The Arizona Highlands during Monsoon

Thor and the Ice Giants are having at it.  I hope that Xenomorphs don’t show up.

One of my favorite storm tunes to listen to is “Entry of the Gods into Valhalla” (Das Rheingold, WWV 86A) by Wagner. “No one understands the lonely perfection of my dreams.” Then there is,  “Die Walküre Akt 3” …taking the warriors to Odin. (and never defy War Daddy)

The Valkyries are the female servants of Odin, responsible for taking warriors to Valhalla upon their death in the mortal realm. One of the Valkyries is described as having beautiful long blonde braided hair, carrying a shiny sword and a shield. I appear to be obsessed with Katheryn Winnick, the Canadian actress (right). It comes with being a blatantly and unapologetically heterosexual male.

If you die with a weapon in your hand… EdB pointed out the Saga of Bjorn to me some time ago. Not everything goes to plan – even in Valhalla.

Then if you want a different arrangement and meaning, there is The Entry of the Xenomorphs Into Valhalla. Robust orchestration in the Ridley Scott film Alien Covenant.

Sorry for banging on about Richard Wagner, a musical genius who has fallen out of favor with the “woke” crowd. Ok, not that sorry at all.

A Word to the Wise: If you’re going to die, make sure that there is a weapon in your hand at that moment.

Will a Katherine Winnick clone take your hand and haul you to the Corpse Hall? I make no promises (no warranty should be inferred).


Bullet Points

* Messed up FBI – “DOJ and FBI are so corrupt that they’re redacting their reasons for redactions in their justification for raiding a U.S. president’s home.”

* In recent months, the Iranians doubled down on threatening behavior. They have enriched uranium effectively to bomb-grade and finally acknowledged that they have the option to deploy nuclear weapons.

Iran’s proxy militiamen in Iraq have just flexed their muscles by attacking government buildings and even the U.S. embassy in Baghdad’s supposedly secure Green Zone. While their leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, has ordered them to withdraw, the point has been made. Barack Obama, who holds great sway in the White House, loves Iran. So don’t expect the US to stand in their way. The Iranians claim that their first target will be Israel. Israel has taken threats seriously in a historical context.

* Last Tuesday, the creepy, corrupt, demented leader of the Brandon crime family officially filed to run for president in 2024. I wonder if he’ll remember that he filed?

* Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is planning on re-introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Brandon in the new Congress next year if a local SWAT team doesn’t take her out first.

* The Brandon Regime all but ignores the Fentanyl trafficked across the open US Border – maybe because the precursors from China and he’s on their payroll? At the same time, Hollywood, social media, and popular culture continue to joke about and glamorize drugs, as drug overdose deaths soar. It reflects a truly sick culture.

* Waking up from a coma in 2022… Maybe just go back to sleep?



  1. There was a short animated video of an old Viking warrior looking to die in battle, and having a real run of bad luck at it. He finally got to have a go at a troll that was attacking a nunnery. He succeeded in killing the troll while dying himself. Then, when he was about to step into Valhalla, the nuns buried him and prayed him into Heaven.

    • Should have added that this is a synopsis of the Bjorn link you had above. I got a chuckle out of it when I first ran across it on some other site.

    • “the nuns buried him and prayed him into Heaven”

      Poor Bjorn’s saga illustrates something critically important: just because YOU think something is good, doesn’t mean it’s good for someone else. In other words, don’t “repair” for me what I don’t consider broken.

      I thought the video wasn’t that the nuns snatched Bjorn out of Valhöll and dumped him in Heaven, but that they destroyed the Norse afterlife and replaced it with their afterlife.

      • A comment I heard a lot while growing up, that I don’t hear anymore: “one man’s heaven is another man’s hell”. While it may be considered an early version of situational morality, it at least got across the idea that not every thinks the same way you do.

        • It speaks to American (Western) folly in that inside every (insert culture or nationality) is an American trying to get out. It may sound strange coming from an imperialist capitalist mercenary swine such as myself, but that philosophy is naive and insulting. I fought against it for my entire life with very little success. It speaks to a high-handedness that comes with power that implies that “everybody wants to be me”. My move to the Arizona highlands was in part fleeing from all that. Unfortunately, you can’t run away, there’s no new frontier, etc.

          • There is also The Magic Dirt Theory: if they just come here to study, work, live off the dole, etc then they will discover just how wonderful we are and they will want to become just like us. It does make you wonder if they genuflect every time they pass a mirror.
            On rare occasions, a person born elsewhere has come here and realized that they were an ‘American’ all along, but those are few and far between. Trying to generalize from that is the same as trying to prove that a rule exists by arguing the exceptions….doubt that is considered to be logical.

        • “one man’s heaven is another man’s hell”. While it may be considered an early version of situational morality

          I learned that phrase from one of Robert Anton Wilson’s “Schrodinger’s Cat” novels. Of all places. Though to be fair RAW was a guerrilla philosopher/teacher masquerading as a clown. Which he joked about openly. Anyway, I don’t see it as situational morality. I see it as an alternate way of saying “different strokes for different folks.” There are people who would enjoy an evening of listening to rap music while eating a well-done steak, for example. (Funny how those two things seem to go together….) That would be a way to torment me. Rap ranges from a severe annoyance to an abomination, and steak is to be eaten rare. But I don’t care if a person likes his steak vulcanized — so long as he leaves mine alone. Okay, those are silly examples, but you get the idea.

          On the “everyone is really alike” theme, I’ve seen the comment that Progs are all about surface appearances, but think that deep down everyone is the same (wanting enthusiastic celebration, not mere acceptance, of homosexuality, etc). Conservatives accept that different cultures produce different people. And within the cons spectrum a few have the moral courage to say out loud that some cultures are crap, while many others are mealymouthed, and still others believe in the tabula rasa — essentially a sort of parallel to the magic dirt theory. Me personally, I believe that culture is downstream of biology. Not wholly, but in non-trivial part. And therefore magic dirt is nonsense, because the slate AIN’T anywhere close to being blank.

          “It speaks to a high-handedness”
          Exactly. That is one reason I find the attitude so objectionable; I dislike arrogance (Mike Williamson would argue the proper word here is “conceit”). The other reason is that this attitude creates unnecessary friction. I don’t particularly need other people to be like me, all I want is a modus vivendi. IF they decide they want to take up my habits and preferences, well, that’s nice, and I’ll work to help them with that, but people don’t need to share ALL my values and preferences. (But some things are right out. Hence the part above about “some cultures are crap”. It’s the malum prohibitum vs malum in se thing.)

          • Some years ago I had Iranian neighbors and they celebrated Nowruz in a big way including the forehead cut and then walking up and down the street slapping their heads with swords and bleeding onto t-shirts. Nowruz is the Persian-language term for the day of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year. Ok, don’t bleed on my sidewalk, but it’s ok if you’re on the pavement and don’t obstruct traffic.

            Then they carried the celebration into the night. Too much of a good thing. Very loud music. I brought out my own speakers – a battle of the decibels. So I put on Um Kulthum singing – worse than scratching a blackboard with fingernails. The music continued. They must have liked it. Then I switched to Alternative Greek Music – almost as odious as Classical Egyptian operatic tunes. Their music still crooned. Then I pulled out the BIG guns and sent one of my daughters to her room to bring back Brittany Spears.

            They got the message and turned it down. True story.

          • Situation morality has been inflicted on us for some time, so that line could be misused by the Woke, which is why I tried to indicate that “that isn’t where I’m coming from”.
            When Christianity was getting started, a number from a Jewish background were trying to tell those from a Gentile background that they had to become good Jews before they could become good Christians. That idea got knocked on the head by a meeting in Jerusalem when the elders followed the advice of James.
            What came out was something that SHOULD have been free of most cultural entanglements, to allow it to be preached to all nations.
            So then, in the 1880’s we first had English, followed by US, missionaries who went around and tried to make people in other places become good little Europeans/Americans in order to become good Christians. And they claim to be preachers of the Word?????
            I think they really needed a good refresher course or two.
            Worldly knowledge puffs up, and they were sure doing a lot of puffing.

          • Now from the other side: it may have been an Anthropology class, but I remember reading about one culture where, if two people were having a serious disagreement, it was considered to be an acceptable way to end the disagreement by waiting in hiding in order to ambush and kill the other person. While that culture finds this behavior acceptable, someone teaching from the Word can’t say “Oh, it’s your culture, so no biggie”.
            Another example – in the early 1900’s some missionaries went to China and ran into a large, unexpected expense. Baby girls being abandoned out in the fields to die. So they started sending letters home to raise more money to set up and run orphanages for the abandoned babies. The Chinese government then told them that their activity was embarrassing the government, so Cease and Desist.
            Some did, while others kept trying to raise funds and ended up disappearing – never to be heard from again. Dunno if they were buried in an unmarked grave or dumped in the local river.

          • “The test of a civilization is in the way that it cares for its helpless members”. – Pearl S. Buck

            Of course, it still goes on.

            And the Chinese make a sport of torturing Falun Gong, which is not the same that you addressed, and at the same time is because of the cultural dynamic.

          • About that civilization test – looking at how the libs run their cities, it’s like they are preparing for The Big Flunk, and want the rest of us to follow in line like good little proles.
            Not the same, but the same…an almost malevolent and callous disregard for life, where we try (at least some of us) to conform to the Author of life.

          • Larry,

            One year at the house some jackwagons across the street were playing their craptastic late 80’s rap crap. Nobody would do anything. Sheriff’s office said “So what?”

            So wife and I whipped out the big guns. Electronic version of “Carmina Burana.” Loud, on our serious stereo system with the speakers in the windows. Real loud. Eventually one of the other neighbors came over and asked us to turn our music off as the jackwagons finally stopped playing their ‘music.’

            These are the same jackwagons that set their driveway on fire and stood on the roof to pee on the flames.

    • Hey now, told MrsPaulM (who cuts my hair) I want that as my new hairstyle. If I could just grow a decent beard I’d be all set.

      But yeah, these depictions – while interesting, and certainly the costume gal had fun – tend to push the boundaries on “styling”. 13th Warrior was probably more accurate, stringy long hair or slightly shorter that was trimmed with a dagger.

      • I beg to differ. Beans will either back me up or tear me into bloody sushi.

        Most warriors, historically, when going into battle, wore their best, trimmed their beards or shaved them outright depending on the culture, polished their mail by dragging it through the sand behind a horse, sharpened their blades, braided the tails of their horses, and looked almost gaudy (passion for fashion/thing for bling). They wanted to make a proper show of things because the show played to attitude and attitude in battle was everything.

        Scandanavians gone Viking, landing after a sea voyage may not have been as careful and they may have looked scruffy as they raided places like Lindisfarne. (like modern bikers beginning a bar crawl) If they were to die, they wanted to make a good appearance when they arrived at the Corpse Hall.

        • Well then, I am properly chagrined. Seems putting forth ones best before battle was the norm, which is truly interesting. Good to know.

        • Yep, absolutely. And tattoos and mascara are well-attested for North Germanic tribes. Exact hairstyles aren’t often known, just the basics, and styles certainly changed over the generations. Like the ancient Spartans did, those warriors gone viking (it was a verb, not a noun) would have been ‘peacocking’ to the best of their ability if they knew they were going into battle. So did ‘feather’ Indians in the Americas.

          • North American tribal cultures addressed that ethos completely. How they dressed for battle incorporated their values, their faith (or vision quest), and their particular cultures. And it changed over time as the horse cultures change as the horse was added. Later as steel knives and gunpowder was added.

            Genocidal battle (of the sort that took place in Europe and Asia – the War of Northern Aggression, etc.) was not the norm. They dressed up, showed their bravery and struck a powerful enemy (also dressed up) with a coup stick. Lances were used, arrows were fired but the bold theft of an enemy’s horse, also painted for battle, was the height of bravery. The paint, the majesty and the whole were a type of martial theater.

            Think of bagpipes skirling, kilted warriors carrying spears, swords (later muskets with a bayonet which is a modified spear) charging into battle faces painted, courting tackle waving in the breeze! (The Germans in the Great War called them Ladies from Hell)

          • Faces painted…coupled with a Haka style battle cry to strike fear into your opponent:

            “Yeah, we not only look great but we’re not here for the haggis and crisps!”.

            Thinking the courting tackle should be more protected tho, sort of built into the male wiring.

          • Or maybe, “We’re here for your haggis and crisps!”

            Swinging your junk while swinging your claymore may be a bit too much for my warrior inclination.

            The fact that they do it, to the sound of the pipes, faces painted, blades flashing, while running through the heather toward YOU would give you second thoughts about arriving at Culodden unbidden. It might have been better if you’d cracked open a bottle of 20-year-old single malt to discuss things like gentlemen? They might offer you a wench and the hay loft rather than an early retirement under the peat.

          • See, there can be a meeting of differing minds, just requires an adult beverage and a wench. Come to think of it…Zolenskyy should offer Pelosi to Vlad, she covers both conditions.

          • You can say what you’d like about Vlad, but as the national strongman in Russia, he scores some impressive nieces.

            Pelosi is more dead than alive. I suspect that the rotten smell off her would turn the most aggressive maggot. While it is true that the triple gin martinis are keeping her preserved after a fashion, it would be wrong to offer that sepulcher bait to even Vlad. Maybe offer her to FJB?

        • One of the greatest prize possessions of a Scandanavian woman was her hair comb. The ‘Vikings’ were very much into hair and body care. Cleanliness and bathing and clean clothes, and as our host said, trimmed hair and beards and mustaches and the ladies especially were into clean smells and minimum but effective makeup.

          The stupid “Vikings” show on DerHistoryChannel was just bupkis. Some history that was far far mutilated to almost be non-recognizable. Think what Amazon did to JRR Tolkein’s works. That’s what the History Channel did to Scandinavians.

          The ‘Vikings’ were very much into METAL armor, either maille or lamellar (laced metal) or scales sewn on cloth or leather (soft leather, not hard boiled leather.) Cloth padded armor was also popular, being worn under the metal over-armor or worn as light armor when hunting or scouting.

          It was a SIN to have rusty and dingy armor. The Valkyries (who worked for both Odin and his hall and Thor and his hall and some other gods and their halls) did not think much of a man or woman who would not keep his/her kit in order.

          As to that dogsqueeze of a movie “The 13th Warrior,” yeah, garbage. Absolute garbage. There’s a ‘viking’ with a peascod breastplate in the style of a 17th Century German Ritter from the 30 Years War. And he’s wearing a Morion, you know, a helmet from the 16th and 17th Century (popularized by the Spanish as theiy lightened their pike and sword troops in order to bust the Swiss Pikes.) And more, and more.

          Worse was when our towelheaded ‘hero’ grinds a ‘viking’ sword into a scimitar. GARBAGE. By the 9th Century, Scandinavian metalwork was as advanced or more advanced as 11th Century Middle-East metalwork. The friggin ‘vikings’ by the 8th Century had pattern-welded blades where the core was softish, the sides were semi-hard and the cutting edges were of excellent hard steel, thus making a blade that was flexible AND could take a beating while staying in one piece and functional. And they used bog iron and starmetal (you know, metallic iron meteors that had high levels of carbon and nickel which, well, makes a damned fine steel.)

          As to hairstyles, well, let’s look at the year 1066AD. The Normans, who fought with maille hauberks with hoods and ventail flaps (a flap on the side of the hood that wraps around the mouth and neck area and could be unrapped) shaved the back of their heads from the ear to the back top of the head, and were cleanshaven. Why? Because long hair and facial hair gets caught in maille links and it hurts when they get pulled out. Also, removing excess hair lessens louse infestations. And troops were ordered to keep clean and wash their clothes and bodies (even in winter.)

          The Saxons had shoulder length hair and mustaches and fought with their faces exposed. Why? Because England was cooler than France/Normandy and the extra hair and facial hair kept one warmer. It also distinguished an Anglo-Saxon from those Normans and those of ‘Viking’ descent, who both kept their groups’ hair styles.

          Norse wore beards and long hair. Braided or tied up, not streaming out of the armor like an idiot. Why? Because getting one’s hair caught up in one’s armor hurts, and Norse wore helms with eye goggles. And also, one of the ways the Norse (and other Scandinavians) fought was to grab the other guy’s beard or loose hair and pull the idiot down (there’s a good section in Red Orm’s ‘history’ book called “The Longships” where one vain warrior with pretty and long hair goes to get executed, so one executioner grabs his hair and pulls him forward while the other swings an axe. Longhair yanks back, ex with his hair gets hands cut off, everyone laughs, guy goes free. But his hair was clean and combed.

          But all of them, ALL OF THEM, kept their bodies far cleaner than your average ANTIFA or BLMer or hippie or Occupy Wallstreeter.

          Seriously, can’t get a babe looking like a methed out version of Hagrid, can you? NOOOOOoooooooo…

          Plus, as any warrior since the time Og whacked Thog and got paid by Nog for the service knew and knows, you keep your kit clean and gunk-free as gunked up and dirty equipment will fail you at the worst possible time, whether it’s fighting in the Aegean Sea, raiding an Irish monastery, beating the Moslems with a hammer, fighting with one of the three armies in 1066, fighting in the Ardennes, jumping out over Normandy on 6-6-44, Fighting in a different direction during the Frozen Chosin or or or or.

          • And let’s look at other historically ‘accurate’ things about the Norse and other Scandinavians. A movie or tv show where in the middle of winter the longhouse is shown with big gaps in the walls and everyone is wearing their heavy outdoor clothes inside the building.

            No. Stop. Please.

            Go tenting in winter and the first thing you do is set your tent up (preferably a canvas one with a woodstove) and you make sure all the gaps are closed.

            Why? Because it’s COLD!

            Same with Northern Europe during winter, as our idiot Europeans are about to find out, it’s COLD!

            So those longhouses and chief’s buildings all the way down to the lowliest hut are SEALED FROM THE COLD by having all the cracks closed up. Think board and batten construction. Or wattle-and-daub. Or cob. Or stone. Or any other building material including cloth or leather or or or.

            Geez, there are places where Scandinavians still use upside-down boats as roofs of their houses. If the boat is built so poorly that air can get in, then water can get in.

            Just stop.

            Another thing… Castles were nice looking inside. Evidence of plaster and paint and wood linings and and and even in Roman and Arturo-Brit and Anglo-Saxon and friggin Pictish and even Irish buildings from pre-Victorian times.

            And that, right there, is where a LOT of the problems arise from. Seems our Victorian Historians and People just rewrote history. No, people didn’t go around peeing and pooping on the floors of castles, so Garderobes (thing outhouses) and chamber pots had to be destroyed. Nice interior walls? Naw, those evil stupid people before the Victorians couldn’t have had those, so let’s chip off all the interiors to make them rustic (think I’m joking? What about all of the US Revolutionary buildings where idiot homeowners stripped off plaster and hit the beautiful beams with hammers to make them look rustic? Yeah, dumb asses all.)

            Seriously, sooo much wrong with most people’s understanding of History?

            Like, well, Columbus ‘proved’ the world was round.

            No. No he did not. The Egyptians knew the world was round. The pre-Greeks knew it, the Minoans knew it, the Persians knew it, the Romans knew it, the Greeks and (dot) Indians mathematically proved it, every one knew the world was round.

            Spanish sailors pre-Columbus knew the world was round. They could test this by climbing the masts, or going up on any tall building around a port or water. You can do that today. You can friggin see the curvature of the earth.

            As to Columbus, all he proved was the Greeks and (dot) Indians were right about the circumference of the Earth. As all who properly used maths aftewards could prove. Columbus and his backers all believed the Earth to be around 18,000 miles in diameter because their beliefs were based on bad math. Given a figure of 25,000 miles (like everyone else knew) it was highly suspected that at around the place Columbus ‘discovered’ land was going to be land. Because otherwise there’s this, what 9,000 miles of just empty ocean and even to people before Columbus that was just a tad too much to believe (plus there were all those rumors of Vikings and Irish and Atlanteans (Minoans or Phonecians) and Egyptian-era peoples ‘finding’ land to the west.

            But why do we ‘know’ that Columbus discovered the world was round? Friggin Victorians, rewriting history to make themselves look oh so smart and brilliant. Sound familiar?

          • In Asia, there were Gurs (Yurts) that were round with a central fireplace and a flue made of horsehair felt. They were marvels of construction and could go up and down in a matter of an hour or two. I’ve done it myself. They were warm in the worst winters because they were made to be warm, no corners. Feather Indians had warm tee-pees with a central fire hole that could be taken down and packed on horses in under an hour and they were on the move. Dwellings were smart because they had to be. We are wasteful because we can be. As you say, the Europeans are cutting down forests to harvest wood for heating now. They will relearn what their ancestors lived by. The British bricked up their coal fireplaces and burned electricity. But it’s not good to live with out a solid back up plan for when your government screws you.

          • As to cleanliness in general, people in medieval and premedieval times kept themselves clean. So did pretty much everyone before… Victorian times.

            Especially anyone working the earth, like farmers and miners. You HAVE to keep basic levels of cleanliness. Even coal miners and dirt farmers today do this.

            Simple test. Go do hand farming or mining or construction work for a day. Don’t wash. Do it again, don’t wash. Again, don’t wash. After a week count the number of open sores from the dirt and dust and clay drying out your skin.

            What? Well, one of the ways to remove oil from one’s hair that has been used from DAY FRIGGIN 1 is to put powdered clay in one’s hair, let sit for a bit and comb out the crap. It works. Same with removing body smutz, cover it with a thin layer of dirt or clay or dust and scrape off the enhanced smutz. It works, works quite well, especially if you add an oil on top, like the Greeks did.

            Again, it wasn’t until the Victorians were trying to make ancient peoples look filthy and stupid did the fake history of unclean peasants and serfs and warriors come to light.

            The Aborigenes kept and keep clean. The Pacific Islanders kept and keep clean. The friggin (feather) Indians, not really known for super smarts, kept and keep clean (if they follow either the Old Ways or the Modern-non-hippy ways.)

            Seriously, anyone who is in or has served in the military knows that the first and last word of the day is Clean. And smart people clean their kit first before themselves. Cowboys clean their horses before anything else.

            Clean. Not looking like an insane street person.

            That’s why the scene where Lancelot comes back looking like some weird street person in the movie “Excalibur” was so striking. Gone from a good-looking clean warrior to some street bum with a mace.

          • Not just Tipis, but wickiups, or longhouses, were constructed by the Native Americans. Basically a building that looked a lot like an Airstreem Trailer, with sleeping benches off the ground as part of the frame. A central smoke hole (much like the gur that Larry talks about above) with a moveable vent. Made by bending saplings and sheathing with birch bark.

            Much better in a forested environment, like the Northeast, than a stupid tent, even a tipi. Though the NE natives also used basically shelter halves when travelling, but they, overall, were not as nomadic as the Plains Natives.

            Now, the Pacific Northwest Natives, along the Oregon, Washington and Western Canadian coastline, built… Longhouses. That were built much like… Viking longhouses. Big, tight longhouses, with sleeping shelves and chambers built into the sides. Or sleeping cabinets. Just like the Vikings.

          • THAT was exceptional…more rational history between you three packed into a few paragraphs that you’d be hard pressed to get in a [boring] college class.

            Thanks guys.

          • Paul M.

            Thanks. I had a great history teacher in community college. First thing he said was he was going to piss off everyone in the class by telling the truth, the painful truth.

            He, as a college student, went to Marathon and looked at the beach there. He, in our class, said “Imagine you are very physically fit, wearing 60-80lbs of arms and armor, and you are running down a 30 percent grade beach made of fine rocks and coarse sand. Get enough people and the only way to stop is to die, end up in the water or kill enough people in front of you so that you can’t go forward. That’s one of the big reasons that the Greeks won that day. They stayed in formation and ran the Persians into the water to drown or get cut down by Greek swords.”

            He also considered anyone who, after running a Marathon and not spouting out a few words then dying to be a poser. Because that’s what the Marathon, all 26.2 miles of it, was really about. Some poor runner wearing next to nothing ran from the Greek sentries at Marathon all the way to the big city near by, 26.2 miles of it, handed or spoke a message, and then collapsed and died.

            Funny man. Never pissed me off, though by that time I was aware of the fallacies of all my families’ histories.

  2. Really wasn’t in the mood for Wagner this morning so I only played the “Entry” another half dozen times. Yeah! I agree; computer music just can’t compete with sitting 5th row center, but with the price of tickets these days…

  3. Hadn’t seen the Saga of Bjorn in a while. Thanks for reminding me of it. Given my age I should likely keep at least a pistol handy in case the reaper comes calling. Best to be prepared.

    • The gods are apparently happy because their gonna get into their new home: Valhalla. But, as Loge and the Rhinemaidens say, this is just a false feeling, for the end of the gods is nigh.

  4. MTG is a warrior, they can “swat” her all they want , she’s from the south, won’t bother her. She says truth bombs like this:

    “Kids can’t see a rated R movie under 18, but they can get a mastectomy or get castrated because Democrats don’t care about children.”

    A few short years ago, before the Left warped the world to their whacked mental illness, would have been a prison sentence, and children harm-ers don’t do well in The Joint.

    Valhalla- A favorite from Gladiator: “What we do on Earth echoes in Eternity.” What we do here matters…crossing over to the Great Hall with Wagner playing in the background would be even better.

    The Sheepdogs are needed more than ever, echoing another great Maximus line, “The time for half measures and talk is over.”

    In that vein, being royally ticked that The Great Distractor has the unmitigated gall to stand anywhere near where our Founders began what we used to call The Land of the Free, spewing his scripted hatred for half the voting public, last night I literally asked God to intervene at Independence Hall today, let the reprobates know He is still in charge. Maybe the Liberty Bell will fall off its stand, considering everything these bums touch turns to rot.

    • Seems the Satanic View of what this clown did to Independence Hall was straight out of Nazi Germany (as many have observed), and God’s allowance to show the true colors of what constitutes our Constitutional Republic leadership. THEY are the enemy of the people, plain and simple.

      They have something planned, the writing is on the wall…and it doesn’t take a Brandon Super-Secret Decoder Ring with Special Glasses to see it.

      I say, “Go for it Joe, you useless bum. You just declared war on half of America…see how well that turns out.”

      Never in my life…

  5. Valhalla for those who die in battle. Warriors get to become warriors in Asgard. Civilians get to become the servers at the feasting tables (and the prostitutes of the warriors.) Nice culture.

    Those who don’t die in battle end up in Hel. A frozen wasteland ruled by one of Loki’s children, named Hel. That’s not even real hell.

    Real hell is Jotunheim and Svartheim, land of the Giants and land of the Black (elves, dwarves, other dark peoples.) Where evil people go.

    So when the barriers between the 7 worlds fall, the evil souls and the giants and other bad people will come boiling up out of Jotunheim and Svartheim to feast on the frozen people of Hel and climb up the World Tree Yggsdrasil all the way to Aesirgard (land of the light elves) and Asgard (land of the Vanir, where Valhalla (Odin’s Hall) and all the other gods’ halls reside.)

    It’s a pretty complex but simple view of the World at large. And fits pretty darned well with Christianity, which is why it was accepted so well (oh, that and the fact that baptized Scandinavians got a free white linen tunic (white being expensive, which is why it was often the ‘death’ color.))

    • This is off of the top of my head (and also I can’t be arsed to mess with the diacritical marks and special characters, so y’all bear with me), but among the NINE worlds there isn’t particularly a “Hell” analogous to the Christian Hell. The hot place is Muspellheim, ruled or guarded (unclear which though it might be both) by the “giant” Surt. And as you point out, Hel is a person, Loki’s daughter with the “giantess” (Jotun) Angrboda, and not a place. She rules over Niflheim, to where she was banished by Odin. Her demesne eventually took on her name, hence the “Hel” but it’s not Hell. (The Marvel Movies “Hela” [1] thing is a legacy of modernish-era people — maybe Victorians — trying to “feminize” names by adding terminal A’s. [2] This is also why we have Valhalla rather than Valholl.

      Jotunheim is certainly not Hell. It’s just the land of the Jotnar, a people poorly translated as “giants”. There is no good reason to think Jotun were actually gigantic, apart from the story of Thor, Loki and Thjalfi’s visit to the hall of Utgard-Loki (which may have been made up whole by the Christianized Snorri Sturluson rather than an original tale). More likely, the Aesir, Vanir and Jotnar represented different tribes/folk, or even social classes. Certainly the Aesir and Vanir were fertile with, and intermarried with, Jotnar. Thor’s mother was a Jotun. The “goddess of the hunt/winter/skiing” Skadi (Skathi) was a Jotun, though she became the wife of the Vanr “sea god” Njord. So “Gods” and “Giants” are quite interchangeable, though in these pairings the Jotun is almost always the female. Loki is the child of the Oss (as in singular of Aesir) Laufey and a male “giant” called Farbauti or something like that, but that’s very unusual. (Another reason to think of the Aesir/Vanir/Jotnar as social classes rather than races, much less different species.)

      Asgard is the land/realm/”world” of the Aesir. Vanaheim is the realm of the Vanir. Alfheim was the realm of the “light elves” and Svartalfheim the world of the “dark elves”.

      [1] Cate Blanchett played Hela in the Marvel movies. She also played Galadriel. Therefore Amazon is correct in making THEIR version of Galadriel (see next) a miserable, insufferable bitch.
      [2] Judge lightly the practice of adding terminal A’s. It’s silly, but not intentionally harmful. Unlike, say, the woke travesty of Bezos Man Bad’s folly: The Rings of Power which makes a deliberate mess out of Tolkien. In this vein and speaking of the Professor, ISTR that he stated in one of his essays or letters that Frodo’s name properly transliterated into modern English would properly be Froda, but because WE expect a terminal A to be feminine, the Professor took it upon himself to change it to Frodo which to OUR ears sounds masculine.

      • Oh yeah, not all who die in battle go to Valhalla. Some are chosen, but half go to Freya to guest in her hall Sesrumnir on the heavenly field of Folkvangr. Now there is a theory that Freya, best known as a Vanir goddess, is cognate with Odin’s wife Frigg. So if Freya and Frigg are one and the same, and thus she is wedded to Odin, and her hall is also his and vice versa, so perhaps Sesrumnir and Valholl are the same place. But that’s above my pay grade.

        Any road, Valkyries serve the heroes who nightly feast in Valholl. “Civilians” go to the cold and boring place. (Which is not that different from the Greek ideas about the afterlife, hence the overarching desire for achieving glory and earning fame everlasting during our brief span on this earth.)

        • It gets even more confusing once you start dealing with which translated version of which version of…

          Beautiful people, and thanks for correcting me. I didn’t go reference and just fired it all off the top of my head.

          • I had just looked all that up a couple weeks ago (because of some discussion on the recent Lady Thor movie) which is the only reason it’s still in my head. And yeah, the translation factor [1] makes everything more complicated. Speaking of that, I love Jackson Crawford’s “Cowboy Havamal”, but the bits he’s read of his other translations I feel something is “missing”. Still his YT videos are both entertaining and very educational. I sometimes have them playing in the background while I’m “reading” echocardiograms (ie mostly working), so unfortunately I miss the visuals, but I think I’m still learning something.

            [1] I hang my head and admit that I too often find the King James Bible confusing. The language is beautiful but goes over my (apparently pointed little) head more than I’m comfortable with.

          • Which is why we followers of the Whore of Rome have a much easier-to-read bible than the hacked-up KJ version. Of course, my semi-Jewish wife thinks the official Catholic’s Old Testament doth suck pond scum in comparison to the current OT used by modern Jews, and there are whole catalogues of books by rabbis that discuss the interpretation of words written before a lot of ‘vowels’ were used in Hebrew, let alone what was written in Arameic or other non-Hebrew languages used by the early Jews (and that statement right there will cause a fight that will make the Diet of Worms or the Nicaean Council fights look like a bad kindergarten brawl.

  6. Love the Wagner. Mind you, as a caveat, my who was no fool, FORBADE Wagner in the house. Seriously, wasn’t allowed.

    Wagner and Mahler weren’t necessarily on the same page, as we can all imagine. But check out Wittgenstein:

    “If it is true that Mahler’s music is worthless, as I believe to be the case, then the question is what I think he ought to have done with his talent. For quite obviously it took a set of very rare talents to produce this bad music. Should he have written his symphonies and then burnt them? Or should he have done violence to himself and not written them?”


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