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Kids are Cruel

From the Westmount High, in Montreal, Canada, where Kamala Harris attended, we learn that she had a nickname in school: Camel Toe Harris… And she works with this guy.


Another Navy Uniform Change?

Yes, it looks like it …more here

The US Navy has had a number of uniform changes. The traditional khaki for officers and chiefs and light blue dungarees for E-6 and below, which worked, and went through several changes, camo patterns (camo…on a ship), to to a Marine Corps pattern of khaki and green. Will sanity prevail? don’t hold your breath.

New Uniform – no more camo

Admirals with nothing better to do, enjoy changing uniform styles. Has anyone thought to reduce the number of admirals?


Roman Iconography

After the Marian reforms, the legions carried eagle standards because the eagle represents Jupiter (Jupiter’s sacred bird). Prior to those reforms the legions each had their own icon, carried in much the way that later nations would carry their regimental color: eagle, wolf, ox with a man’s head, horse and boar.

The Roman state had no official symbols per se. The personification of the city as Goddess Roma was a later invention, though SPQR (Senātus Populusque Rōmānus) was the emblem of Rome between about 80 BC and the 4th Century AD.

Prostitutes were known as “she-wolves” throughout the empire. There has been widespread speculation that the wolf who raised Romulus and Remus was not an actual wolf (canis lupus) but a prostitute or perhaps a concubine.


DOD Awards $89 billion contract …more here. After years of research, investigations, sworn statements, think tank visits, focus groups, and consulting, the Pentagon has contracted with Raytheon to lead the project. An experienced group of male baby boomer retired O-6s will oversee the project…


Cold War

T-72 frozen into a pond on the Dobrovolski training range, Kaliningrad, c. 1975


  1. SR71 Blackbird is still one my favorite jets of all time. Engineered totally by mathematicians and slide rules. No computers or calculators. Its still to this day has never been shot down.

    • Once had a retired Boeing Engineer (Blue/Silver Parking Sticker*) do occasional PE work for us. He started with the B-47 and ended with the 777. Slide rule to Cad Cam. Wore a giant slide rule in a holster to freak out all the junior engineers.

      *Parking stickers showed the status of the Boeing employee.

      • Apollo went to the Moon on slide rule computations. I have a linear and a circular slide rule in my desk. Sometimes I use them when I’m trying to figure something out. That generation has passed for the most part, but the slide rules still work (without a battery).

  2. Navy uniforms… Go back to a modernized version of what we wore during WWII. That’s it. Only SEALS and armed shore parties get camo if and only if they are going into places where camo works. Else… back to WWII.

    Same with the F…ing Army. Air Force can go back to basically Korean War/Vietnam Era (the uniform my dad wore between 1965 and 1973 looked good. Looked like a uniform, wore like a uniform.)

    Same with every other service. Screw this wearing BDUs for every occasion. I mean, Dress BDUs? If Ike or Patton didn’t wear it in the field, then no officer should, unless ‘in the field’ means out in the dirt and nasty, then and only then are BDUs acceptable.

    Uniforms should denote rank. Position (like tanker’s overalls and pilot’s flight gear.) They shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, even for the dress versions.

    Get serious. Seriously…

    • When I was in the Navy, that’s the way it was, and SEALS and Sea Bees did NOT wear camo off base or if you weren’t in the bush. If you wanted to go from NAB Coronado or NAB Little Creek into town for lunch, you changed into the uniform of the day. On base you could wear blue and gold shirts with swimmer shorts or camo or whatever you needed to wear.

      The Army went insane with berets. Ok for airborne, rangers or SF, I guess, but now every Army uniform comes with a beret.

      Why does the Air Force need to wear camo beyond pararescue or perhaps some construction types who find themselves at the point of the spear (where Air Force rarely is)?

  3. My friend flew the Blackbird a later the Dragon Lady. Even after separation from the USAF, he would only look at me when I asked for specifics such as service ceiling. Now in civilian life, he wanted to continue to fly but was concerned that because he had so few flight hours outside of classification and because a lack of recency. But his biggest concern was how to find something that would come close to the complexity and excitement of fast high altitude flight.

    I introduced him to a variety of experienced flight ops but he wouldn’t accept any for they fell short. Even racing souped-up warbirds was less than what he was looking for. He seemed mildly interested in a program run through JPL (yeah, sure, JPL hahaha pull the other one). I lost touch soon after that. Super nice guy. There are folks you’re sorry you lost contact.

    I think there are enough Adm and RAdm one for each ship, including the riverine navy.

    • You can’t swing a dead cat around your head these days without hitting an admiral. The litmus test for admirals is way too political, but perhaps it’s always been like that.

      I have a dear friend who is a full admiral in the Mexican Navy. He’s one of those hard boiled legends. When I go to Mexico City and visit him, we usually end up at this place or that and a number of (lesser) admirals are invited as he holds court. I tease him about the Mexican Navy being so small that even the row boats have an admiral on them.

  4. Swiped your Stalin meme and put it on FB. Immediately was hit by “Fact Check”. Gist of their bitch as Staling wasn’t talking about “General” elections.

    I must not be trying hard enough as FB hasn’t put me in jail or kicked me off. WSF, slacker!

  5. I’d imagine there’s quite a lot of money to be made in a uniform change every couple of years, because we’re obviously not a corrupt banana republic. More like an obscenely corrupt satrapy of China, perhaps.

  6. Hey, Navy Camo was a great idea, they just got the color / pattern wrong.

    Imagine how useful it would be on a ship if you could blend into the inside of an airhandler junction or engineering dead space or dry bilge while you were trying to hide from your section chief so you could fuck off and get a nap in peace?


  7. Who’s the idiot who thought the Navy’s Ocean Camo was a bright idea? Why would you want to blend in with the water if you fall overboard?

    • That’s about the only thing that they’re good for. The ship doesn’t have to slow down during a man-overboard drill (possibly a person-overboard drill now). There is no hope of finding your camo clad carcass.

  8. So from the USN uniform photo, it looks as though someone has been sold on Coast Guard blue ODUs … I can remember when in the ’80s our “leaders” refused to countenance BDUs/ODUs/Whatevers as a working CG uniform because “the cargo pockets would get caught on machinery.” 🙂 Too bad they’re not keeping the 8-point cover, which looks a lot crisper to me than a ballcap.

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