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Long before barack hussein obama swept into office, conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) called for significant changes in healthcare in America that needed legislation to put their provisions into effect. They were as follows:

1. Tort Reform – Limiting the award a jury can award in damages to “reasonable numbers” and thus reducing the cost of insurance for ALL Americans.

2. Pre-existing Conditions – Allow patients with medical problems to be insured. They may have to pay a higher premium, but they would be allowed insurance.

3. Portability – Allow patients to keep the SAME insurance if they lost or changed jobs.

4. Market Freedom – Allow all insurance companies to compete in all states, to make insurance more affordable and to lower rates.

The people who pay politicians to vote the way they want them to vote didn’t like this solution, which would have been universally accepted as a key change. Ok, the trial lawyers would NOT have liked it, and some insurance companies didn’t want to see their advantage in near monopoly in a certain state vanish, but the voters would have seen a benefit to that sort of law.

The Democrats passed a massive multi-trillion dollar bill that nobody read or understood. They rammed it through Congress without a single Republican vote and Speaker Pelosi boasted that, “Don’t read it, just vote for it, you’ll love it.”

Today the national mood doesn’t quite match Speaker Pelosi’s prediction because there are some truly odious provisions of the bill, most of which has not yet gone into effect. I predict that a significant portion of ObamaCare will be repealed as soon as obama himself is run from office in 2012. Some of it may go away before that.


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5 thoughts on “To your Health?

  1. This bill is what we get when a large portion of our elected leaders never had a real job, where never successful in business. Insurance companies are for profit businesses, and low and behold, today some of them dropped their "children only" policies – can't afford it under the new rules. Mr. President, that is called 'the law of unintended consequences'…unless running out the insurance companies was your intent…

  2. Race – obama has been in favor of the single payer program where you obtain all insurance from the government. There are numerous references to this by obama and his advisors. They also deny it — so what to believe?

    WoFat – exactly

  3. It still makes me angry that they passed the bill WITHOUT reading it. That is a slap to the face of all Americans. Everyone of those dems who voted for it should be out ASAP.

    WoFat: I'll bring the tar ;-)

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