(Fox) West Virginia vs. the EPA asks whether important policies that impact the lives of all Americans should be made by unelected D.C. bureaucrats or by Congress. This SCOTUS could well decide that ruling by executive agency fiat is no longer acceptable.


The case involves the Clean Power Plan, which was adopted under The Half-Blood Prince to fight climate change; the program was estimated to cost as much as $33 billion per year and would have completely reordered our nation’s power grid. The state of West Virginia, joined by two coal companies and others, sued the EPA, arguing the plan was an abuse of power.

By deciding in favor of West Virginia, the court could begin to rein in the vast powers of the alphabet agencies in D.C. that run our lives and return it to legislators whom we elect to create…legislation. Just as the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that abortion laws are more appropriately left up to the people’s elected representatives, it may decide in West Virginia vs. EPA that Congress, and not federal agencies, should write our laws.

A decision that puts Congress in charge would stall environmental rules intended to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Legislators, back in the driver’s seat, would have to debate and go public with the consequences – and costs — of regulations that are now adopted with little buy-in from the public.


To further their climate agenda, Democrats have been able to hide the full-in price tag of abandoning oil and gas as our main energy sources by creating tax subsidies for renewables. If consumers had to pay the real cost of wind and solar power, they might not be so enthusiastic about what President Joe Biden calls the great “transition.” 

A ruling in favor of West Virginia would reverse a decades-long trend in which Congress has handed off to federal agencies decisions our legislators refuse or are unable to make.



Brandon said repeatedly that the Second Amendment didn’t extend to privately owned cannons, but privately owned cannons, powder, and shot were specifically what the British were after when they marched from Boston through Lexington to Concord – “and fired the shot heard round the world.”

The colonists sank the cannon in a pool in the river where the British couldn’t find them and where they could be retrieved…


Giz Maxwell is said to be contemplating suicide…


Lawless DOD

The Pentagon made the announcement that it will refuse to recognize any abortion laws springing from the Supreme Court’s decision that there is no guaranteed right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III issued a statement on Friday regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

It is not lost on Americans, however, that the same Pentagon that summarily discharged servicemembers for failing to comply with a Covid-19 vaccine mandate (injected with an experimental drug due to the release of a Chinese Bioweapon) has announced it will ignore state laws and suddenly respect the bodily autonomy of female servicemembers.

The Department of Defense dismissed most religious objections to the Covid vaccine mandate and the superior protection provided by natural immunity in order to coercively ‘vaccinate’ servicemembers with mRNA shots that do not stop the spread of the virus.

The Department of Justice also issued a statement that it will also ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling and state laws that may criminalize abortion provisions.

It’s interesting to watch the Departments of Justice and Defense refuse to abide by legal decisions handed down by the Supreme Court.


  1. Apparently military recruiting is in the tank. Am seeing reports that the Army has dropped the requirement for a high school diploma or GED. 98.6 and a heartbeat makes the cut. IMO, the Great Replacement. Drive out the patriots and replace with thugs in uniform.

    • Though it’s underreported, many of the SEALs have resigned for better positions with private military companies and other companies in need of their skillsets. Given the presence of political officers and others whose job it is to keep everything politically correct, there isn’t much reason to stay.

      • Some time ago, while camping on a river, one was talking about joining a group being set up by Madeleine Albright. It may have been someone else, but that’s how my faint memory is pointing. I hope he found someone better.

    • Just one more step toward the globalist wet dream wherein whites (and eventually other higher-IQ, low time-preference groups) are disarmed, and only low-IQ groups (under the benevolent guidance of the supposedly highest-IQ persons, of course[1]) are armed.

      Maybe you .mil types can confirm or deny, but I was told that US military functionally requires an IQ of 82 or higher for entry. Now if we hypothetically postulated a group of people with a mean IQ of 85 (standard deviation 15) then a full 42% [2] of that group would be too dim to enlist (assuming a normal/Gaussian distribution for IQ, which it pretty much is). These recent developments are a step toward rectifying that problem. Now education attainment is not equivalent to intelligence, but the two are somewhat correlated.

      [1] Kalergi Plan is not some whackjob conspiratard theory, more’s the pity. It’s not what is going on in exact detail of course, but the broad scope is indeed what our vengeful, paranoid, and resentful scorpion “elites” are doing.
      [2] This is the calculator I used to get the 42% value.

      • I have no idea about ASVAB testing and its relationship to IQ. Each service has a minimum score and to be allowed into training in any specific MOS, you must achieve a certain score. A million years ago, the test was administered to me and I ended up in the top 1%, which meant a blank slate – I could pick my poison. “Uh, where can I kill people in peacetime?” It’s not for officers, which I was, but they still make you take the test.

    • meanwhile dod is kicking out 40,000 national guardsmen for not getting the clot shot. lovely.

  2. Here’s hoping on the WVA vs. EPA! That will put a lot of the unelected bureaucrat crap on hold and force the Congresscritters to actually do what we pay them to do. Legislate!!!

  3. I served in the draft era where standards were low. Poor blacks from the South were impacted, IMO, unfairly. They weren’t stupid but many were barely literate. Bad schools. Are we seeing the same cycle with those forced into substandard inner city schools facing an uphill climb?

  4. so let’s review. recruiting in the crapper, putting out thousands of trained experienced troops over the flu, those left spend all their training time on lgbtqxyz, we’re out of missiles b/c we sent them to ukraine, we owe poland 250 new tanks, we’re picking a fight with vlad the nuker, and israel is days away from nuking iran, meanwhile joe has decimated our oil industry, economy and sold our strategic reserve. and the doj/hls thinks we’re the enemy. snafu AND bohica.

  5. Bill Federer told me a week ago that an aide to George Washington was a black man who Washington gave a cannon to. His family and he would fire it off every 4th of july.
    I’m on the road right now or I’d look up the name.

  6. Nice to see that the government agencies are declaring their sole rulership over the nation in public, now.

    Top story in the nation, and the usual crickets from the Propaganda Industry.

    If only we went after real traitors in this country, the way we go after the innocent.


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