Walter Kirnon Power and Bullshit

Kirn is a sharp character and oddly enough, he and I share sort of a two-degrees of deflection sort of thing. I’ve never met him but the shared history thing doesn’t require a handshake or fist bump – like Brandon and the Saudi monarch.

In any event,  it’s an interesting interview if you have the time to watch it.



On This Day, July 21, in 1865 – In the market square of Springfield, Missouri, Wild Bill Hickok shoots and kills Davis Tutt in what is regarded as the first true western showdown.


Let’s Go Brandon

More and more people are calling Joe Biden’s lies “gaffes” and blaming them on senility.

This has become commonplace in the media and I’m seeing it arise in the rhetoric of his political opponents both inside and outside his party.

While he is certainly in cognitive decline, Joe Biden is a habitual liar who has integrated falsehoods in his anecdotes to the point that they’re works of fiction.

He’s done this for the political effect his entire career, the problem is he’s done so without consequence.

Yesterday he claimed to have cancer and the White House said that it was a lie.


Bullet Points

* File it under – No shit. (link) A new medical study published by The Lancet, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal, shows Wuhan coronavirus booster shots can harm the immune system and cause adverse effects. The study also shows that after 8-months, a vaccinated person has the same immunity levels against the virus as an unvaccinated individual.

* No more Fairy Godmothers for Disney. Disney is dead to me.

* ‘He’s feeling good’: Jill Biden insists Joe, 79, is ‘doing fine’ after getting COVID as quadruple vaxxed President isolates in the White House and starts taking Paxlovid. I think that he needs a couple more boosters.


I like Korean Street Toast

I can’t help it, I just do. The question is how many are available because to me they’re a lot like potato chips or White Castle. I can’t eat just one.


Lockheed’s unorthodox articulated XM800W reconnaissance vehicle, developed for the MICV-65 program in the 1970s.

Naturally, when I think of something like this, I feel comfortable that it would fit in the RV garage here at the White Wolf Mine. I’d slap a historic vehicle plate on that bad boy and just declare it an antique, being restored.

Ah, if wishes were horses…


Holland 2022

Yes, the globalists would love to disarm American citizens, but they haven’t had much traction in doing it recently. I’m not being smug, just stating a fact.



  1. The Townhall article describes The Lancet as “a” peer-reviewed medical journal. This is true, but in the sense that “Sir Anthony Hopkins is ‘an’ actor.” The Lancet is one of the most influential/prestigious General Medicine journals (the Big 4 are New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, The British Medical Journal). Something that is published in The Lancet carries weight. (rightly or wrongly)

    “Impact Factor” is the most commonly-used metric of a journal’s influence (it has to do with how frequently articles from that journal are cited) and The Lancet is now through the roof compared even with the rest of the Big 4. This was due in large part because Lancet had a policy of maximizing Covid publications. But enough insider academic medicine geekery.

    Even IF medical consensus is that “boosters” are net-harmful, the question remains whether they will still recommend/require the “basic” set of two Jabs. (On a personal note, we shall see come September whether I am getting fired for having refused any Jab. My one-year “provisional exemption” is due to expire.)

    • I hope that you keep your job if you want it.

      My hope is that sanity prevails all around. It may be a forlorn hope.

  2. Anyone spouting that humans can change/reverse/fix Earth’s climate needs to be put into a straight jacket…for a month. These people are dumber than a caveman. (my new ‘go to’)

    Biden doesn’t have Covid, I’d bet on it. But for argument sake, let’s say he does. Despite [supposedly] being vaxed and dbl boosted, that didn’t stop The Nan from saying everyone should get multiple boosted. Huh? She’s vying for AOC’s spot on the Carnival dumb scale.

    Good to see the top medical journal has finally caught up to normal thinking people…labeled conspiracy nuts by those pushing the Not-a-Vax.

    Disney cooked it’s own mouse. Now the corporate nuts are changing Popeye, saying he wore a dress once so is “gender fluid”. Amazing the destruction of Mental Patients running free.

    Korean Street Toast- Looks like my lunch…which has been interrupted four times. I added bacon…because.

    • look up jakarta weather manipulation data flight. we can, and thry are, manipulating the weather. may thy burn in hell for doing so.

      • Been aware of some of that (some people say airline contrails are manipulating the atmosphere beyond simple cloud seeding). But to emphatically state that climate change is an existential threat and we’re the cause – and we have to fix it – is only something the galactically stupid could say and defies God’s omnipotence. The Earth’s climate has been around for a gazillion years, long before man figured out how to observe patterns. Yet we’re to believe these hyperventilators – that just now – after millennia of observation, it’s discovered we’re the cause? Same as two sexes. Held as known science and simple Biblical fact for thousands of years, but in the past 10 years or less we’re being told by the mentally deranged there can be 50 genders. I call Bravo Sierra.

        • The Egyptian civilization was a result of climate change. Turned a bunch of hunter gatherers into an agrarian civilization.

          The Navaho came about because of climate change, which wiped out the Cliff Dwellers and screwed up the proto- fNavaho.

          The Viking Age was because the world was warmer (like several degrees warmer than now from what we can tell) and allowed the Scandinavians to flourish and overpopulate their lands and thus caused them to raise ruckus in Europe and Asia. Warm enough that the Northwest Passage over Canada was open and there is some evidence that Vikings made it to the west coast of America.

          Greenland was very much green when discovered by the Norse. And the last settlement was wiped out during the medieval ice age in the 1300s.

          Justinian’s plague and the Black Death were both pandemics that exploded out of western China and spread as people moved more indoors because of cooling periods including the above medieval ice age.

          The mini-ice age of the 1600’s brought out the English Civil War and the 30 Years War.

          Cooling weather, caused by Icelandic volcanoes, caused the French Revolution and the ascendency of Napoleon. Napoleon won all his wars during a warming trend, that all ended when Krakatoa blew its top and plunged the world into, yes, a cooling period…

          Yet we control the weather. Right. Yep.

          One moderate volcano produces more greenhouse gasses in an average eruption (including the strongest greenhouse gas, water vapor) than all of mankind in the last 100, maybe 250 years.


          • Nice treatise. All true.

            I was always amused when Mt. Saint Helens blew and destroyed a million acres of forest, spewed gunk and ash into the atmosphere only to have it fall back down, and contaminate rivers and kill off wildlife…in one day more or less…vastly more than man could do in a hundred years. The enviro’s said nothing…because…it was “natural”, Gaia had spoken and they were okay with the destruction (not that they could have done anything about it).

            We drive a diesel pickup, farm, ranch, or fill in a mini wet spot in our back yard and we’re wrecking the planet.

          • Could be, like every wet spot or trickle, a “navigable waterway”, so yeah, under the ACE purvey.

  3. Anything involving a Biden is immediately suspect. Say he dies. I will want to see the autopsy photos before I will believe it.

  4. President Biden has followed the same script ever since he first ran for office. Lie to help build the story and then verbally attack whomever questions him or calls him on it. Now he has the extra insulation of his staff calling them gaffes. Its worked since the 70s why should he change?

    LL If you buy the XM800W make sure it comes with a full time pit crew. I have been told that heavy duty articulated drivelines are very maintenance intensive.

    As an aside bought Neptune’s Inferno on your recommendation. Got it yesterday and am 60 pages in. All I can say is Wow, thanks for the recommendation!

    Publications like the Lancet are just now starting to catch up with what Dr. Malone and Dr. Gould publish. Better late than never but look at the harm they have done.

    I have been to Disneyland once back in the 80s. Did not really like t. The kids didn’t enjoy it that much, have not been back and don’t plan to.

  5. So the White House made a public statement that the p(R)esident told a lie. Not “misspoke”, not “had his facts wrong”, but an out-and-out lie? Geez…..they’re beginning to eat each other….

    Had one ride in an APC, an M-113, from the Hotel Semiramis to Merhabad Airport. Long time ago….


  6. They desperately want to disarm us. I don’t see that working out too well. But, will the cancerous Biden survive into and past the Midterms?

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