn’t move forward with plans for that reason. In keeping with a theme this week, one of my favorite Oktoberfest foods is Jagerschnitzel (a variant of Wienerschnitzel)

Here is your recipe (in German).


23 thoughts on “Trump Campaigns – Biden Hides

    1. Biden can’t get 1/1000 of the supporters that Trump gets. With an enthusiasim gap like that, how is Biden going to get 25% of the vote least wise 50+% of the vote in all of the states? Nothing other than good old Democract election fraud!

      1. Fraud is the only game in town for the democrat party.

        And the Hunter Biden issue will continue to dog old Joe. If he should win the election the only thing that might save him is that Kamala is more odious than he is.

    2. I heard a guy say this morning that the Biden campaign has spent billions on ads and will be undone by a receipt for $85.
      I see the hand of God. He confounds the wise with the simple.

      1. I sure hope you’re right Ed.

        I think you’re right. But the evil drips from the democrat party and its minions.

        1. What are the odds Hunter did this on purpose to get out from under “The Big Guy’s” purvey or take him down? Drops off the computers, signs the receipt/work order, then refuses to pick it up, and does it in Delaware. Fishy. Maybe Hunter’s off-the-rails behavior is learned from personal experience.

          In the end I don’t care other than to pray for the man’s soul and hope this forces the Dem’s hand. Hologram Joe isn’t debate prepping, he’s in damage control with his puppeteers.

          1. I think that could be a subliminal intent or an actual conscious motive. I’m not deep enough into this whole scandal enough to offer an opinion though. I’m sure that he resented The Big Guy.

    1. Great point. If it looks like the kids went crazy with some paint from cans in the garage, it shouldn’t sell for $1 million in my opinion.

  1. There used to be a pretty decent German restaurant near here that was owned by a German ex-pat. Their Jägerschnitzel was wonderful and that’s what I’d order whenever I’d visit, washed down with a cold Beck’s Dark of course. The owner certainly had his opinions and didn’t hesitate to state them. His wife is a candidate for the state house, and since she thinks much as he does, will get my vote.

  2. Trump’s campaigns like a machine. Biden hides like a worn out, fearful husk of what may once have been a man.

    Never seen anything like it. Bizarre.

  3. Ha, Hidin’ Biden.

    Nice thermal suppression on that Marine One!

    Jagerschnitzel is awesome, if/when I can find it. Also a big fan of Kassler Rippchen.
    I guess Mader’s is still open in Milwaukee, but it’s a bit of a hike. The last sort-of-local (Boston) German restaurant I knew about closed a few years ago.

  4. I’ve always thought that what California does usually infests the rest of the nation a year later. One can only hope people in other states have gotten wiser. Colorado is gone as too many from the Left Coast have invaded here. Our reprobate governor just appointed a self-described vegan activist to the State Veterinary Board to – as some assert – wreck the 4H program that she has claimed on social media “teaches children that animals lives don’t matter” (I kid you not). Others that know of this woman wonder how someone who got let go from other jobs managed to get this appointment. Grifter’s can’t help themselves.

    Art (at least this type) is in the eye of the champagne holders trying to outdo each other during the newest high-end gallery opening.

    I believe the eagle was God letting the crowd know “He’s got this, stay calm and carry on.”

  5. You know what would be funny? Getting some vultures (literal vultures, the birds) circling over a Biden event. You could do that by releasing ethyl mercaptan (the stuff they put into gas lines to make it smell) but of course that’d tip ‘em off that something was up.

    Heinlein once wrote something about every Californian being given a bachelors degree automatically, so that they wouldn’t be economically disadvantaged, or something like that. These *are* the Crazy Years.

    Thing is, this insanity is the will of maybe 1% of the population. But by taking over education, Hollywood (popular culture) and about a third of the courts, this 1% has infected 50% with their willful insanity. Self righteousness and paranoid aggression in action.

  6. If something in it doesn’t call to me, or you have to explain it to me, it ain’t art. It’s just paint. YMMV.

  7. A fond memory from the Army days was Oktoberfest in Deutschland. Those Rads knew how to party!

    In an honest election, President Trump wins in a landslide. What are the chances of an honest election?

    1. The degree to which the Democrats can be dishonest outside of their enclaves is at issue here.

  8. If a student starts below grade level it is because the previous teacher had failed. However, it is not entirely the fault of the teacher. There is the ‘tyranny of the test’ which monopolizes the finite time in the classroom. Mike McDaniel at Stately McDaniel Manor writes much about this. Briefly, it is the ever increasing intrusion of mandated testing which dictates class time being spent to teach the test. Even so, there are ample opportunities for tutoring, even that many school districts make tutors available to students free of charge. I suspect most students are ‘disadvantaged’ by the teacher unions in conjunction with social justice agenda. Too, being lazy and disinterested is become a virtue. This is Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron come to life.

    My mother has expressed her creativity in different media. She sews, she paints, she throws ceramics, she welds. When she painted what I later learned was her interpretation of Jackson Pollock, I thought she had lost her mind. It was later, after a class in art appreciation, that I saw the genius in what she had done. Over the years I have marveled over the intricacy of the seeming chaos.
    The images from the Hubble space telescope are as astounding.

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