Trauma is Bad – Effective Treatment is Good

Solatac makes a pocket trauma kit that you should take a look at. The cost ($34.00) is reasonable. It’s designed to, “lay flat in your pocket but be there when you need it.” Many of the people who visit this blog are hunters, or they go to the range, or they go out shooting with friends. Most first aid kits are not “trauma kits”. The SWAT-T (included) is a tourniquet, and while you can make one at the scene, it’s a good idea to have something like this handy. They would make good gifts for the shooters in your life as well. (I’m not a paid spokesman for Solatac. It’s a mom and pop company with a website. They can’t afford to have a big outfit like Virtual Mirage pimping for them.)

If you have never dealt with a bullet wound or other trauma beyond basic first aid, it’s also good to either take a class or maybe some instruction from somebody who has. The kit is good for what it is, but an understanding of how to use something like that is even more useful.

From the company: In the First Response/First Aid end of the internet there is a metric fuckton of grifters. There are HUGE companies out there that are going to sell you useless filler to inflate their profit margin, at a net negative to you. The End User. The poor bastard who cut his leg open with a chainsaw or God forbid ate a round.

They also sell a “Saddle Bag / Motorcycle Kit” ($50) and a “Basic Bleed Kit” ($15)


  1. Did “mom” or “pop” write their great tagline? hehe

    The in-your-face manner is refreshing…and truth…especially in this age of snowflakes who believe their lives should be spared any “trauma” (real, or perceived).

    Life ain’t for sissy’s…”BE PREPARED!” (old BSA statement…not sure about the new mentality, maybe “Be Safe.”)

  2. Having been trained at various jobs as a “First Responder” (third class…..) and having a son who’s a trained EMT (sure wish he’d get off the dime, and out of Kalifornia), this is stuff I should have.

    But I don’t.

    So I sent him the link, told him to pick out what he thinks I should have.

    And then I’ll order TWO sets, and send him one.

  3. The right equipment is nice. JUST as important is the right training. It is a constant admonition
    in the world of firearms and self defense that when things get ugly humans don’t ‘rise to the occasion’ but instead sink to the level of their training….such as it is. The same is true of dealing
    with trauma. Now it is really tough for the average person who does not work in an Emergency room, isn’t a paramedic or EMT or isn’t routinely in the vicinity of people suffering trauma to get real world experience. But training is the next best thing. Just as in practicing CPR on a manikin is NOT the same as doing it on a real body but it’s the next best thing for preparation. So get training. All the fancy gear regardless of cost is pointless if you don’t know how to use that gear. And you WON’T have time to read the instructions when you really need that stuff.

    • The concept of “do no harm” comes to mind. And without training, you’re likely to drop into that category. As you say, people with a kit are not EMT’s or paramedics, but even rudimentary training is better than no training at all.

  4. I have hunted with friends and family for over fifty years in Alaska , many times in remote areas.
    We have carried either disposable diapers or women’s sanitary napkins as they are cheap and readily available, and super absorbent. That said the biggest thing in any situation that requires these things takes a cool head and Be Prepared

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