From Bogota

Bandmeeting ordered the steak as I suggested.

To be fair about it, it’s difficult to get a bad meal in Bogata in the Zona Rosa. The same can be said of downtown Chicago, even though I’m not a huge fan of Chicago these days. It’s a far cry from Prescott, AZ.


Bullet Points:

* Pedo Joe – Joe Biden was caught on camera grinning from ear to ear as he creeped on a female state official, Nikki Fried, Florida’s 12th Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, today in Florida.  Old Joe would pork a pile of rocks if somebody told him that there was a snake inside.

* BlackRock isn’t anyone’s friend but they do have a lot of money. If there is a woke policy or program, you’ll find Black Rock promoting it.  They have Brian Deese in the White House protecting their interests and advising the Brandon regime.

Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder sent a letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink explaining that Louisiana is withdrawing its funds from Blackrock. The reasoning was BlackRock’s support for “blatantly anti-fossil fuel policies” that “would destroy Louisiana’s economy” according to the letter.

* Since the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, Illinois has become an oasis to prevent future women, people of color, LGBTQIA2+?’s and all of God’s other children from entering this world, but why stop there?

In an effort to combat states whose laws seek to protect innocent unborn lives, Planned Parenthood, America’s top baby slaughtering outfit is going mobile. On Monday Planned Parenthood announced a new effort to make baby killing even easier for those from neighboring states where abortion has rightfully become illegal, in their brand new retrofitted 37-foot RV.





  1. Commander Salamander’s Diversity Thursday outlines the US Army War College’s efforts toward creating a new, woke, warfighting leader. You can read it here.

    It will be immediately obvious to you why I don’t serve in the military (besides the fact that I’ve aged-out).

    “A short narrative of one page or less that describes how you would contribute to an atmosphere of diversity at the U.S. Army War College through teaching, scholarship, and/or service.”
    If you aren’t familiar with this Orwellian experience, well … you showed up on The Front Porch on the right Thursday.

    You can google “sample diversity statement” and get untold numbers of examples. This is such a rote exercise that some universities like UNC even give you examples about what they expect you to say. They don’t care if you actually mean anything you say, they just require you to say it.

    As will be outlined below, it is a useful gatekeeping function.
    – If you are gullible enough to think these ideologs are not serious, then you will not say the right things: you go in the “no” stack. You might be difficult to control.
    – If you don’t believe them but are easily intimidated by careerist or simply needing to feed your family, you will say what they want you to say: you go in the “yes” stack. You are easily controlled.
    – If you don’t believe that this has anything to do with the job and respond incorrectly: you go in the “no” stack. You are not of the same confession and won’t be a good fit and will be difficult to control.
    – If you are a true believer, you will say all the right things: you go in the “yes” stack. You will be an asset.

    There is another category. Those who do not wish to be part of an organization that is so clearly worm-ridden with a hostile, rigid socio-political ideology completely unrelated to the subject you spent years of your life learning and desire to teach. You won’t apply. They won’t even know these people exist.

    That is how, over time, you lose an institution. It starts with leadership that is either a true believer or is of the mindset that if they feed the lions today hoping they will eat them last. Then years of filtering will distill an institution’s cadre whose center culture will not just be left, but hard-left – if not in absolute terms, then at least relative to the population they serve.

    It also speaks to professionals who teach professional topics that have absolutely nothing to do with race theory, diversity or equity. Oh, but, LL, EVERYTHING has to do with race theory, diversity, equity, and global warming. And that’s why I don’t teach those classes for USGOV institutions anymore.

    • I received my draft card about the time Hueys were being shoved overboard. The lottery was still in effect. I visited the Marine Corps recruiter. JIC.
      Based on the results of my aptitude test, Sgt Dotson indicated I would qualify for “PLC” which would allow me to earn a bachelor’s degree, 2nd lieutenant’s commission, and would require 4 years minimum service in the specialty (Hah) of my choice.
      When my Old Man (wounded on Guam, served in Korea) found out, he had me by the throat and asked if I was out of my G.D. mind. Not the reaction I expected- I thought he would be proud…
      He was no dummy. I took his advice.
      So. No military career for me.

      RIP, Old Man. I miss you every day.

      Nearly a half-century later I still have that draft card, and still remember the recruiter’s name.

      • I’ve bounced through a few careers. Today, I don’t know what I’d call myself besides “consultant”. The military was interesting until it wasn’t, and I wasn’t exactly doing something that required parade ground discipline.

        Your father loved you.

        • He was very reluctant to talk about combat. But once, years after the incident I described, we got outside of a bottle of bourbon.
          With tears in his eyes, he recounted the night he was wounded. He never expected to survive the night or to get off that island alive, much less to marry and raise a family.
          I then understood he wanted to protect his son from a similar fate.

      • I enlisted while threatened with a draft number that as low as it was, was never called before the draft was ended.
        Best thing I ever did.
        Times have changed.
        And Dad was a grunt in the Big One.

  2. The steak looks delicious but I get twitchy going into large cities whether it be Seattle or Chicago and I don’t see myself traveling to Bogota. If you are ever in the eastern Washington or northern Idaho area I recommend the Wolf’s Lodge. It is out in the sticks about 15 miles East or so from Coeur d’Alene and pretty rustic with really great steaks. Best I have had.

    The comparison on how they acted and spoke between Desantis and Biden during their press conference was eye opening. I know how we got in this mess but good grief, how did we get in this mess?

    Blackrock. Good for LA, hit them in their pockets.

  3. Who makes the baby butchermobile? I mean if lefties can hold gun manufacturers responsible for how guns are used, surely the pro life movement is missing an opportunity to take a few billion in future revenue away from the baby killer supporters. Heck, I bet it is even powered by (cough choke cough) fossil fuel!

    • I’m nearly certain that it was purchased at public expense – your taxpayer dollars at work. Baby butchers are by their very nature, damned souls.

      • BOBBOOKWORM, who lurks here at VM, commenting from time to time, is due by here at the hovel later in the evening to drop off books. He’ll call from the gate and I’ll switch on the lights because without that it’s dark and he could stumble over the tripwires.

        I mentioned it to MRSLL, who said, “wow, that’s one thing we could have more of here — books. (quoting Cervantes: ‘Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.'”.

        Me: “So, you’re telling me to stay hydrated.”

  4. Chicago had some stupendous restaurants when I lived in “Chicagoland”. Best Greek food I’ve ever had, although George’s Greek Cafe in Long Beach was a more than suitable source for Greek food.

  5. The Left are Satan worshippers. Everything they do is geared that way, which is why all they touch turns to crap. Overturning Roe v Wade got them all to say it out loud, yelling “I want to kill my baby any time I feel like it!”. Then states…friggin human debris politicians…START facilitating the means! God WILL have His vengeance.

    Tonight, Tucker’s Part 1 interview with Kanye West was along those same lines. As a self made super talented artist and seriously smart businessman and ‘insider’, he carefully spoke to what we all know: the Left is evil and 95% of everything we see and hear from any source is a lie designed to influence opinions and outcomes. The entire narrative is nothing but BS. And when you are on the outside, especially as a Christian, they not only dismiss you, they actively work to destroy you.

    And the kicker… The “Nobody effs with a Biden” black soul piece of human excrement currently occupying in OUR White House is only there because he is doing Satan’s bidding (the proverbial post turtle). This is obvious to anyone with functioning eyeballs in their head.

    The good v evil chasm is massive, there is no middle ground. In this world you are either on God’s team or you are on Satan’s. There can be no compromise in the palpable spiritual battle we find ourselves. Yet…God is with US as long as we’re with Him.

      • A bit of a screed, and not that I’m some genius who has it figured it out….just felt compelled to share the thought because it is starting to make sense when viewed this way.

        Why close churches and kill small class and the middle class using a manufactured virus? Why create discord between the vax’d and those unwilling to trust something that is now proven to be ineffective and in many cases dangerous? Why jail people for being let into the Capital, expending massive amounts of resource to hunt people down? Why allow those involved a pedophile ring on an island to effectively fade away with zero consequences? Why “impeach” a President who WAS making America the best and people responded accordingly? Why suppress critical treasonous information about a VP and his reprobate son and family to steal an election? Why kill energy independence only to beg OPEC for more oil and gas? Why is The Fowch Mengele still walking free? Why are half of congress still walking free after bilking millions for insider trading and foreign deals? Why allow clear illegal and unlawfulness to run rampant in major cities? Whyis the FBI and DOJ raiding the homes of innocent American’s at a rate never before seen while real criminals get off Scot free? Why weren’t the Clinton’s ever imprisoned? Why destroy our power production while forcing people to drive useless EV’s, with all the vehicle manufacturers going along with it? Why is our southern border wide open – against Federal Law – with illegals being bused all over with freebies offered and Fentanyl now becoming a huge problem with no end in sight? Why has the MSM really ramped up their propaganda so up is down and left is right?

        You get the picture. No one is being held accountable. Hunter will skate and Our Addled Hollowman _Resident will conveniently resign, effectively pardoning himself for his crimes against America…along with all the other players.

        It makes sense to me now…not a conspiracy per se, but Evil working overtime to wreck America and anyone who believes in our vibrant way of life. The scary part is there are a lot more people involved than anyone could know, include “Bob” next door.

        This is going to get seriously ugly in the next four weeks as Satan moves his followers to blatantly defy all rationale so as to remain in power. And we will stand there wondering what the hell to do when our those in our government become tyranny personified.


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