Side Benefit of the Woke War Drums

I put myself on a keto diet and an exercise routine designed to make myself a better warrior. Being in my sixties, I’ve let a few things lapse and I’m correcting that. I want to make it more difficult for them to pry my firearm from my cold, dead fingers. And if things don’t go badly, I’ll be healthier. Win/Win

That’s right, “a lean, mean, fighting machine” – John Candy, Stripes



It’s quite a day when the Danish Health Authority (comprised of leading health experts) gets flagged for “Covid misinformation” by Twitter censorship bots when they update their Covid vaccine recommendations based on the most up-to-date data.

So, a flu shot…


Bullet Points

* A good article from Commander Salamander, “The People’s Republic of China’s rocket forces have our bases covered. You can safely assume that the PRC’s clandestine services are good and well set. They know what needs to be done. They have been preparing for decades and the Russo-Ukrainian War shows they were on the correct path.”

* CBS News, a propaganda outlet on the best days, tried to erase reality (again). It’s very difficult to differentiate between propaganda and reality when you are reading mainstream media reports.

* WSF is leaving Banner home? I appreciate WSF attending in my honor and had I been in the area, I’d have crashed the party – because that’s how I roll. But to be fair, I might have jimmied the lock on WSF’s house and free’d Banner to mooch at will. MANY years ago I crashed a party at Jack Nicholson’s house in Brentwood with a girlfriend of mine. Since I was a cheap bastard, I’d say, “let’s crash a party!” Her name was Karen Howe but she wasn’t a “Karen” at all – always up for a dare. We’d show up a little late after everyone was in their cups. If I crashed Nicholson’s house, I’d crash WSF’s.

* Warner Bros. Discovery is making deep cuts across its media properties as CEO David Zaslav has promised stockholders to find at least $3 billion in savings. Among the first casualties of the newly merged conglomerate was CNN+, the short-lived streamer that was axed after just one month in a major humiliation to CNN. CNN may be next or maybe they’ll change the focus to “fair and balanced”? The company also canceled the TBS comedy show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee — a ratings loser that had nonetheless survived for seven seasons. Host Samantha Bee made a number of increasingly unhinged pronouncements, calling Ivanka Trump a “cunt” and demanding her viewers to harass Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

* China vows to use a condom with Taiwan…and if they take it off, just the tip goes in. (more here) The Chinese government on Wednesday published a rare “white paper” adjusting its stance on Taiwan by rescinding a long-standing promise that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces would not be sent to garrison the island if Beijing takes control, by either political or military means… the problem that they have is that everyone watched their conduct with Hong Kong and are not buying it.

“Having watched the battered jalopy of Hong Kong autonomy barely make it out of China’s shady used-car lot before it blew all four tires and burst into flames, the Taiwanese have become highly resistant to the same sales pitch. Indeed, Taiwan wound up rethinking its offer of refuge to Hong Kong residents fleeing from Beijing’s tyranny because officials in Taipei worried there might be too many Chinese Communist spies and provocateurs mixed in with the refugees.”


The FBI Corner

* HBO Max is reportedly still moving forward with its Green Lantern series that will portray the title superhero as a “secretly gay” FBI agent. The decision comes after the parent company Warner Bros. Discovery took an ax to its Batgirl movie, which featured a transgender character in the main cast. In 1993 there was a report that 1 in 10 FBI Special Agents were homosexual (blatant or closeted). Today, I’m sure that the number has to be more than 50%. So the series makes a lot of sense. Being ‘gay’ is now the super-power of many FBI people, and by it, they get all sorts of special treatment, hiring preferences, choice assignments, promotions, and a parade. They’re queer and they’re here.

* J Edger Hoover was a cross-dresser and lived for many years in a relationship with Clyde Tolson and they almost certainly boinked each other. It was his having spies in all the brothels and gay bars in Washington DC that got him all his power. He had dirt on all of Congress and blackmailed every president he served. If you can’t blackmail – if the president is clean, you try to dirty him up with a search warrant based on information from a secret informer who you won’t disclose.


Identify the Aircraft

Please don’t misidentify it as a North American P-51 Mustang…


A Meme from YOUR Internal Revenue Service


  1. It’s a Mustang. An A-36 Mustang. Designed originally for ground attack. Equipped with the Allison engine, not good for high altitude the way it was configured.

    The P-47 was a better ground attack aircraft.

  2. Just to be clear Batgirl herself in the cancelled movie wasn’t trans. Batgirl (who everyone knows is red-headed, white, Barbara Gordon) was however race-swapped and portrayed by brownish Latina (Dominican) Leslie Grace. Because that’s totally an okay thing. Making a well-known white, or male, or straight character an “underrepresented minority”, female or trans, or queer is totally okay. But a queer character played by a straight person and all the lunatics (further) lose their minds. I say turnabout is fair play. Rosa Parks to be portrayed by Varg Vikernes in upcoming bio-pic. Anne Frank played by Mel Gibson in “stunning re-interpretation” of WW2 tragedy. Dalai Lama to be portrayed by an actual llama (speaking parts played by an animatronic robot). And anyone who objects to any of that is a Bigot!

    Rumor has it that the nail in Batgirl’s coffin was that the woke movie planned to kill Michael Keaton’s Batman, who was to appear in the movie. Probably after making the character small and incompetent, like they did with Luke Skywalker. And are most likely planning to do to Indiana Jones (odds are that he will be replaced by Phoebe Waller Bridge). (Not that I personally care for Keaton’s Batman, nor Keaton personally for that matter. But it would have seriously pissed off many fans.)

    David Zaslav (Warner CEO) is cleaning house because he’s smart enough to realize, “Our products have a pre-existing, rabidly fanatical fan base who just want to throw money at us if we make an even passable product. So maybe deliberately making movies that piss them off, and mock and belittle them, isn’t a great business strategy.”

    As if the Green Lantern character didn’t suffer enough with the Ryan Reynolds movie….

    • The re-imagination that leads to queer Superman, queer Green Lantern, Lady Hulk, attorney-at-law, queer black Captain America, and the rest of the former comic book universe is perverse but reflects the current preference of the movie makers and much of the Comicon-attending audience.

      The (formerly unknown actress) black female 007 in the last Bond film was an example of stupidity on a grand scale simply because (a) she had no acting skills, and (b) nobody would pay good money to go to the theater without a headliner like Daniel Craig in the lead role. They kept Craig and it worked well enough even with the wooden performance of the black female 007 sidekick who offered nothing to the film.

      • I think there is some project afoot to have a Black Superman movie. Whether he will be Black AND queer I don’t know.

        I’ve never been to a Comicon, but there certainly is evidence that many people within geek fandom are sick unto death of the wokeness. Youtube people such as Nerdrotic, The Critical Drinker, Disparu, Geeks and Gamers, Young Rippa (Eric July), Chrissy Mayr, etc, are proof of this. Comics (and the movies) got taken over by horrible people with bad agendas, just as the science fiction Hugo Awards did. But I don’t think the loud horrible people represent the comics fan base, just as horrid woke SF writers and “superfans” don’t represent us.

        As for Lashana Lynch (a Black woman named “lynch”? Triggered!!!), I believe the movie originally had her playing a much larger role in that “Bond” movie, but it was trimmed back substantially after strong public antipathy to the first trailers. (You wanna make a movie about a female, Black, double-0 agent? Knock yourself out. Create your own novel character with reasonable backstory, logical motivations, and interesting character arc. I might even cheerfully pay money to see it if it’s good. But don’t destroy a cultural icon to build up your dreadful, 2D, fan-fiction character (or worse and more cringe-y, self insert).)

        In other woke and/or horrible comicbook person news: We shall see if they entirely cut Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2. But I’m more interested to see what they do about (nutjob) Ezra Miller and the upcoming Flash movie. Miller is a genuine headcase who is a danger to others. Oh yeah, that’s another minority retcon. Barry Allen in the comics was not a “hippie, long hair, very attractive Jewish boy” (as Miller’s character says about himself in Justice League) but rather a blond, gentile police scientist — who in fact usually was portrayed as the sort you’d find on a Nazi recruiting poster.

        In response, I want, nay demand, that when they make the unrated Ron Jeremy bio-pic complete with re-enactments of his most famous movies, that he be played by an Asian man (without prosthetic penis a la Mark Wahlberg’s “Dirk Diggler”). Representation!

        • Are you offering to star in the upcoming film about the Asian Ron Jeremy? Will you grow your beard back for the part? Will there be a black roller girl in it?

          Anyone who wants to create interesting characters and stories about anything or anyone should do it and if it’s good enough, make a movie about it. These remakes with Bond as a soul-sister, etc. are just absurd and people won’t pay to watch them.

          • Nope, I’m too modest (interpret that as you wish). Also not fat and hairy enough.

            Apparently I’m also too stupid. Have a meeting scheduled for 2pm Central Time. Like a doofus I thought that was 1pm Boston time for some bizarre reason. Nope. It’s 3 in the pm, duh. (/auto-headslap) The patriarchy is to blame.

          • Make up, a body suit, etc. will transform you and give you the ability to give the performance of a lifetime. Look at the guy who plays the hulk… industrial light and magic, etc

      • I’m starting to get second thoughts about saying I’m not going to watch Lady Hulk. Maybe it’s a good sense of what to put in commercials, but it’s starting to look genuinely silly. If they can make it silly enough to drown out the wokeness, it might be worth watching. I can tolerate a lot in the name of humor, especially if it’s so preposterous that it’s self-parodying.

        I might gamble the time to watch an episode.

      • I heard Daniel Craig is portraying Maxine Waters in the no-holds-barred bio-pic of the up-scale social crusader…

      • LL, I switched to a keto diet when I retired about a year ago. Not strict keto by any means but limiting carbs to under 45 total carbs a day as a weekly average. Not being behind a desk has certainly helped but I’ve dumped 60 pounds over the last year. I have quit being multiples of pants since my measurements keep decreasing. As I said in an earlier posting following the “recommended” food pyramid has hurt millions of people. Best of luck.

          • Part of it is that I also need more strenuous exercise, which I enjoy. So I’m on that program. 30 carbs a day to start then under 50 to maintain while watching calories. I have to watch it closely with hard workouts, but I do know how to. It’s just getting back to the discipline.

  3. “Go Woke, Go Broke.”

    Absolutely proves that “education-intelligence” axiom you put up from Musk the other day. Expand it to CEO’s and Boards of large companies, leading to corporate soul-selling right off the financial cliff. all the while telling themselves this is for the good of society and Mother Earth. The Devil has a lot of supposedly smart people completely beguiled.

    China-Taiwan- In for an inch, in for a pound [ing]. (Take that as you wish. Probably hear from Zero Inflation Joe and his SJW Check-Box Mouthpiece to couch it as “a small incursion” in order to minimize yet another foreign war under his purvey.)

    IRS- Come an take it.

    Good to hear you are working on the “temple”…be careful of those RB Floats, they’ll blow the program right off the page. Better for WSF to have one in your stead.

  4. FBI
    “Today, I’m sure that the number has to be more than 50%.”

    I’m so out of date I thought about one third of the FBI agents were LDS.

    A high school classmate made a career with the FBI. He was a sniveling shit in high school and I doubt he changed as an adult. Got a Army Reserve commission and spent his active duty in Germany. Son of a Sheriff, political influence kept him out of Viet Nam. Something along the lines of the song Copperhead Road, “Around here they draft the white trash first”.

    I’m sure to catch hell from the Abuelas. Last night we had to stop in the lobby so five of them could pet him and one gave him a treat. He graciously accepted their attention.

    • The only LDS FBI type that I met was Richard Miller, who sold Amway out of the back of his Bureau ride while spying for the Russians and f-ing Svetlana Ogarodnikova.

      Miller was morbidly obese at the time he spied for Russia and I pointed him out to FBI types that I worked around at the time that he was typical Bureau, and that he’d look fabulous in a red dress. I didn’t know he was a spy at the time. He offered to sell me soap.

  5. i had been backsliding all summer but like you i am determined to make myself harder to kill, or at least not easy. hardening the homestead is on the agenda as well. now if i could figure out where/how to cache all my “extra” ordnance. i would like to find a good bolthole too.

  6. Crashing Jack Nicholson’s parties?


    I once jostled the appalling Jools Halland at the Groucho in London, but that’s a very poor second.

  7. Many moons ago Jack Nicholson was hanging out In Steamboat when it was still a blue collar town transitioning into a trust fund snot haven. My friends told me he was a chill guy but made the mistake of drinking in the wrong bar. The bartender, an old friend, saved his ass from a cowboy boot scoot two step.

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