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A U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker (not shown) with the 434th Air Refueling Wing, Indiana, which had an aircrew with the 63rd Air Refueling Squadron, Florida, refuels a F-22 Raptor with the 325th Fighter Wing, Florida on February 23, 2021. The Stratotanker was on loan to MacDill Air Force Base. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Tiffany A. Emery)


Oh, That’s Just Peachy!

The Great White Wolf Mine peach canning project is complete. The photo doesn’t include freezer jam, sugar-free jam, low sugar jam, etc. The photos on the wall behind are of my girls and through the door is the pantry, where they will be stored. Soon, the pear season will be upon us… They are arrayed like that because after they’ve had time to rest,  you pop off the rings, check the seals for leaks and general integrity, etc. Then the rings go on and they’re ready for storage, for Christmas presents, for daily use,  etc. With 4 girls and 9 grandchildren who are all peachy, the demand is great. For variety, use them in the home production of peach ice cream. or serve them over a big hunk of vanilla ice cream.


Smart Thermostats

When lived in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia (yes, I was part of that wretched host), there was a push for me to install a “smart thermostat” that the electric company had control over.  They offered discounts, they sent brochures, they promised this and that and I told them not only no, but hell no. Then I installed a solar system to offset the ruinously high cost of electricity in the Sunshine State. The bastard (I’m positive that he met the legal definition) who did the installation slapped on a smart thermostat. I came home from work, saw it, and said, “what is this $#&%?” I made him put the old one back on. I learned from him that the power company gave him a side bonus if he installed one. I said, “just say you did.”

Even though I have my own generator, etc. here in Arizona, I am attached to the APS power grid. APS is a good company, that provides reliable service, and I’m very satisfied with them, but even THEY started making a push for smart thermostats.

Yesterday’s Headline: Thousands of Coloradans were unable to adjust the temperature in their homes for hours on Tuesday after Xcel Energy locked their smart thermostats due to an “energy emergency.”

My adult children who live in Kalifornia are routinely locked out of their thermostats as the grid fails. None of them own electric cars. I feel vindicated these days.

The approximately 22,000 customers who were affected had signed up for the AC Rewards program, which gives users rebates in exchange for allowing Xcel Energy to control their thermostats on the hottest days of the year to mitigate strain on the electrical grid, according to 9News.

The program has approximately 45,600 participating customers in Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. There are 1.5 million Xcel Energy customers overall.

They can keep their rewards…


Meme of the Day


Over the transom, from Frank


Bullet Points:

* Having your social media account suspended because your post violated community standards is a taste of what the social credit system will bring. For now, it’s just social media. Then it’s your bank account, access to credit, access to air travel, etc. the way it is in PR China. It’s about social control.

* Some are concerned. I don’t see the panic in quite the same way as the article’s authors John and Nisha Whitehead do, but they have a point. The recent Nurmburg speech by FJB made people nervous as it was intended to do – perhaps to threaten voter turnout in the mid-terms.

* Electronic Geofence Software – Everyone who reads this blog should buy some sort of Faraday cage for their cell phone,  BUT for most of you with later model automobiles, they can be tracked electronically. When I was in the business, it required a search warrant to a nexus facility in North Carolina. We could listen to conversations, track the car, kill the ignition and lock the doors from anywhere on the planet. So you may be locked in by your automobiles… not just your phones.

* It’s a generic article on quantum computing but without question, it’s an arms race and the winner inherits the kingdom.

* Was it a wet dream? Woke actress and consummate narcissist,  Jennifer Lawrence, is apparently obsessed with Tucker Carlson.  It’s an interesting article in the Daily Mail.

23 thoughts on “This and That

  1. KC135s will be around for a long time regardless of the KCC46 “replacement”. To bad Boeing had the coup d’etat, replacing the engineers that built the company’s reputation with bean counters that have short term profit above all.

    Hard to suspend a social media account that does not exist. I can see a time in a few years though where some sort of social media presence will be mandatory. For example you have to join the gov social media system to file your taxes. Hope it is long enough in the future where I won’t see it.

    Have a great local electrical co-op but they still push smart thermostats. “No, I don’t want one.” has been my answer for the past 5 years or so.

    Electronic geo-fencing. I only have one late model car (well truck) that might be able to be controlled remotely. All my vehicles have tools in the car to break glass so I am comfortable that if remotely locked I could grab my go bag (also one per vehicle) and make my way elsewhere. Your point about Faraday cages is a good one and I will have to see what is available. If a GI issue ammo can works then I am all set.

    I know it is critically important but when I try to understand quantum anything it makes my head hurt.

    1. Hopefully none of you have added the running dog Simon Jenkins to your list of people who need to be remembered.

      I tossed my cell phone in a galvanized steel garbage can, shut the lid and called it from a land line. It did not ring or indicate a missed call. I left a message that I was able to pick up by checking voice mail, but there was no indication I had any messages on the phone. So, I’m guessing that worked. Your mileage may vary.

    2. Supposedly, the metal tube the headrest is fastened to can be taken out and used as a punch to break the glass. As I recall, this was advertised originally as a safety measure to allow people to get out of a sinking vehicle. Don’t hear about it much anymore though.

    3. Don’t know about social media as such, but the Australian governments have been trying to make it mandatory to have a digital government ID. The last attempt to legislate it as mandatory failed, but that hardly matters, you can’t access much of anything without creating one.

      Given the last couple of years, I don’t think many people have any trust in government to do things to the advantage of the population.

    4. A metal ammo can works fine, and if you’re really paranoid, you’ll seal the seams shut with adhesive backed aluminum FOIL tape.

      You’ll be down about 95~100dB inside the can.

  2. Is there a list anywhere that gives the cutoff date for older cars that don’t come equipped with the Nanny State improvements?
    I’m sure we could trust any listing our illustrious betters have put out there…..

    1. It goes by both make and model. It has a tracker if you have On-Star (I think that was GM). If you can place a telephone call through your car, the coms go both ways. If the vehicle has a built-in navigation system, it likely has two-way capability.

  3. Yesterday’s Headline: Thousands of Coloradans were unable to adjust the temperature in their homes

    Picture on The Daily Caller two days ago for the defeat mechanism, a hand warmer in the thermostat cover.
    For my sins, my electricity is supplied by Xcel. The people in the field maintaining the system are good people, courteous drivers, and considerate when they need to block a street. Xcel management? Assholes, one and all.

      1. The “smart grid” will only get smarter with time quantum computing will definitely speed that along. “Equity” will decide how many square feet you need per person (with likely allowance for gender ID, race, and if you’re a member of an oppressed faith (Islam for example).

  4. From BRM: FYI – The Zman warns that European bureaucrats are trying (perhaps “conspiring” would be a better word) to fix energy prices at higher levels for the long term.

    The EU is lending its citizens money to pay their utility bills, without telling them that they are creating a debt for them.


    Cornelius is paying $1000 a month right now. In the past, it was $200 a month, but the real price right now is $1500. That $500 is a debt that will be paid back when prices fall. So when the market price is back to $200, Cornelius will keep paying the $1000 rate until the deficit is made up.

    The utilities will be able to use those future payments, plus interest, as security for additional borrowing right now. In other words, they are using this to create new debt instruments, which will profit the financial houses at the further expense of the people.

    If wholesale prices do not return to the old levels, then the utilities will face what is, in effect, a massive short squeeze. They will go bankrupt or require another bailout. Prices will never return to the old levels, so this trick is really just creating a bigger credit bubble in the future to solve the collapsing credit bubble in the present.

    1. So, it’s BUBBLES all the way down? Who knew….
      I guess the politician theme song was written by the Ben Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra.

  5. I don’t even like the programmable thermostats, they are a pain in the ass. I just want those old round Honeywell units with the mercury switch – bulletproof.


  6. Old school on the thermostats here too… But the scary part is the ‘smart meters’… Very hackable, and the perps know how to hack the system to see which houses usage suddenly goes down (e.g. vacation).

    Both my daughters are in NORCAL, and are facing ‘periodic’ blackouts due to the heat (over 110 in both places)… sigh

  7. I noticed ealier today that our line voltage was down to 115VAC, something I’ve never seen here before. I nominally runs between 117VAC~120VAC, mostly towards the upper end.

    I’ll have to look up what power companies consider a “brownout” in terms of voltage reduction and see when they’re required to issue a warning.

    Ah…..EC/NC/RC-135’s. Spent a lot of time in and around those. Solid airplanes from when Boeing reallly built them!

  8. As to digital ID, well, you have a Social Security Number, dontcha? That you use to file taxes on-line or off-line, that you get your SSI or SS Disability or Military Retirement using? You have a bank account number that your money goes to, right? You have a credit card/debit card, right? All are digital identification numbers. I don’t know anyone, ANYONE, who doesn’t have some sort of ID that can get them in trouble.

    Credit/Debit card? Oh, sorry, system is down, and we don’t accept cash or checks. Hmmm… so much for cash being ‘legal for all debts public and private,’ right?

    I can’t pay my rent except by going on-line, so if the internet provider doesn’t like me, my phone company doesn’t like me (internet over phone) or the bank or the web-page that I have to pay my rent through doesn’t like me (‘doesn’t like me’ also equates to a government order to shut off my access to… the internet, the phone, the bank, the rental company web page.)


    And to the first person who says, “That’s why I invested in Gold and Silver,” well, remember FDR’s administration making possession of precious metals other than jewelry illegal? What’s to stop our modern National Socialist Workers’ Party of the USA from re-declaring precious metals illegal to own, force the collection of said precious metals, and then keeping the metals for themselves or selling them to Chyna or Rushya?

    AND, if they can shut you out of your bank account and electronic funds, they can also declare cash of all kinds illegal or unusable for various transactions, or outright illegal for a period of time. Think they can’t do that? Try paying your tax debt with cash. Try paying any reasonable debt with coins, let alone pennies. There are actual laws and federal regulations out there that restrict cash amounts or even deny cash to be used for debts public and private.

  9. Trapped in my car. That’s why I have a hatchet reachable from my seat. And, yes, I’ve cut metal with a similar hatchet, so if the window doesn’t break, I can cut the door open.

    You all should have a hatchet or hammer or other ‘tool’ that doesn’t look like a tomahawk (or ‘assault hatchet’ if you’re a pea-brained leftist fewmet bandit) reachable in your car. Maybe in a small tool bag with other ‘tools’ as to hide the intent to use the hatchet or hammer as a weapon. Because there are places and times that having a gun is still very illegal, whether by actual laws or by prosecutorial overreach (so much for that “Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” thingy that the Dems have been violating since at least as early as 1934.)

    1. An ax is used to cut wood. It’s one of the tools that even the Russian government hasn’t restricted. It JUST CUTS WOOD.

      1. Billy clubs, which can be interpreted as baseball bats can be illegal. Axes rarely are (check local regulations). Dirks or daggers are almost always illegal.

      2. Yeah, axes just cut wood. Yeah… (snerk… snorfle… chortle…)

        As to billy clubs, get one of those tire bats. Why? Because it, with the magic words ‘tire bat’ on it, tranforms it to a tool. Tools are safe, as they’re tools, right?

        1. Not really. I’m not sure how Florida’s penal code is written. In California possession of a billy club (extends under case law to any club) is a felony. Possession of a loaded firearm without a permit is a misdemeanor. Axes, tomahawks, and so forth are not mentioned because they’re considered to be tools. Therefore put a blade on the billy and you’re legally cool.

          People who are inclined to carry a billy club (baseball bat) include a mitt and ball to show it’s for sporting purposes to try to mitigate the situation. However if the officer asks you what it’s for and you say, “self-defense” – felony possession. Under the same set of circumstances, “what is the axe for?” — “self-defense” – no violation of the law.

  10. Baseball bats! Definately have a ball and glove with it. If asked, your practicing to get on a local team. Bonus points if you have a baseball cap from a team sponsered by a local bar or fire company.
    Remember “The Club”? That steering wheel locking anti-theft device, that is made of cold rolled steel? Most cops won’t bat an eye if you have one of those in your backseat.
    I have a couple Faraday bags I purchased from godarkbags. They make RFID blocking wallets too.

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