The First Amendment

The First Amendment gives Americans five basic freedoms: Freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, and religion.

Free speech is the cornerstone of our republic.

Although what you say can have consequences—like losing friends or a job—it gives Americans the right to express opinions without government censorship or control. And more importantly–you can’t go to jail for expressing your opinion. Or maybe we need to phrase that more carefully. You shouldn’t be prosecuted for expressing your opinion. Times are certainly changing, aren’t they?


Numbers, figures, charts, and graphs (this will be my epitaph)

Frequency of female compound names that are composed of two common names. “Jo-” is super versatile, apparently…


Bullet Points

* Chinese Aggressive Fishing Practices (h/t Claudio) – I wouldn’t expect the heavily bribed FJB to take serious action against the Communist Chinese, but I expect that President Trump would.

* Ethics – …if they encounter someone who eats meat drowning in a pond, and that allowing them to die might, in fact, be the lesser evil. Are vegetarians and vegans going to declare war on the carnivores?

* Old Pedo Joe told the nation that it may take at least a week for democrat party votes to be double counted (Babylon Bee).

* Virtual Mirage welcomes the California State Threat Assessment Center  Central California Intelligence Center; Sacramento, CA to the blog. While there is nothing wrong with lurking, join in the conversation. Add meaningful content. Keep checking in every day and you might learn something. It’s a very small world, isn’t it?

A primary fusion center typically provides information sharing and analysis for an entire state. These centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources, including the deployment of personnel and connectivity with federal data systems.

Maybe you should start reading here.


Reverse Repurchase Agreements – Costs

The repurchase agreement (repo or RP) and the reverse repo agreement (RRP) are two key tools used by many large financial institutions, banks, and some businesses. These short-term agreements provide temporary lending opportunities that help to fund ongoing operations. The Federal Reserve also uses the repo and RRP as a method to control the money supply.

Repos and reverse repos are two sides of the same transaction — reflecting the role of each party. A repo is an agreement between parties where the buyer agrees to temporarily purchase a basket or group of securities for a specified period. The buyer agrees to sell those same assets back to the original owner at a slightly higher price using an RRP.

Both the repurchase and reverse repurchase portions of the contract are determined and agreed upon at the outset of the deal. The chart above reflects the insanity of the policies pursued by the Brandon regime.


Cartoon of the Day


A Christmas Gift Idea

For that special someone –




  1. LL, you were off on a grand adventure and anticipated light posting, but kept us entertained throughout. Was your trip as successful as hoped? Just being nosy, as is my nature.

  2. People today don’t realize that a vacuum cleaner in the 50’s was a major purchase. Some significant money went into those darned things. If they broke, you had them fixed.

    My mother’s Kirby came with a set of heavy duty stainless pots and pans and lasted almost 50 years of hard use. I am still using the pans.

    I worked with a fusion center, sending them intel from the local anti-drug unit I was in. They liked the complete info that I gave them, which translated into our unit getting lots of fed money. Good times.

    • We had an “Electrolux” tank unit when I was growing up. A mix of Art Deco and 50’s Rocket Ship design. I still remember the big fabric-covered hose it had, and the zillion attachements it came with.

      Sweet Little Wife has a Kirby upright that she’s had for 40+ years. All it needs it a belt, bag, and some cleaning out once a year.

      They were not only made to last, but as Beans alludes, they were made to be repaired easily.

      • DRJIM – We had one of those blue Electrolux tank units on skis that you pulled behind you for years when I was a kid. The Dragon (MRSLL) had a Vorwerk that she swore by (German vacuum) but they went out of business and eventually the parts were impossible to get, though I repaired it as needed for a long time.

        Ed – I don’t think that we ever had a vacuum that qualified as high-efficiency/particulate absorbing. That sounds like space age even if it does go back to the 30s.

  3. “The First Amendment gives Americans…”
    NO! Please don’t perpetuate the error!
    The first five amendments to the constitution as listed in the bill of rights are limitations on what government can do to curtail our natural rights.
    Congress shall make no law….
    …shall not be infringed.
    …no soldier shall…
    The right of the people…shall not be violated…..

  4. word is u.s. armor was used to break a fuel blockade at a haitian depot. no confirmation that u.s. troops driving them, but we’ve been somewhat quietly moving troops and ships that way. i can find no mention of it in the media as the situation devolves there.

      • Yeah, there’s been a lot of talk about a Haitian intervention (a-fucking-gain) both here and Canada.

        Would not be surprised if the weasel-way, under the table, was chosen.

        We ought to remove all the people from that half of the island and make it a nature preserve or something. Spread the former Haitian population out across the Earth on a maximum-distance-between-individuals grid, and hope there isn;t too much general damage. The nation and people are cursed, or something.


          • Yeah. Nuke it until nothing protrudes above the sea is usually my answer, I was feeling … IDK, something. Weak? Dumb? When I wrote yesterday.


        • “Spread the former Haitian population out across the Earth“

          Our overlords (peace be upon them) are already taking care of that.

          • Yep. Unfortunately, they are settling them in clumps, were they build a new “Haiti Town”, and create and spread the misery anew. Same way we have Omar in Congress, now although that’s a slight lateral subject shift.


  5. ‘RP’ & ‘RRP’…Only a grifter cheat could come up with something like this so-called “financial tool”. Looks like creative money laundering to me, skirting FTC trading and banking laws. If it’s truly legal then: “Laws created BY financiers and lawyers FOR financier’s and lawyers.”

    If the Dems take a week…heck, two days for that matter, to count votes then we know cheatery is in play. Will they paste up cardboard over the windows this time as well?

    Mom told dad to never buy her a an appliance for her birthday or Christmas. Dad listened.

    • A vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift demonstrates you’re committed to the woman in your life and you are confident that she won’t stab you to death in your sleep.

      • Yeah, but she could beat you over the head with the wand pipe, or reverse the flow like they used to do in Department Stores with a floating ball, but launch projectiles at you…classifying it as an assault vacuum requiring a license and subsequent BATF fees.

          • MrsPaulM hates Miller moths…they fly AT her for some reason. So one B-day I got her a [semi-joke] gift, The Bug-A-Salt, uses salt to dispatch the fly or moth. I thought it was a good solution.

            She managed to stay married to me. Pro-Tip: Nope, never again.

            HOWEVER…the “make up” pistol holster she needed smoothed things over.

          • MRSPAULM must be easy to buy for. You buy something you want and she loves it. If I bought MRSLL tools, she’d mope.

          • Does a new chainsaw count as a “tool”…for Christmas? (she wore out the other Stihl 180 she bought herself when we were building the house. (Yup, easy to buy for except when she gets herself a pile of things, like riding gear, then I have to get creative in the girly gear dept.)

  6. Nice African giant pouched rat graphic.

    Compound-names graphic is racist. How is Tameekabelle or Lashawndalou supposed to feel represented if she cain’t fine her name?

    @Jim. “Mother” sure looks happier than the gal with the vacuum cleaner. But I shudder at the trigger discipline (yep, some idiot always has to go there, and that idiot is me).

    • I was thinking the Name Chart was for below the Mason-Dixon line, “Jo-Belle” isn’t from Portland or Philly (that would be Skye or LaTisha. Saw another generator for Blacks, and funnier than all get out…it made sense where some of these names come from.

      This one was in a movie on a birth cert: Pronounced “Femm-Ah-Lay'”…Cajun for “female”.

          • Mike_C, there was a lady that I worked with at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office – a clerk – who named her daughter, Chlamydia.

          • MC Hammer, of course. Paul Pelosi would have been better off if he’d said “Can’t touch this” to The Hammer instead of running around in his underwear.

          • That’s brilliant! You watch, some VM lurker will generate a P Pelosi video using that as the background track. Genius.

            (That deal is spinning around on itself…as we all suspected. The Nan is curiously silent and still in DC far as I can tell.)

        • To the California State Threat Assessment Center people who lurk here, you have permission to take PaulM’s. Idea and make a Paul Pelosi – Hammer Kick-Tock video without paying PaulM a royalty for his idea.

          When you considered all of the copyrighted material that I handed out at intelligence conferences in California that was reproduced without regard to copyright or permission and was re-branded by some mope as his own and distributed, you guys ought to drag that sack and come up with $20-30K and send me the funds in one ounce Krugerrands. It would pour oil on the water.

          • As long as I get at least one piece of WWM merch…preferably a 1/4 zip pullover…sans hoodie…with an official WWM Logo Arm Patch.

    • You don’t need a high-tech solution. Maybe a torpedo (a MK-46 or something light) for the factory ships. Naval gunfire for the fishing boats after you give them fair warning to get to the life rafts. I understand that Chinese feel that they have a right to strip the Galapagos Islands because Ecuador owes them money but even those cretins should show some restraint at a place like that.

  7. Dad bought mom a silo unloader for their anniversary. She was not amused, but I did get him into the house 15 minutes earlier every night!

  8. Live in the Seattle area, have pets and outdoorsy kids, you get fleas. I picked up a Rainbow vacuum cleaner on the cheap (because I’m cheap) and our flea problem was nearly eliminated. The Rainbow uses a bucket with water in the bucket.

    Still, the wife got bling; that was what pleased her.


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