Bullet Points:

* If your senator or congressman doesn’t comment on 2000 Mules, it is time to replace them.

* I am a descendant of men who would be represented, not ruled.

* They deployed the national guard to deal with the illegals sent to Martha’s Vineyard.

I wonder whether the Massachusetts National Guard will be constructing tent cities for them, and will be setting up soup kitchens to feed them? Do the illegal aliens have their free ObamaPhones yet? I have a lot of questions. Or will the residents of Martha’s Vineyard simply host the illegal alien families in their unused summer homes (usually a 4th or 5th home)?

* How much do you love plants? Who is really eating whom? What defines the secret life of plants?  Maybe THAT is why the government wants you to register your private garden.

They don’t want to tax it. Those 87,000 new IRS agents have plenty of other private plots to assess before they get to yours. There is an existential threat! It’s for your own good.

* There is a heavy implication that historical ‘abstract’ poetry that people have been analyzing for ages without being able to conclude the meaning is just a shitpost level of jokes between poets.



Wagner Group Recruiting in Prison (h/t Claudio)

That makes a lot of sense.

1. You don’t have to pay them as much.

2. They’re usually going to be tougher than the average Russian citizen.

3. They are familiar with gang life and the Wagner group is nothing if not an armed gang with gang rules and gang hierarchy.

4. They can augment their pay with rape and pillage, which prisoners are typically adept at.

5. Amnesty if you survive 6 months on the Ukraine front – and a job if you want to remain.



Arizona has tarantula migrations. Not where I live, but you splatter them on the road elsewhere. Each summer, with the start of monsoon season in June, thousands of male tarantulas leave their burrows and venture out looking for females. The mating season lasts through October. Desert tarantulas are quite large, brown, and hairy (but they’re not illegal tarantulas) ….looking for love in all the wrong places.



  1. Plants, I prefer to think of it as a symbiotic relationship with the plant hive mind.

    Illegal aliens. Did not take long at all for the 50 aliens to be deported off of Martha’s Vineyard. It is unfortunate that they are just pawns in all this but they did after all make the decision to come here.

    Wagner Group. Well that is one way to avoid mobilizing all of Russia. All I can see happening regardless of the outcome of the Ukraine mess is that organized crime will have an even bigger say in Russian politics and day to day life of the general populous.

    “Cornbread not done in the middle”…better description than most.

        • The cartels have the Mexican Army (SEDENA). Traditionally each of 32 Mexican states had its own general in charge of the army (light mech infantry). The armor was reserved for Mexico City to defend against revolution on the part of one or more of those generals. The generals managed narcotrafficking in their respective states and took a cut. That began to change during the time of Amado Carillo and today it’s chaos.

          SEMAR (Mexican Navy and Naval Infantry) operated separately under their SECNAV and remains more honest in a very relative way.

          Under the current Mexican president, AMLO, the government backed off policing international narcotics trafficking.

          The Narcos do have armed cadres, it’s true, but it’s difficult to compare them to the Wagner Group, which is more of a formal military combined arms force. The Mexicans, fearing a revolution, would react strongly to that sort of thing being formed.

  2. The Martha’s Vineyard illegals were shipped across the water to Otis Air Force Base (now called some sort of mealy-mouthed bullshit), where they will be put in cages. It’s okay when the right people do it.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of them fell off the Steamship Authority ferry on the way to Wood’s Hole. You know, by accident.

    JFK’s ghost gave a press conference where he said “we would have kept them, but we already had enough ‘unpaid servants’ on the island, and most of them are the good kind – you know, Irish.” .


      • I don’t think that they want an army of diverse, unwashed, hungry people camping out on their lavish seaside estate.

        • You mean they were always blowing smoke about being progressives concerned about the unwashed masses from South of the Rio Bravo?

          • uh, yeah.

            Do you think that the Mooch would want the great unwashed tramping over her Berber carpet, burrito dripping hot sauce on it, baby barfing and shitting on her damask brocade setee as they changed it and tossed the disposable diaper into the open grand piano?

    • !!! I Think I Would Live Anyplace Else !!!
      From the website for that bunch around the corner, Joint Base Otis:
      * “Cape Cod Air Force Station is the only land-based radar site providing missile warning for the eastern coast of [North America] against intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missiles.”
      Do you suppose the chinese still have the location codes given to them by the ClintonCrimeSyndicate and Miley (spit)?

        • Yeah, the PAVE-PAWS is up at the other end of the base, near the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne.

          It’s pretty cool looking, although the locals think it gives them a heightened leukemia rate.


  3. well technically, you owe taxes on the value of the produce from your garden and it is considered income. maybe that’s what the 87k agents are for. gonna be a lot of missing revenuers out this way if so. i hear they make good fertilizer. that reminds me, i gotta get my backhoe fixed.

  4. With the proper volume, ingredients, and temperature you can compost a 1,200 pound cow in as little as 6 months by turning the pile over just once. Efficient method of carcass disposal. Lawn clippings are a free way to increase the pile. A person needs to hookup with one or two lawn care companies. No dna survives that cooker!

  5. You’re opening picture reminds of the joke about “Cowboys and Muslims”. Have to update it a bit, but still valid.

    The only migration we see here is when the damn Canadian Geese come through. We have a small group (gaggle?) that live here full time, but they’re “good neighbors”. Their Canadian relatives are rude, agressive, block the streets, and poop everywhere. Pebbles got in a stand-off with one this Spring, and if I hadn’t held her back, we would have had goose for dinner.

  6. “Cornbread not done in the middle”….probably best description, for mixed company (male and female adults & children), of individual currently occupying the highest office in the land.

  7. What a good opening infographic! I like the flintlock pistol and it reminds me of a time, back in the halcyon early ’70s, when I was with my parents in a militaria shop in Woodstock, Oxfordshire (once HRH CI’s HQ). There was a crate there FULL of flintlock pistols. Cheap, too, and perhaps they were from some armory.

    We should have bought that crate.

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