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The Pancho Villa Expedition (War)

In response to Kle’s comment on Sunday about the US being almost continually at war, I reflected on the lead-up to World War One. While great European empires fought it out, the US invaded northern Mexico from March 14, 1916, to February 7, 1917, during the Mexican Revolution of 1910–1920.

The expedition was launched in retaliation for Villa’s attack on the town of Columbus, New Mexico, and was the most remembered event of the Mexican Border War. The declared objective of the expedition by the Wilson administration was the capture of Villa.

More than 10,000 men—virtually every available unit of the Regular Army and additional National Guard troops—were committed to the expedition either in Mexico or its supporting units at Columbus, NM. I think that you could call it a “Campaign” but it was a war. Just like Vietnam was called a “Police Action.”

I think that it’s the first time that George Patton was mentioned in dispatches.

On May 14, 2nd Lt. George S. Patton raided the San Miguelito Ranch, near Rubio, Chihuahua. Patton, a Pershing aide and a future World War II general, was out looking to buy some corn from the Mexicans when he came across the ranch of Julio Cárdenas, an important leader in the Villista military organization. With fifteen men and three Dodge touring cars, Patton led America’s first motorized military action, in which Cárdenas and two other men were shot dead. The young lieutenant then had the three Mexicans strapped to the hood of the cars like so many elk and driven back to General Pershing’s headquarters. Patton is said to have carved three notches into the twin Colt Peacemakers he carried, representing the men he claimed to have killed that day. General Pershing nicknamed him the “Bandito.”


Map of Burning Buildings in Russia

Not much has been written about fifth column attacks in Russia by Ukraine, but those have been undertaken and should be expected to continue. The Ukrainian military received special training to do these things.

Conventional Ukrainian forces are being trained in Germany by the coalition forces who back Ukraine.

Another month has gone by in the Russo-Ukraine war, but there’s been no significant movement. Russia has decidedly lost momentum in Ukraine. There is a question as to whether the Ukrainian Army has sufficient punch to go on the offensive against the Russians as the weather improves.

The Russian rail structure where it abuts Ukraine is in shambles because of partisan attacks against infrastructure and its logistics structure has been crippled. On the flip side, Ukrainian aid must travel roughly 750 miles from Poland to the “eastern front”.


Arguments – from the democrat playbook

Sure, they’re logical fallacies, but you see them presented by the mainstream media in their “hours of hate” every single day. It’s useful to have a guide handy.


Identify the Armored Car


No Respect for Midshipmen

A nice little thing I found, just smile and don’t take it too seriously but did you know that there is a Midshipman fish?

A midshipman fish is a type of toadfish, they are distinguished by their photophores (organs on the skin that attract prey and for which they are named as they are said to resemble the buttons on a midshipman uniform) and four lateral lines.


Plainfin midshipman collected in a beach seine by USGS Western Fisheries Research Center scientists – here with the photophores on the skin, which looks like buttons.

They are nocturnal and bury themselves in sand or mud during the day. At night, they hover just above the seabed in search of nearby food. Some species have poisonous dorsal spines and can cause serious injuries if touched.

They can still beat an Army fish in a water polo match.


Night landing in Singapore – Stunning view of Singapore in 4k, Shot on April 8th.

20 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Mexican War
    My great uncle, Leonard White, was involved in this “war”. According to him, the Army was still doing patrols and probes until 1920 when he was discharged. Since that war kept him from going to France he was glad to be there.

  2. Don’t know the model of armored car but do want one. Just the thing to drive in Seattle (if I ever go there again).

    I believe I see all of the logical fallacies in the course of the day just perusing the news.

    Pretty widespread impact if all of the fires are due to fifth column action.

    1. The armored car is the venerable Daimler Dingo.

      I’m with you on wanting my own armored car.

      1. You can buy up-armored ex-bank trucks and vans for not that much. Though the engine compartments usually need to be up-armored, as only the cargo and crew compartments are armored.

        And they’re usually armored to stop up to 5.56mm. Not .30-06 or equivalent.

        And checking at… Well, there are lots of armored vehicles, including an uparmored HMMMV and an armored Landrover and a couple M-20s (scout/apc version of the Greyhound.)

        1. British Ferret may be the way to go if you could get parts. Do an engine swap??

          1. Drop an LS in it. GM sells complete assemblies with the engine, transmission, and all the electronics modules.

            Or just stick a 350 4-bbl in it if you’re worried about EMP….

          2. You can get good Cummins for the cost of the school bus that it’s mounted to.


            Get a 40′ rear-ender. Chop it down to 20-25′ long, replace or upgrade exterior with armor plate…

  3. More on Ukraine the rail system–

    In his book “A Rifleman Went To War”, H. W. McBride recalls hearing about the “disturbance” down in Mexico. At the time, he was working for a railroad that was laying new track up in Canada. He worked “out in front of the steel” in “virgin game country”. He wanted to know more, but the telegraph office was 46 miles back up the line. It was St. Patrick’s Day, 1914. As he puts it, “Well, I got me a good feed and a bottle of Johnnie Walker and hit the trail. Ten hours later I sent a telegram to my father, asking for information”. He later relates that some of the trip was over snow, so I’m assuming he used skis. Still…

    1. Thank you for the update on the rail system. They blow the Russian rails and the Russians leave theirs alone. Quite a statement

  4. The victorious Ukrainians will soon be advancing on Moscow as Russian forces utterly collapse.

    1. Yes, agree on the maps. This is my go-to place to actually find maps that make sense of what’s going on, if anyone can make sense of what’s going on.

      I mean, who do you root for, the corrupt Russians or the corrupt Ukrainians? Such a dilemma.

      (though, well, anyone kicking Russia in the crotch is who I tend to side with, as long as the kicker isn’t Red China.)

      1. The situation with Russia might have been avoided had the democrats not chosen to make them the enemy. Common cause might have been made with them against the PRC, but that ship has sailed. China paid American politicians a LOT of money to see that didn’t happen and Russia, being Russia, trashed the opportunity too.

      2. Both sides are venial, but I come down on rooting for the Ukes, since Russia betrayed it’s own promise to protect them, and decided to try and conquer them, instead.

        If I were Russia, I’d want the territory back too, but it’s still a dick move.

        Making Russia a friend was the obvious play for both the US and EU. Unfortunately, both places are clumsy and stupid with foreign affairs and long-range plans (although in different ways), and I’m not sure if Russia is actually capable of having (national) friends… it doesn’t really seem to be in their nature, unfortunately. So, more blood and tears, just like the rest of history.


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