The Suicide Pact

Can politicians make police angry enough that they retaliate? Yes. The LA County Supervisors voted on Tuesday to start firing 4,000 deputies at a time when crime is surging in the area. Sheriff Alex Villanueva has declined to enforce the vaccine mandates on his men and even overlooked many violations by businesses during the height of the pandemic. Only about 60% of LASD employees are vaccinated. The Sheriff referred to the vote as a “suicide pact.”


Art Philosophy from Jules Smith


Art Turned Betrayal

Just look at Neil Young. The one-time cocaine-stained hero of LA’s alternative scene, singer of angry songs about Vietnam and the Kent State massacre, participant with Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the Freedom of Speech Tour of 2006, is now basically pleading with a huge corporation to silence people he doesn’t like. From protest singer to an agitator for capitalist censorship? What a fall.

“The Southern Man doesn’t need him around, anyhow…”

Hippies are the most disappointing subculture, aren’t they? They always let you down. They cut their hair, become therapists or corporate sustainability advisers, and before you know it these people who wanged on about Woodstock for 50 years are being paid a fortune by The Man to badger us.


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  1. Jules, you are blessed with a multitude of talents, artist, author…and wolves, can’t forget the wolves.

    I wonder how many of the law enforcement firings and medical personnel firings ostensibly for not being vaccinated are due to the lack of a vaccination and how many are due to the powers that be wanting to extend the panic as long as possible?

    LL it is only freedom of speech when the people who were in danger of being silenced agree with your viewpoint. Otherwise it is just hate speech and should be eliminated by any and all means possible. According to the Democrats (Hmmm, why did I type Demoncrats the first time I typed it) the First Amendment has a whole bunch of caveats in it now, most of which are written in crayon by idiots.

  2. Musicians have their place. They should stay in those places. Entertain, promote social causes with their talent but not take themselves competent to tell the world how to live.

  3. Agree with WSF. They’re paid Dancing Monkeys, just like the sportsball Monkeys and TV “celebrities”. 99% of them have zero common sense, but love to lecture me on how I should think and behave.


  4. I first learned guitar on Neil Young songs. I had one live boot leg cassette tape I literally wore out. Loved the guy. Now he disgusts me. As with all celebs, athletes, etc.–Shut Up and play, that’s what you’re there for.

  5. Seems a number from those Laurel Canyon creative halcyon days pickled their brains enough to become for/against corporate switch-hitters that their younger selves would hate. Funny that.

    The Dem’s are getting desperate as their Psy-Op crumbles, next they’ll outlaw gasoline to eliminate freedom of movement. But hey, “Winning!”…we got crack kits coming out. (Do they come with actual crack?…just asking..for a friend). BUT, Thank God! he’s not sending that dangerous illicit Ivermectin.

    The Dem’s tyranny nakedness is glaring – – Rep. Boebert “Nothing says “Democrat Priorities” like raising the price of insulin on Day 1 but making crack pipes free!” Yeah, that’s not an impeachable offense (in a long line of many).

    Jules…brilliant. Wolf sketches next?

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