I don’t recall BLM or Antifa having their funds frozen. And it was incredibly progressive to have judges assign low bails and to have people like Camela-the-ho bail them out.

Now that Canadians have seen how quickly the banks rolled over for Trudeau and instantly froze accounts (that were just suspected of donating to the protests,  and didn’t even have to be proven) at his request. They have lost faith in the system and started a minor run on the banks – pulling cash from accounts. It’s interesting to see how a stable, polite, prosperous country can be threatened so suddenly with tyranny.

Trudeau’s Justice Minister Says Being “Pro-Trump” is a Factor That will decide if your bank account is frozen Under Emergency Orders Trudeau’s Justice Minister on convoy supporters: “If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating… you ought to be worried.” Naturally, all of the 90 million Americans who voted for President Trump are terrorists.


BLM was an establishment action; wholly supported by the establishment, intended to terrorize, pressurize and punish the plebiscite in an election year. Of course, they weren’t defunded,  no matter how many murders were committed, or how many businesses were looted.

The GoFundMe cancelation. of the trucker’s money should make. you all aware of how a cashless society will work. The Government gets mad at you and they wipe out your money, good night, the end.  This is the very essence of the social credit system.



Nothing says “promoting equity” like handing out free government crack pipes. Let’s go Brandon!!


Yes it’s a Sherman 

Identify the gun installed by the Indian Army.


2A in Missouri

(NY Post) The Justice Department has sued Missouri in an attempt to stop the enforcement of a measure in the state which deems some federal firearms laws invalid.

In a complaint filed Wednesday, the DOJ claims Missouri House Bill 85 is “invalid” under the Supremacy Clause, which prohibits state governments from passing laws that do not correspond with federal laws.

More commonly known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, the Missouri bill was signed into law last June by Republican Gov. Mike Parson and took effect last August. The bill, according to Parson’s office “prohibits state and local cooperation with federal officials that attempt to enforce any laws, rules, orders, or actions that violate the Second Amendment rights of Missourians.”

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland accused the measure of impeding law operations in the state.  That’s interesting isn’t it? It’s as if the federal government INTENDS to violate the Constitution…


Cave Paintings

Nobody has ever found a cave painting of a salad.


    • They could give a rat’s ass about law. Kipling, City of Brass:

      They said: “Who is irked by the Law? Though we may not remove it.
      If he lend us his aid in this raid, we will set him above it!
      So the robber did judgment again upon such as displeased him,
      The slayer, too, boasted his slain, and the judges released him.

  1. Having a ready supply of physical cash or even precious metals will become imperative as we move to a cashless society. You can never tell when your “social credit” will be too low for you to access your funds. I do not believe the federal government realizes how prevalent bartering could be if push came to shove.

    That Henry rifle is appealing, I have always liked lever guns, and bolt actions, and semi-automatics, and single shot rifles, and pump actions;-). Oh, and I forgot sem-automatic pistols, and revolvers, and single shots.

  2. Canada is now, and will continue, to be a foretaste of Xiben, fellow travelers, and the NWO. Will the rule of law prevail in Canada? As I understand Trudeau must get the concurrence of both Parliament and the Canadian Senate. The Senate is not currently in session but will be next week. As to Parliament, he has seven working days to get his actions approved.

    • From phone calls that I’ve made north, the Canadian Public is tired of the mandates.

      It’s tough to know how many died from Covid alone. Maybe a few thousand? 35,000 deaths attributed to Covid-related death. How many people in Canada die from the flu in any given year?

      Wikipedia: In 2018, using a Health Canada-funded study, we estimated each year some 15,000 deaths, 90,000 hospital admissions and 240,000 years of life lost are directly attributable to alcohol use.

      Castro’s son is not suggesting prohibition – as a solution to 15,000 deaths and 99,000 hospitalizations per year….is he?

      • A recent article here in Australia showcased the ABS admitting in two years ~86 people have died of the bat flu. The vast majority who died with it had 3 or more comorbidities. Still the boot continues to stamp on faces.

        • In the US there were people with stage 4 liver cancer who contracted the plague. They were plague deaths. Just like automobile accidents. All people want is truth. This was about an authoritarian takeover. Australians have to do what’s right for them. Accept tyranny and learn to live with it or remove it. Same with Canada and same with the USA.

          The democratic label is very toxic here right now. They’re trying to start a war to remove the stain but people aren’t buying it.

  3. Ahh, when the tyrannical losers decide they can override law when they damn well feel like it. This will not end well for the deranged weasels who believe their hollow actions will prevail. Seems Mush Brains has been conferencing with Trudy Skinny Jeans, helping him run his country into the lawless ground like he’s doing here. Politicians never get their hands dirty.

    Last I checked States are Constitutionally protected against Federal power overreach.

    To them I say regarding their cowardly threats: So what, go for it, do your worst. I dare you.”

    • I’ve seen considerable federal overreach in my lifetime and the Tenth Amendment is rarely mentioned. Canada needs to pull itself back from the brink and the way to do it quickly is to dump all of the covid foolishness.

      I don’t know why anyone would call on Brandon for advice. You’re better off invoking one of those novelty magic 8 balls that they had when I was a kid.

  4. Well, now “we” know what “they” think of “us”. Hopefully it’s becoming extremely obvious to the Great Unwashed Masses what “they” have in plan for “us”.

    Good for Henry Repeating Arms. Makes me want to run out and buy one. In 45-70, of course….

    Nobody has ever found a cave painting of a salad.

    That’s the corollary to “NO good story starts with two guys eating a salad”….

    • Here the ranchers get a baked potato instead of broccoli…none of that frilly green stuff is allow next to the steak.

      • I **always** get a baked potato with my steak. Some butter, salt, pepper, and maybe a few fresh chives, and it’s a fitting accompanyment to a fine steak.

        • It has to be chives. Not chopped scallions, but real honest-to-God chives. Like scallion grass, real chives.

          With sour cream.

          And the outside of the spud better have a salted crust, too.

          Now I’m hungry. Thanks, guys.

          • Not just any salted crust, but first rubbed with olive oil and then rolled in the big kosher salt crystals. It’s important that the outside is crispy so that once you’ve scooped out the soft potato, you’re left with potato skins. Eat them with bacon pieces (real bacon), butter & sour cream.

          • Or eat the skins soaked in the juices of the steak you also have eaten. Unless you’ve been soaking up the juices with a good crusty bread.

            And I totally agree about the olive oil and kosher salt crystals. That’s how I do my spuds at Chez Harcouts.

  5. I am amazed how quickly Canada went full on jackboot. Wouldn’t have thought they would be leading the way with that, or the protests.

    • None of us thought that of Australia, but the police there folded and went with tyranny on behalf of their masters. King’s gold was more powerful than being right for them.

      Same with Canada.

      In the US FBI became full-blown secret police. It’s who they are.

  6. I sometimes wonder if, in the future, people will look back at this time and call it The Age of Prancing Morons ???

    • Or the beginning of an age of freedom from tyranny.

      Like an alcoholic, we have to hit rock bottom before we can find the cure.

  7. missouri…and so it begins. several other states have done the same, why pick on missou? because they think they are weaker than the rest. brandon’s helpers may be wrong about that. isn’t that how the war of northern aggression got started?

    • Missouri isn’t weak. I’ve been around those people and weak is not the word I’d select. Sure there are some inner-city ghettos, but there is are a lot of steel spines and brass balls there.

  8. *BLM was an establishment action


    Our GloboCap rulers are engaged in an utter, mindbending, duplicitous, egregious act of tyranny. And to justify it? Look, we want trans bathrooms! And the world applauds. Dear God.

    In the meanwhile, the Trudeau Stasi’s making arrests.

    Smart money’s going liquid.

  9. And now we will see all those people who said ‘get gold, gold is great’ screaming in pain and agony when Canada outlaws private ownership of gold and other precious metals. You know, like Roosevelt did.

    Because that’s what will happen next. First seizure of accounts, then bank runs, then outlawing of precious metals and commodities.

    It’s coming. Just coming quicker and harder than during the Great Depression.

    • Communists do depressions well. They have a talent for oppressing workers and appointing apparatchiks over them to harass, backed by thugs/goons who will enforce whimsical laws based on impossible quotas.

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