The Show Trial

Despite the unlikeliness that Derek Chauvin is criminally responsible beyond a reasonable doubt for George Floyd’s death, which was probably due to fentanyl overdose compounded by a heart condition, the jury has been bullied into finding him guilty on all charges — even the ridiculous third-degree murder charge, which was irrelevant to the case. If Chauvin had been accused of first-degree murder and of violating the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, no doubt they would have found him guilty of those charges too.

The outcome makes sense in light of the O.J. verdict, in which an obviously guilty black celebrity was set free after murdering two whites. If the case is high-profile, the angry black mob gets what it wants, justice be damned, because so few have the guts to stand up to it.

Civilization requires guts. Without it, we revert to barbarism, as America has been doing at an alarming pace.

Leave aside the conspicuous intimidation by Maxine Waters. The jury was sequestered by then. However, it obviously should have been sequestered from the beginning, since Waters wasn’t the only one making it clear that the jurors would face violence if they did not return the verdict the mob demanded.

Still more obviously, the trial should have been held in a different venue. There was zero chance of Chauvin getting a fair trial in Minneapolis, given the devastating Black Lives Matter violence the city has seen over the past year.

Even the pro-prosecution judge acknowledged grounds for appeal. Chauvin might still get a fair trial. However, in the sort of country this is becoming, it looks doubtful.

Chauvin is a sacrificial victim to the insane and malevolent god worshiped by the woke. His crime was not subduing George Floyd, but being a white guy trying to enforce the law.

He isn’t the only one getting sentenced. America has sentenced itself to a future where a violent mob is empowered, while the police are hamstrung. Future demands by the mob will be ever less reasonable, so long as these demands are met.


Tectonic Plates – Revealed

This map shows all of the earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 5.0 over the last 20 years. This map was generated using Matplotlib.


Do you Love your Baby?




Al-Khazneh, The treasury of Petra

We need to carve one of these in Arizona. We have an abundance of red rock cliffs. Great for tourism. We’ll claim they’re ancient.


Covert Postal Program

Do you recall last year when all progs went to the mat defending the noble USPS last year. They’ll defend this too. It’s wild how the USPS apparently doesn’t have the money to deliver a package or letter in anything under a month but they have the money for this, isn’t it?

Yahoo News  The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans’ social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.

The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as “inflammatory” postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.


  1. Give Us Barabbas! I wonder about our “Justice” system these days…

    Somewhere I have that comic book. There was a vendor at “Old Fort MacArthur Days” in San Pedro selling reprints. The babe reminds me of KC from China Beach.

    We have the Petra Grill here in town. Excellent Middle eastern food, and they have a Fattoush that’s as good as any I’ve eaten, and they know how to do a proper Tahdig, too!

    • The government promotes tribalism and regional factionalism.

      I remember China Beach. Good series. Dana Delaney or Marg Helgenburger?

      • KC was played by Marg Helgenberger. Dana Delaney played McMurphy. Very good show, but it conflicted with “Tour of Duty”, which I was following.

  2. The Postal Cops? They’re working as an armed branch of the Dem/Socialists in power.

    As to Floyd, God and most people know the only person who killed Floyd was Floyd. And due to this particular trial, it doesn’t pay to be a cop in anywhere controlled by the Dems.

    Arizona does have some places like Petra, but they were made by low-tech people and they’re really hard to get to. And, really, a mud hut is a mud hut. Wooooo… (yawn.)

    • The Postal Inspection Service used to be a good outfit. They went after some serious criminals – usually the white collar variety, and did “controlled deliveries” of narcotics sent by mail, letter bombs, and so forth. I guess that, along with so many other things, is an artifact of the past.

  3. The Hologram projects his intent when muttering: “I have the best voter fraud…”, “Open by the 4th with small gatherings in the backyard”? Not on your life. “Praying for the right verdict.” Uh huh.

    They are REALLY emboldened after “The Trial” (aka Lynching)…no surprise the USPS, instead of handling the mail in a timely fashion, is part of the operation. Those Most Wanted posters are even gone because criminals are now saints. With the entertainment portion of the Left’s program now over they can really get down to business of finishing up their “unity.” Stay tuned for more lunacy at 10:00 where another round gets fired into the corpse formally known as America. And half the people said “It is good.”

    Petra- once an impressive epicenter of commerce yet I tend to think of Indiana Jones: ”Choose wisely.” Few do. Problem is the unwise are in charge instead of turning to stone.

    • You know, I pay so little attention to the mutterings of the walking corpse, or the whore, that I didn’t know they STILL wanted Independence Day celebrations curtailed. I will suggest to you that my intention is to do whatever I want to do without regard to the illegally elected regime in DC.

      • myself as well, nor the one in Richmond. i may have been a felon twenty times over by now. if you’re going to be a criminal, be the best one that you can be. sic semper tyrannis.

      • I don’t listen to any of the reprobates in office except accidentally…fingers on a chalkboard. I do not need their permission to live in the manner I have become accustomed.

  4. I remember Connie and the old PS comics well. She sure knew her stuff. I should probably print out some copies of the illustration above and pass them out to some of the novices who show up at the range.
    I see the resolution to censure Maxine Waters has been tabled in a party line vote 216-210. She should be removed from office.

  5. I will keep saying this:

    * Officer Derek Chauvin is yet another example of somebody believing in TheSystem… then that backfired on him.

    Almost as if TheSystem is designed to fail.

    • Everyone who pins on a badge or takes an oath of office believes in the system. Clearly at first. They are in it for whatever personal reason, but there is a faith in the system. There is a faith that if you follow the rules, which Chauvin did – follow the training – that the system won’t turn on you and consume you.

      People who have been around and have seen others meet Chauvin’s fate, know that’s not true, and now the US has shown EVERY police officer in America that following procedure means very little. So it’s best that you answer your radio and try to arrive after the deeds are done, take a report and that’s that. The knife wielding girl who was shot? Let her slash away, take the report and somebody else can find her and arrest her – if anyone does.

      Those are the training sessions that the police are receiving on the news every day.

      • “take a report and that’s that […] Those are the training sessions that the police are receiving on the news every day.”

        It’s worse than even that. I think the newsmedia (and our “intellectuals”[1]) are quite deliberately creating an environment where even the most incredibly NON-racist cop is tempted to write “NHI” in all caps atop those reports.

        [1] intellectuals: vanguard of the proletariat and all that. Quite amazing how homogeneous the members of that class tend to be, really. Or maybe not, as history does repeat.

        NB the distinction between “intellectual” and “skintellectual” — the latter being a term I learned from a fellow called Morgoth with a rather thick Northumberland (I think) accent. Skintellectual being a term of derision for a “public intellectual” who clearly has his job only because of being visibly nonwhite. A white person with the same level of intelligence and analytical acumen would simply be dismissed as a midwit (at best) or as an idiot.

        • Imagine being an officer under DLT, coming from that level of respect to now this, a treasonous Administration purposely creating a toxic environment for them…wallah, no more police by the backdoor. No de-funding necessary. The city rats will eat each and we’ll watch from a distance.

          • Mike_C You don’t need to take a report (NR=No Report) if there is no human involved (NHI). The radio response goes like this: 1 ADAM 12, 10-8, GOA, UTL, NR

            Translation, Police Unit 1 ADAM 12, finished last assignment, subjects gone on arrival, unable to locate, no report.

            NHI isn’t used anymore. Radio frequencies are recorded.

          • Paul M – Something to think about. Police have NO LEGAL DUTY TO RESPOND. Once they do arrive, there are duties to protect, etc. that are baked in. But they can either take their sweet time or not make it because they came onto an incident enroute the call (which may or may not be verified) That sort of thing may be reported this way 1 ADAM 12, 415 Canadians, PAWC, NR

            Translation 1 ADAM 12, “Canadians” is a euphemistic term for inner city people in Southern California, disturbing the peace, parties advised will comply, no report.

          • Are you absolutely certain NHI=no humans involved? I was assured (assured, I say!) that it means “no harm intended” — which makes sense, seeing as how oppressed youths manifest a natural sense of fair play and kindness at all times.

            I am also confident, highly confident, that there is no actual gambling in Rick’s casino.

          • Didn’t know police could avoid a call…might be more of that, no one would blame them. And now that I am versed in a snippet of proper radio chatter…no “Canadians” here presently. Doubtful they’d get 100 yards off the pavement as this might as well be the moon to them. Built-in buffer.

          • I used to be up on the LAPD lingo when we lived “back there”. The stuff they used to send over their MDT’s was a real hoot, as they didn’t know it could be decoded….

  6. “Sacred Peyote Treasury of the Anasazi” would likely become a hippie pilgrimage sight. Good luck getting much of a revenue stream out of them, though.

    • I think that the shakedown would be at a higher level of wokeness – like those vortexes in Del Mar, California. Maybe do the Petra thing at Sedona, AZ where the vortexes are especially heavy. Hit up some of the same corporations that pour money into BLM. They have to be a special kind of stupid.

  7. Just as well as not to do a Petra in red-rock Arizona. Soon enough some asshole would be along with a spray can or two and tag ’em. Thus are the words of the prophet written elsewhere besides subway walls.

    • I think that you can spray paint prophecies so long as you don’t disturb the sounds of silence.

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