Time and Place

It’s important to be able to know when to hold ’em and to know when to fold ’em.


British grenadiers – plus possibly Tarleton himself – engaging French and Continental Army infantry at one of the Yorktown re-enactments. The British would have been better off marching back into the Carolinas, but they were out of food, were short of ammunition and out of time. And they’d worn out their welcome in the Carolinas… You need to know when to walk away and when to run.



Why do they taste better in the paper poke after you’ve poured salt and vinegar on them?



Title: “Kombat” Heroic image of a Soviet political commissar of the 220th Infantry Regiment calling soldiers to an assault, Eastern Front, in Soviet Ukraine, 12 July 1942. it has been said that the subject of this photo died minutes after it was taken.

That should be the fate of all political officers. Lead the way, take the first bullet. Unfortunately that’s not how it usually works.


Historical Note

Shortly after assuming power, Hitler used the burning of the German Parliament, the Reichstag building, to declare a national emergency crisis, consolidate power, and begin taking away civil liberties.


Maybe that’s why the progressives are uncomfortable with teaching history as an anchor subject in American education

“Knowledge is a deadly friend, if no one sets the rules. The fate of all mankind I see, is in the hands of fools.” – King Crimson (1969) EpitaphIn the court of the crimson king


The Arizona Republic

One hour after Biden is sworn in, Arizona releases evidence of voter fraud. (more here) Coincidence?  Naaah.

I wonder how much they were paid?

Debit card to a Cayman account.


Damn, I wish I’d thought of that…


    • It reminded me of the UK when fish and chips were wrapped in newsprint, and the vinegar seeped through, and some of the ink came off on the fish. It was REALLY good.

  1. And now I am hungry for Brit style fish and chips. Thanks LL

    We will probably never know the true amount of voter fraud that happened this election, maybe enough to tip the scales and maybe not but it sure leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

  2. …and Covid scrolls disappeared from CNN at roughly the same instant as AZ fraud proof. More to come I am sure. But what is done is done, me thinks. Can’t un-clang that broken bell…or…i that why the fencing and troops are still being employed? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Chips in paper- Because. No other explanation can be had, just because they’re better the way you describe. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I say.

    • The election fraud is done and maybe, one day, we can fix the country. Yes, it sounds completely naive of me to write that.

  3. Now I’ve got In the Court of the Crimson King itching and must find the album to scratch it. Brought back memories of when it was my favorite.

    The Arizona senate has decided to audit the election finally, eh?

  4. Potatoes like that are made here almost on a weekly basis. It could very well been my Opa’s K98K that dropped ol Ivan there. And as far as that shotgun banister goes I’m going to bring it up at the next club meeting.

  5. I’ve never had English-style chips. The salt I can see, but vinegar is a NOGO.

    I think Commander Ramius had the best solution to the Political Officer in his crew.

    • DRJIM, you can go with HP Sauce if the vinegar offends. Frankly I like it either way. Edinburgh put sauce on fish and chips, Glasgow went with vinegar.

      • Those look to be what my Mom called “Home Fries”, that have been done on the crispy side. Having never had the genuine article, I don’t know how fried they are. Cruncy all the way, or just browned well, and still “potato-ey” inside?

        I always got my fries “well done” at In-N-Out, so I like crunchy.

  6. Shotgun handrail is kinda neat, but ever who laid out those stairs , needs to get Audels Guides and learned the proper way to do treads and risers. I made a ton of money in high school laying out and cutting stairs for folks. Steep stairs with shallow treads, are dangerous. A proper ships ladder and rails though , is a thing of beauty.

  7. The best fish and chips I ever had was from a street cart in Reykjavik.

    A guess- all the advantage of cavalry is lost if they are denied maneuver by a swamp and a ditch, packed up and forced to confront an enemy on a narrow front of the enemies choosing? Kind of like Agincourt, where the woods provided a flank forcing the French into a concentrated up the hill in the mud fiasco, and the palisades jammed them up at the top?
    I am guessing here,look this up- for all I know the Scots were rolled up, but it does not seem likely.
    LL, these illustrations and write ups of various battles are very interesting- thanks!

    • I’m glad that you enjoy the historical battle write ups. The Scots won.

      Street cart fish and chips is often EXCELLENT.

  8. Malt Vinegar on chips and fish… Man, I miss that. I used to treat myself once or twice a year by going to Long John Silvers and just use enough vinegar that it would come out of my pores for a day.

    Can’t do that in the apartment, as wife highly objects to the smell of vinegar.

    And now there are no fish-and-chip joints in this benighted town. Dammit.

    The only good Zampolit is a dead one, preferably hanging from a tree and used as either a gun or bayonet target. Just saying…

    Shortly after gaining power, Hitler and his cronies had the SA either murdered, arrested or disbanded. And, oh, look at the way the Government is finally handling BLM and Antifa….

    Nothing about the level of cheat is surprising me now.

    And that handrail, well, I guess if you screwed up your very expensive side-by-side so bad that it can’t be resurrected, then, yeah, go ahead. But if you didn’t do your damnedest best to fix it before you turn it into furniture, then you have no soul worth saving.

  9. that komrad pic looks staged, likely well after the war. too clean, clear air, soldiers all looking toward him grinning, nobody shooting, even the ground clean. like everything soviet, staged.

    • It was staged early in the war – everything pristine – as noted, Soviet propaganda of the era indicated that he died right after the photo was taken, but the whole thing was propaganda. More likely executed in a purge.

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