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The day of the Uvalde shooting, a US Army MC-12W recon plane left FortHood/Killeen at 10:15am CT. It approached the Uvalde area ~ 11:02 and flew over KUVA; entered a pattern at 11:16, & landed at 11:25. At 12:48pm, the plane took off and returned to Ft Hood.

The MC-12W is designed to intensify data collection operations through intelligence-collection capabilities in-theatre, allowing real-time full-motion video and signals intelligence for battlefield decisions of military troop leaders.

Reports are that Ramos entered the school at 11:28am and was taken out at 12:50pm. Why would a military recon plane like this, that had never been to Uvalde, land and leave there within a few minutes of those same times? Did it drop someone off and/or pick someone up? Did they need to monitor or jam cell phone activity in the area, to ensure the narrative doesn’t collapse under a kid with some video footage that shows a different set of facts?


I reply – Normally the MC-12W wouldn’t be dropping off and picking up. There’s not much room to squish a fourth person into the back of the aircraft, but I would be intensely interested in what it collected. I could have vacuumed all of the SIGINT out of the air during those critical minutes. Naturally, such a collection would be illegal (collecting against domestic communications) and at the same time, classified. Did the 4th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron “Crows” relocate to Ft. Hood post-Afghan adventure?


I’ll ID the Tanks for you…

Finnish Army StuG III Ausf. G in Vuosalmi, July 1944

Russian ISU-152 and a Valentine tank in Latvia, 1944

A captured Russian OT-133 flame-tank in Finnish service during the burning of Petrozavodsk, Karelia.




Identify the Aircraft

(hint: no, it’s not a B-29)



An ebony cross staff, by Abraham Tade 1699

Among the instruments used by sailors to find their positions was the cross-staff, generally in use on ships. It consisted of a staff, along which was slid a cross-bar set at right angles, which could be fixed tightly at any required distance by a screw.

The observer applied his eye to one end of the staff and raised it until it was in line with the sun or star by which he measured. He then moved the cross-bar along the staff until its lower extremity touched the horizon. If the sun was high, the distance from the near end of the staff to the bar was short; if low, the bar would have to be moved farther along the staff. This was marked at regular intervals, which gave the degree of the sun’s altitude above the horizon. From this, the observer could calculate (roughly) his position.



At London’s ThundCrit cycling event:

Two men kiss as they celebrate stealing 1st & 2nd place in a women’s race…a woman takes care of her child as she stands in the 3rd place she has been relegated to due to male cheats. This pic tells the story of gender ideology perfectly. Men first, women & children’s needs last.

The third place finisher, who is a birthing person claims to be a woman,  but I’m not a biologist.



  1. Maybe the average American’s hatred of Roosha is not real, but many shot callers DO have genuine and near-fanatical hatred of Roosha, what with those stubborn grunting, squatting, Slavs having slipped out from under their domination twice in the last hundred years.

    Speaking of tech woes, what would be the economic impact on the USA and the PRC if TSMC were destroyed? In other words, is the “Silicon Shield” real?

  2. Might be a little unkind but maybe they should have used that cross shaft device on the USS Connecticut a while back.

  3. Read that Uvalde timeline link last night…what the hell is going on?

    Hey, if woman don’t have the wherewithal (to be polite) to tell these males dressing as gals to get the heck out of their sport, then the theft will continue. Should be a dropped drawers inspection prior to any race, but only for those “identifying as a gal”…if you got the male gear from the factory, sorry pal, disqualified.

      • Better yet, they say they are equal to men, so stop all women’s sports and have them compete only in a universal category.

        A big part of me is saying “Beyotches, y’all get the Rule of Toyota, so quit your whining.” (Rule of Toyota is very familiar to us who grew up when Toyota first came to the USA, as their advertising phrase was “You ask for it, you get it, Toyota.”

        All y’all beyotches supported teh gey agenda, until it attacked all y’all.

        Yes, I am peeved that actual females who aren’t supporting teh gey agenda are being hurt by teh gey agenda, but all y’all can fix that by going and fighting back. Until then, please confine all y’all’s whining to a quiet amount.

        • As the gatekeepers, gals are reaping what they have wrongly demanded. Tossing traditional mores aside gets you a mess. Most of it is an excuse to be lazy.

    • If “he” has had the physical mutilation called “reassignment surgery” they would have to do a fairly close visual inspection. Even after the surgery they are still male just without their God given “equipment”. Is there a quick test to distinguish between XX and XY chromosome carriers?

      • My take on that, which undoubtedly could happen, is these guys are cowards and haven’t the cajones (pun intended) to remove said factory pieces-parts despite running around cross-dressing and ingesting handfuls of estrogen. Anyone doing that instead of taking Maximum Male T Booster is minimally mentally ill.

  4. I recognized the bomber right off as a B-50 but I wanted to determine the version because I saw differences in the two pictures, so I did some research. The first airplane is a B-50A or B-50B based on the 7 segment nose. It is missing the gun turrets and tail guns so is some sub variant. The second photo is most likely a B-50D because it has the one piece nose “glass”, lots of guns and external tanks. Later versions seem to be missing the guns.

  5. The B-29 had a lot of teething problems at first, but eventually the bugs were fixed and it did the only job it was built for: carpet bomb Japan from high altitudes.

      • I imagine there might be a few left at the boneyard in Tucson, Az. I know there’s at least one still flying at Airshows with other WW2 planes.

        • I mean working at jobs. I think the Chinese copy-of-a-Russian-copy is still in service as a telemetry and missile-test mothership, and I’m pretty sure some Guppies are still around. But I could be wrong, and they’re all gone finally.



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