Progressives are more than confused…

Progs who have been demanding government take over of the healthcare system for years are suddenly upset that the government run mail carrier is being manipulated for political ends and the government run security force is an instrument of repression, but still get upset when you tell them the government run schools have a pro government agenda.



Do you Recall Barack?

He was the first half black president, and many consider him to be somewhat of a dim bulb. His handlers wrote speeches for him to give and he dutifully gave them. He didn’t have much money when he came into the White House. His net worth was just over a million dollars and most of that was a house. His wife had been disbarred and couldn’t work as a lawyer. Eight years in office and (estimated hidden accounts included) by all reckoning, he’s worth around a billion dollars. Not bad work if you can get it.

Creepy, sleepy, senile, corrupt old Joe Biden was with him every step of the way as they did things Chicago Style. And from all the hype, there are a LOT of Americans who would like to return to those miserable years of stagnant Obamanation. We as a people aren’t all that bright, are we?


It’s Autumn in Arizona 

Soon Clear Creek will be frozen over as winter sets in.  The German Brown Trout will settle into deep holes in near-hibernation and the bear will find caves to curl up in – total hibernation. The seasons remind of us of the cycle of life, of death and birth, of warmth and snow, and we reckon our own lives in this way as the sand drifts from the hour glass.  The landscape seeps to change, but it doesn’t really – not that much anyway. Life at the White Wolf Mine.


Fun with States

Map of Home Rule in Alabama. If you didn’t know Alabama is a unitary state everything has to go through the Alabama Legislature unless a county has been granted Home Rule. This means the Legislature decides things such as whether or not Hale County can run a Bingo Game.


1492 population density map of what is now the USA.

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player. An archeologist came up with this map. I don’t know how accurate this is. Likely it was shoehorned into a paper of some sort. We were on this topic last week here on the blog.



  1. Oz is a local nickname for Osawatomie, a small city of about 4500 located about a 15 minute drive from me. John Brown used to hang his hat there in the 1850s and a small battle was fought there in 1856. I’ve yet to see a wizard there.

  2. The XKCD map? Florida is not the Truman Show. That’s coastal Northern California or up Northeast. We’re ‘Gentle Ben.’ Dumbass. Used to be a good cartoon but lost it around the 2016 election, it broke the writer’s brain and hasn’t been good since.

    As to that bottom graphic, looks pretty reasonable to me. The population on the Central Plains were horseless nomadic tribesmen, kinda Mongols on foot (except without any of the trappings of civilization that the Mongols had/have.)

    The only thing that changed after 1492 in the Central Plains was the reintroduction of the horse, as the last native horses went down the gullets of the local natives many many moons previous. So instead of Shank’s Mare, the indigs went to, well, real mares. Which allowed them to carry larger bundles of stuff as they nomadically wandered around following the food animals.

    And by 1492, the climate in the Southwest had changed enough to wipe out the fertile growing areas that the Anasazi and Navajo used to create decent-sized tribal areas.

    • “2016 election, it broke the writer’s brain”

      A formerly liberal friend* was complaining about Trump probably getting re-elected. After a few minutes I cut her off with “I suffered through eight years of your limp-wristed chocolate Jesus. You can just suck it up.”

      That actually got a rise out of her. “Chocolate Jesus? Seriously?”

      “You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that. I meant MILK chocolate Jesus.”

      *friend is pregnant with first child. Proactively looking for day care. “Well … I’m looking for one with less, uh, diversity.”
      “Really? You want your kid with just white people?”
      “Asians are okay too.”
      “But what about diversity?”
      “One: fuck you! Two: it’s MY kid.”

    • It was good of you to qualify your answer for her, Mike. Milk Chocolate Jesus – melts at the first sign of heat. Only 1/2 black.

      The whole diversity thing falls apart for Liberals when they have to walk the walk. No upper middle class professional (of any race) wants to dump their children into a ghetto pre-school, filled with inner city children.

  3. I look up a video on Youtube and get a political ad telling me to vote, hosted by Sotero.
    I can’t find a thing wrong with what he says.
    I agree with all his points. Scary.
    We MUST protect our “democracy” and vote accordingly.

    • You need to check your privilege if you find yourself agreeing with “the chosen one”… The narrative that President Trump is bad, a dictator, etc. is obviously just the propaganda machine ramped up to discredit him. The recent revelations of (more) FBI Corruption and the coup they mounted should be disturbing, but CNN doesn’t cover it, so the progs will remain ignorant.

  4. Grew up on a farm in Nebraska, the same one my dad did as well. While he was still young, there were still buffalo wallows around the area, and his dad had an Indian helping work the farm. Meanwhile, a couple of counties over, my wife’s grandmother was the first white child born in that county.

    • My grandfather grew up near an Indian reservation and he used to go there and trade stuff with them when he was young. He had a black mule named “Old Bird” that he’d ride over. He told me those stories back when he was alive. It’s strange to me. I’m nearly the age he was when he died.

    • No people there, Old NFO. Very few visit. It’s near the house (about a mile south) and it’s very remote. Walking up (or down) the creek is something that I do to meditate. It clears the cobwebs.

  5. Autumn has started here, too. We’ve had a lot of leaves dropping the last few days, and our maple tree is starting to turn. Out for tonight’s stroll with Pebbles The Wonder Dog, and noticed lots of small, bright yellow leaves in the gutter that weren’t there two days ago. And the backyard is getting loaded with leaves, small branches, and other detritus that’s blown in.

      • Ordinarily yes, but we had the “Gutter Guard” screens installed when we had the new roof put on.

        We’ll do some of the front yard clean-up, but our handyman guy does an excellent job of cleaning up the back yard in the Fall, and charges about one-third of what the lawn service wants to do it.

  6. The Alabama map is interesting in the fact that only the counties with urban centers have home rule. Can’t trust the rest of the state to govern themselves?

    I grew up in Kansas, I hate the Wizard of Oz.

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