Have you ever asked yourself?


Which Shower do you Prefer?


If you heard a mission bell, did you ever ask yourself that question?

We’re all just prisoners here of our own device.


Should you Run?

I might run if I was in Tokyo. Anywhere else, no need.


Police Precision Combat shooting was expensive, and today it’s very expensive.

PPC (Police Pistol Combat also known as Precision Pistol Competition in some parts of the world) was one of the few options if you wanted to compete before IPSC was founded in the mid-70s.


A Medical Poll


Executive Outcomes

It’s a private military company (PMC) founded in South Africa by Eben Barlow, a former lieutenant colonel in the South African Defense Force, in 1989. Strategic Resource Corporation (a South African-based holding company) acquired them in the mid-’90s. This year, they were re-established. PMC’s have a spotty history in the past fifty years. Some people did well, some not so well. But they’re looking for trained people who want to work in Africa. This blog is not a recruiting site for EO.

PMC’s change names a LOT. Take Blackwater, as an example. It’s now Academi. Academi is an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince as Blackwater, renamed as Xe Services in 2009, and known as Academi since 2011 after the company was acquired by a group of private investors. The company received widespread notoriety in 2007, when a group of its employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad, for which four guards were convicted in the U.S., but later pardoned on December 22, 2020 by President Donald Trump.

Academi provides security services to the United States federal government on a contractual basis. Since 2003, the group has provided services to the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2013, Academi subsidiary International Development Solutions received an approximately $92 million contract for State Department security guards.

In 2014, Academi became a division of Constellis Group along with Triple Canopy and other security companies that were part of the Constellis Group as the result of an acquisition.

I have no idea what they’re called today or who owns them. I suspect that EO is looking to get acquired…


The Veep Knows

I’m happy that Camela gives a voice, and just not on Hump Day (her day).


  1. Which shower?
    I like the size of the first (heretowithforth known as ‘The Grand Shower Room©’), but only because I prefer showering with a group of chums.
    I think the other examples could be incorporated into nooks around my Grand Shower Room.
    Yes, indeedy, I like that idea a lot.

  2. Saw one shower that included a bench to lie down on – while the heat lamps in the ceiling dried you off.

    • I could do that in the large master bath at the hovel. Or I could just shuffle into the bedroom after toweling off (which I do at times). I like a spacious shower with heavy wasteful water flow.

  3. I ask myself…”Where is my large automobile” – kidding…what asinine inane (redundancy with government idiots is necessary) thing these morons will spew out next. Harris continues to provide proof she is a shameless doofus of the 10th order. Every Democrat and at least 2/3’rds of R’s are an embarrassment to America. Seems they are clueless to this fact. “Lewis and Clark statue featuring Sacajawea” removed by Charlottesville city council, stating “it cost us no more to do so while we were at it [taking down other statues”.

    It’s as if every one of them has taken a stupid pill…or maybe they were born that way and it’s on full display as adults.

    The shower? None of them. Sometimes more is just more, plus form follows function and we are on a Well so practice reasonable water usage (altho I do take out those stupid low-flow disks in every fixture…more idiotic government overreach). I remodeled our Master Bath, full gut job from when we built the place…rustic chic style (I think we made that up). Shower is larger with glass surround, rainhead (a must have), body sprays, and a nice wand head. Makes the two minutes a little less utilitarian. MrsPaulM got serious marital points for not complaining the toilet sat in the bedroom for a while.

    No Kinko’s here by the way…guess my white privilege is broken.

    • I can make a photocopy from my printer (multi-function unit). I’m sure that Harris hasn’t ever heard of that. It’s also painfully obvious that the fool has not only not visited the Mexican border, but she likely never left San Francisco and Sacramento and has no idea how life is in America at large.

      • Because she has the “little people” to do those things for her, except for a certain personal expertise when she needs to move up in the world….doesn’t know her you-know-what from a hole in the ground, like most of her comrades in Congress. Calling it as I see it.

      • When building the house our “shower” was 100′ of hose on the ground connected to the well, a nozzle hanging in a tree, and a pallet. Start the generator first, shower was super hot for 30 seconds, tolerable for 30 seconds, and ice cold for the last 30 seconds. Good fer ya.

        Us rural folks don’t need Kinko’s, or some moronic reprobate in DC telling us what to do or projecting how inept they think we are.

  4. #2 looks like it must be supplied with water by one of those large American LaFrance fire trucks, or perhaps a fire boat.

    • My high-flow well can deliver that. You simply need to put a monstrously man-sized industrial pump between the wellhead and the hovel.

  5. At least Kamala remembers what used to be, like Kinko’s. They’ve been out of existence for more than a decade. Just like the USSR. Sadly we know which one she wants to bring back to life.

  6. any time you want a good “body wash” I’ve found #2 is the best and the water force is highly dependent on the nozzles used. Never having had much hair I’ve never been all that much concerned with overhead water

  7. I don’t like any of the showers. I get in, get the job done and get out.
    I missed the Kamala thing. Oh, darn.

    • I didn’t know that country people knew how to operate the copier. Maybe it’s Camela who lacks the wits to push the green “copy” button?

    • I think that the UV light is supposed to impart some cleaning function all its own. I find that one a little odd. But it is special.

  8. I’d opt for #3 of the showers though all are likely priced higher than I’d want to spend.
    The nearest Kinko’s to me would be at least an hour’s drive away. No wait. I’m rural and so that technology hasn’t yet reached me. I suppose I’ll have to saddle up ol’ Dollar to make the trip.

    • #4 is closer to the one I have at the hovel. If I was at the hovel I’d have included a photo. I’m on the road at the moment, dealing with an inferior shower.

  9. Back in the 1960’s, we had people asking if telephones had reached the Midwest yet.
    The most bizarre question was ‘which direction do Indian raids come from”.

  10. hearing anti vax protests are erupting in france, spain and greece. tag on south africa and cuba, yeah the whole world has gone batty. some good, some not so much. hearing the good guys in s/a are running low on ammo. new meaning to quantity having a quality all its’ own. bet ol joe getting nervous. well, maybe not, he’d have to be conscious first.

  11. I’m with you, LL, and have a printer that’s also a photocopier, even though it’s in the country. Showers? I like the clawfoot bath with shower curtains method.

    And it seems as though SA’s days are numbered as a functioning country. Maybe it’s spreading.

  12. None of them. Some of them have potential, but…

    Here’s how to have a great shower. Get a hose adaptor for your shower spigot. Go get a good garden hose and some hose ends and a good garden spray nozzle (maybe one of those with multiple options.) Make the hose long enough to reach the far side of the bottom of the tub from the spigot. Hook everything up, now you have a shower nozzle that puts out high pressure water, instead of spitting on you. And if you have a valve or a trigger on your nozzle, you can vary the pressure from nada to OMG! Best way to wash a dog, a cat, yourself, your partner. Sure, you can’t stand under it for 20 minutes, but you won’t need to, because high pressure heat feels so damned good and strips off the smutz so damned well.

    As to our Fraud and Fraudette in-Chief/Veep, well, I’ve seen street whores who are more honest and trustworthy. And all of this was known to the eneMedia before the election, which, of course, the eneMedia never really reported on until after the election fraud occurred, way after.

    Kill them all.

    • Jo/Ho demand your loyalty as your rulers. The concept of people’s representative never occurs to them or the Oligarchs who call the shots.

  13. Maybe the #3 or #4 shower. They look neat, but sometimes a garden hose works just as well.

    You can check out, but you can never leave…

    GOJIRA!!!!! (cue Blue Oeyster Cult…)

    Interesting pistol. I’ve never seen one with a barrel like that.

  14. 3 or 4. But I just want one that WORKS… Re the copier, got that sitting next to this computer and I live in the rural hinterlands of north Texas! 🙂

    • The nice HP color laser printer I bought is strictly a printer, BUT…I have an old Canon inkjet printer with a scanner in it that used to function as a copier, too. If I need a copy of something, I scan it, then send it to the printer. Lets me keep an electronic copy of it, too.

      • You can also (gasp) take a photo of the license with your phone or any digital camera, download the jpg and print it.

        God, that…. woman is such a piece of walking talking dog squeeze.

        And, how about just showing up with the actual ID at the polling place, and vote in person like God and our founding fathers intended?

    • I think that a good shower is worth the investment – of course, you have to decide what you want.

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