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There is a lot of good going on in the world. The news won’t report it accurately, but it’s there all the same. The military stands ready to defend, the police – thin blue line – are taking the brunt of domestic enemies, and the nation is far more united than anarchists, freaks and misfits are comfortable with.

The Donkeys have finally nominated a champion for their cause who is nearly 80, is creepy, corrupt and clinically senile. (It’s a toss up whether or not they’ll have a convention) He seems to find it difficult to read from a teleprompter, a skill that Barack excelled at.

There is food on the shelves, the manufactured employment crisis is coming to an end and people are returning to work.  I worry about the passing of this older generation but as with all things, old makes way for the new.

I’ve bounced from career to career based on my own personal interests, and things worked out, but I never kneeled to anyone and never kissed anyone’s ass, and that would seem to be the rage these days. Even General James Mattis…shame on him. More on that down below.


Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow is D-Day, a day of remembrance. 2020 is shaping up to be one of the ‘interesting years’.


What Happened to St. James of Quantico?

(Real Clear Politics Article) In General Mattis’ statement, one finds not a word of sympathy or support for the police bearing the brunt of mob brutality for defending the communities they serve, while defending the constitutional right of the protesters who curse them as racist and rogue cops.

The mask is convenient.

Meanwhile, in Canada:


  1. In other news, the monument to the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in Boston has been vandalized by the “peaceful protesters”.

    • Well, the Union was fighting against the Democrats, so they must’ve been Racists, right?


      • Don’t confuse the matter with facts. Republicans are racists, Democrats allow negroes to remain on the plantation and cash welfare checks so long as they reliably vote Democrat. That means that the Democrats love the black community in much the same way that a China sailor would love a Shanghai whore.

  2. The Democrats are fools. Do they really think all the blacks will vote for the party that let white and black criminals loot and burn down their neighborhoods? Let them riot and loot and burn for days and days? Or will a significant portion vote for the man that said stop the riots?

    How many whites, Hispanics and Asians are going to vote for the party of riots and looting?

    The stupidest part for Democrats is they could have pointed to Democrat Minnesota Governor Walz as the model for controlling the riots. It took him 3 failed days of ever worse riots, looting and arson to stumble on it, but calling out all the National Guard on Saturday May 30, overwhelming the rioters worked. The violence stopped, and peaceful protests continued. The other governors should have done exactly the same by last Monday June 1st, and championed it as the “Democrat Model of Riot Control.” Fools and short sighted pandering idiots.

    They would also have had a great candidate to replace the senile gropey Joe. Walz is a teacher, veteran, and lived in a farm community in a Midwestern State. After this last week, I can definitely vouch that he can pander on race with the best. The downsides is he is a heterosexual white male, just like Joey Handsy Biden. Again, the Democrats are (thankfully) fools and short sighted prejudiced idiots.

    • Black people have been shamelessly used as pawns. Pres. LB Johnson’s Great Society was all about promising other people’s money and keeping them poor, dependent, and voting for the donkeys to see to their needs.

      Senile, tired, creepy, corrupt, eighty year old Joe Biden is the best that they could come up with. They picked a guy who can’t recall what he ate for breakfast. President Trump would be vulnerable to a genuine, moderate, who isn’t corrupt and would play fairly with others and would be tough on China. But none of those people were OWNED enough. So Biden.

    • Good observation. There was very heavy vetting of any flag appointment during the years of Obamanation.

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