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Nobody is quite as noble or tolerant as a progressive person. Those of us who have enjoyed their company for short bursts of time tell the tales of the “big tent” where all are welcomed. 
Above all, they hate God and guns – and the people who hold both dear to their hearts.
TODAY there is one thing that they hate worse than God or guns and that’s President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.
There are also some RINOs who still are keeping up the refrain about how bad President Trump will be. Any who make common cause with the progs are just as bad as (or possibly worse than) progs themselves.
One need look no further than the editorial columns of the New York Times or the Washington Post to see the unabashed anger that voters didn’t pay attention to them and voted for Trump – and the down-ticket Republicans who now control Congress, 33 State Governors, etc.

Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump is working to make America great again. Ford announced that it’s canceling its $1.6 billion small car plant in Mexico and will be expanding a plant in Detroit to build those cars. The Democrat Party is furious because the United Auto Workers Union is praising Trump, who hasn’t been sworn in yet. They’re promising to hold up his cabinet nominations and fight him every step of the way. This might backfire.

The Democrat Machine has drawn its power from the corrupt, fetid, inner cities which are rife with despair, poverty and social issues that run the table from one end to the other. Much of that multi-generational pain that the Democrats feed on has its roots in poverty. Jobs, particularly good paying manufacturing jobs, can turn that around and it will deprive the Dems of ‘their base’.

There is considerable chatter in Democrat Party strategic circles about ‘voter appropriation’, where the voters that Democrats took for granted have shifted to the Republican Party because of Donald Trump’s message. It could expand into a cancer that eats away at the prized voting base in the same way that it crashed through Hillary’s “Blue Wall”. Is it racist for Trump to try to make Detroit great again? 

While we’re Talking Tolerance

It’s interesting to see which women progressives favor and which ones they’re intolerant of. Any man who becomes a woman is tolerated and celebrated. The supremely corrupt Hillary Clinton is embraced. Michelle Obama (who may indeed be a woman) is held out as a fashion icon…but they don’t like Melania Trump.

The gene pool from which liberals chose their mates is very suspect.

18 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. With the news that Bill and Shillary will attend the inauguration my joy floweth over the edge of the abyss and into my eagerly awaiting and happy heart. Now I not only get to anticipate what Melania will wear (both daytime and nighttime), but I quiver with anticipation to see the fat ankled Shebeast make nice with the Donald – in front of millions of people, while I sit cozily in my house heated by ozone destroying wood heat screaming out to the libtards, Eat sh*t and die. We won!"

  2. At-a-girl, Adrienne. That's all I've been howling lately when I turn on ABC's World News Tonight, with pinko David Muir. You may want to toss a copy of "Hard Choices," by Hillary Clinton onto your nice wood fire. Or maybe buy a face cord of her book, I hear they are available by the pallet load for pennies on the dollar, since nobody bought them at the bookstores. That'll keep those ozone destroying green house gasses spewing from your chimney for months to come.

    When it comes to first ladies, it will be hard for any former first lady to compare with Melania Trump as far as clothes horses go. She's a former pro at that, while Moochelle's frumpy collection of dresses may not fetch that much at the Southeby's auction. I could probably go down to the feed-n-seed store and procure a gunny sack or two that I could fob off on eBay as a Michelle Obama original, and nobody could tell the difference.

  3. As the Facebook joke says, Michelle is being replaced with an immigrant. As a Lib, she should be happy about that.

  4. That's how I see it as well. Michelle should also be happy to be leaving that house built by slaves. However now, if she wants to go on vacation and spend $4 million per week, Barack will have to pony up the cash — likely that will cause her to lose hope.

  5. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama will be at the inauguration. George W. Bush has not RSVP'd yet as I understand it. George W. is not all that tolerant of President Trump, who called his brother, Jeb!, low energy and mocked him as he self-destructed before the nation…after spending $80,000,000 to get something like 2 electoral votes (essentially for participation).

    Word is that Jeb! will not be invited to any of the election night balls because he'd be a wet blanket on the party – drinking too many Singapore Slings and moping around talking about how President Trump didn't play fair at the debates by pantsing him in front of 50 million people on TV.

  6. Trump's vehicle to American prosperity includes rebuilding the inner cities and bringing jobs and economic prosperity to those blighted areas. The Dems don't like the idea, but they are hard pressed to oppose it. Do you hold onto the tail of the tiger or let go?

    Heterosexual Dem males (darned few) all envy Trump.

  7. I just read somewhere that W and Laura will be attending. I honestly can't see Bush shirking his duties.

  8. It wouldn't be like him to skip it, but the last that I heard, he had not RSVP'd. That was weeks ago.

  9. Not being as "illuminated" and erudite as they are makes them want to school you. Barack does that all the time from the podium. They are your betters, they know it, you support them with your tax dollars, and they feel a certain duty to give a few words to fly over country now and then. What they will not tolerate is you voting for Donald J. Trump instead of the anointed Hillary Clinton. That is unforgivable.

  10. I enjoy this, and will share it just to see how many of my dem friends remain my friend on faceless book.
    The change can't come soon enough.

    I hope the Secret Service is keeping an eye on all the libturds who are threatening Mr. Trump's life.

  11. Since it's just about every single prog in Hollywood, maybe they'll all go to prison for threatening the life of the president for four years…lots of re-runs.

  12. MOOchelle and Shrillary look like broken-down trailer trash in that picture, while Mrs. Trump looks simply maaaahvelous.

  13. A high school classmate informed me she will no longer have anything to do with anyone who didn't vote for Hillary. Sad, she is someone who I respect, someone who has walked the walk at the literal risk of her life for decades.

  14. That's my take on it. You could drive through the American south and see 10,000 women hanging laundry. Any one of them could be Michelle or Hillary and you wouldn't notice. If you saw Melania doing the same thing, you'd stop and take pictures.

  15. I am friendly with a few libs. Their basic prog nature (to me) is over ridden by the fact that we're friends, but we tend not to discuss politics.

  16. We could only wish. There are a few shows I would like to see as reruns and something like this might be the only way they'd show them again.

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