Captioned Photo: This is the track of Hope, the leatherback sea turtle, who wears a GPS locator. She swam 6,000 miles since last summer.


Stars – Fallen on Hard Times

The plague has forced some Hollywood celebrities to find other sources of income. Former A-Lister, Gwyneth Paltrow will sell you a water bottle with a crystal in it.

Have you ever considered that you’ve needed a crystal in your water bottle? Have you ever considered the benefits of having a crystal in your water bottle? Have you ever filled up your water bottle and thought, you know what this water bottle would be so much better if it had a large crystal inside it taking up a third of it’s space. Well now you need ponder no longer, you can experience it for yourself for the low low price of $80. She also sells a vagina-scented candle, but you can look that one up on your own.


Imperial borders still shape politics in Poland and Romania

The old Habsburg Empire is still in play, in its way, even today.


Identify the Aircraft

It’s a neat photo, and you sharks shouldn’t have much trouble classifying it.


The Crimean War and Alaska

The French and British Empires intervened successfully to prevent the Russian Empire from reaching the Mediterranean. 1854 through 1856.  Yes, the map. is in French.

Several factors were involved in Russia’s decision to offload its North American territories in Alaska, but the most pressing arose after its defeat in Crimea. The czarist government found itself in desperate need of gold to offset its crushing war debts, and there were concerns that Alaska might to be lost to the likes of Great Britain in a future war.

The United States, which had been friendly with Russia during the Crimean War, eventually emerged as an obvious buyer for the territory. In 1867, after a delay caused by the Civil War, Secretary of State William Seward inked a deal to purchase Alaska for the cut-rate price of $7.2 million—the equivalent of just two cents an acre. The deal proved to be a remarkable investment, but it was initially unpopular among American politicians, some of whom took to calling Alaska “Seward’s folly” and “Seward’s icebox.”


Military Conscription


Subterranean rivers of London.

Source: Wikipedia


Is Cheap Good?

You’re not going anywhere during the plague – and “they” are planning for subsequent plagues, lock-downs, etc. BUT maybe when it’s over, you can set sail again?


Infant mortality rates by US state .


Drug overdose rates by state – 2020



  1. Well, I guess the crystal is phallic, which seems to be most of what Gwynn thinks about, and the bottle has a rock in it, which reminds her of her head.

    I always thought the Nell was a good-looking plane, and quite a good machine for it’s time.

    I’m not terrible at French (for a non-French speaker, or an American), but it never occurred to me that “Detroit” means “strait”. Now I feel enlightened and dumb, simultaneously.

    At those prices, I almost thought the US should buy some of those European cities. Then I remembered that they’re full of Marxists and crypto-Muslim terrorist cells. Pass.


    • It’s fun to travel and try out the local cuisine. It can’t be done now that there is a plague on, and it’s expected to continue for years.

      • The snowflake Left are scared of their own shadows and want the rest of us to feel their pain. They’ve pushed a cold virus to the top of the insane heap, clamping down on everything fun. For us most travel (for a change of weather or a decent meal) is out. Now I’m hearing the tyrannical potentates want all American’s sequestered at home for 2 weeks. Give it go, I say, the entertainment value is cheaper than a cable bill.

  2. Maybe the magical quartz crystal inside the water bottle amplifies the energy so much so that when imbibed it has enough power to light the candle in your foo-foo. Two birds – one stone. Or, maybe one bird (Gwynny) (belted) with two stones? Yes, that seems a better idea.

    I can vouch for Krakow, Poland as I went there just before the Covid express rolled in. You can be fed and plastered for about a tenner!

    • The vagina candles are not actually intended for insertion! But why would anyone, male or female, want a candle that smelled like that? If there was a market for such aromas, the room-scenting-evaporator manufacturers would sell one.

    • Jules, don’t allow your wolves to drink water that had been exposed to a crystal. One can never tell what that would lead to….

      As I’ve written here before, Poland is cool, the people like Americans and Brits, and the prices are reasonable (unlike Denmark).

      Ed P, that bordello scent can make you feel at home wherever you are.

  3. …and there will be people who buy an $80 water bottle with a crystal in it thinking it’ll do magic. Biden voters have weird tendencies. We have a well driven through granite, best water…no crystal required.

    Grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom…loved that program. Then I got “woke”, realizing the wildlife biologists messed with their subjects in an invasive manner. “Hope” gets around for sure, but some PhD thought is was important to harass and track her.

  4. The conscription labels are misleading- Libya should be , “lots of armed forces, by enthusiastic non compulsory compliance with tribal norms.” Or something.

  5. The maps of Poland and Romania showing the old imperial borders are interesting. There’s an implication that families have been in those areas continuously for hundreds of years.

    I don’t think we have anything like an equivalent in the US. It seems Americans in general don’t stay in one place for generations. We just haven’t been here long enough for generations to have staid in the same place. I know there are some places in the eastern US with centuries of settlements, but how much of the population has come into the US in just the last hundred years? Both of my parents were born to immigrants who came over in the big migration wave of the 19-teens.

    • I did some family history research for a son-in-law, interested in the subject and over the course of three generations, they were Austrian, Russian and Hungarian, but the home address remained the same.

      On my father’s side, grandfather’s family arrived in the 1820’s – bridge builder from England, grandmother from Switzerland in the 19-teens as you experienced. Grandfather’s family immigrated to the midwest, built stone bridges that still stand.

      On my mother’s side, grandfather’s family arrived late 1600’s and were pirates and seafarers on the East Coast. Grandmother’s family arrived in the 1600’s and settled in Virginia tidewater country.

      BUT from there, they scattered, as is our nature in the USA. The Virginia family (pirates and planters) still has roots in Virginia and the Carolinas – family still there. But the roots aren’t European deep.

  6. Crystals. Once had a woman come in for an Escort. She had a crystal on a chain and held it over each piece of paper. She would close her eyes and then the crystal would start to swing. Each decision was made in this fashion. Did I care? Only that she drove away and crossed the curb with a happy tag in the window and I logged another sale/lease.

    Three months later Ford bought the car back under Washington State’s Lemon law.

    • When you wrote, that she approached you for an escort, I suspected that something sexual was going on and I said, “Way to go, WSF!” Then I re-read and saw that she came in to buy a Ford Escort automobile and that is a different itch that needed to be scratched.

      The fact that the crystal let her down shouldn’t keep you from buying a water bottle (or a candle) from Gwyneth Paltrow. Or you could buy a candle and give it to The Coven as a gift since they must burn through a LOT of candles.

      • Walking a customer through the bullpen to a car I had stashed (alas, the keys were missing when others tried to show it) when we walked by a car with fogged up windows. There was movement inside. Then a window rolled down a bit and John asked, “Ah Tank, do you need to show this car?” “No John”, I replied, “showing another car”.

        A few steps later the customer asked me what was up. At a loss, Iused my standard technique. Open you mouth, let your mind go blank, and whatever comes out will usually work.

        “That is our Special Finance Manager. He is probably working out a down payment”.
        Despite numerous opportunities, I never, not once, mixed business with anything but business.

        • My friends who owned the Pontiac dealership had a saleswoman who’d literally do _anything_ to sell a car.

          She lasted about three weeks, until word of her “sales methods” got back to the owner….

  7. It appears Hope the sea turtle is smarter than I am. She only went to New Jersey once before deciding to get out and stay out. I had to make a second trip…….

    • I have family in NJ who are suffering under the lockdown, the plague and party politics. Tough to make a living in NJ for a lot of good people.

  8. Infant mortality rate is one of the factors that the CIA used to use in its divining of the stability of a nation.
    Eighth grade math scores are used by some states to predict the number of prison beds they will need in the future.
    Numbers have their uses.

    🎶The stars might lie, but the numbers never do.🎶 – “I Feel Lucky”. . Mary Chapin Carpenter

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