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The Intelligence Cabal

(Link) The Hunter Biden laptop episode is just the latest dagger in the side of the Intelligence Community, but it needs to be put into a larger context regarding the IC leadership’s shift in focus. The partisan behavior of so much of the past and current leadership of the Intelligence Community is so bad, it might be more accurate to call it the “Intelligence Cabal.” It is a rot that continues to expand.

The FBI now reports that it lost Hunter Biden’s Laptop. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Bring Krugerrands.  Cash isn’t worth as much tomorrow as it is today. Let’s go Brandon.


Watching the Russian Air Force

AWACS coordinating and F-18Gs jamming the airspace gives the Ukrainian Air Force and edge.


Is it?

a. TMA-1 from 2001, a Space Odessy eating Jupiter.

b. The black shadow of Ganymede causing a solar eclipse on Jupiter.  (bigger than planet Mercury!)

c.  Fun with photoshop.


Another Big Mistake

To be frank, Pres. Brandon’s installation, while working to plan for some people, has been a horrible mistake for America. Israel weighs in.

“Iran without the nuclear agreement is a poor country, an isolated country, a country that has no international legitimacy, and no immunity from the military option,” he said.

“[However,] Iran with a nuclear agreement becomes a rich country with hundreds of billions of dollars which they will use for terror and aggression; a country that breaks through the international isolation and receives immunity for military action,” he added.


Penis Envy?

British Politician Starmer has already come under significant fire from certain self-described feminists over his stance on transgender issues, with famous novelist JK Rowling previously hitting out at the Labour leader after he insisted that “trans women are women”.

Things have since taken a turn for the bizarre, with the leftist politician being left stuttering after being asked if a woman can have a penis during an interview with LBC.


Managing Brandon

The left failed to heed my advice to put Brandon in the basement of his Delaware basement with Ho to feed him as much jello as he can eat. Now they are only allowing the moron one pre-approved question a day from the press.


A Weak and Feckless US State Department

SecState Blinken is an idiot. Or maybe he’s a genius just acting like an F-Up.

(CDR Salamander)

A leaked document has revealed that China and the Solomon Islands are close to signing a security agreement that could open the door to Chinese troops and naval warships flowing into a Pacific Island nation that played a pivotal role in World War II.

The agreement, kept secret until now, was shared online Thursday night by opponents of the deal and verified as legitimate by the Australian government. Though it is marked as a draft and cites a need for “social order” as a justification for sending Chinese forces, it has set off alarms throughout the Pacific, where concerns about China’s intentions have been growing for years.

“Two-thirds of our ships are being decommissioned before they were even used to their designed longevity. That is damning of both our maintenance and fleet design errors of the last 30-yrs.”


47 thoughts on “This and That

    1. It’s true throughout the Pacific. Many of those island nations are nearly 100% corrupt and quite poor. Selling out to China means that the leadership can leave for Switzerland with suitcases full of cash like an Afghan Prez. Australia has not practiced hard diplomacy, leaving that to the US, which is now nearly incapable. It’s low-hanging fruit.

      The French are alarmed because they have a heavy interest in their Pacific Islands. Who can blame them? The French Navy has been making port calls for the past year, trying to firm things up. I don’t know what their commitment of troops is but I suspect that the numbers have increased.

  1. It’s like our enemies were simply waiting for The Hologram and his cadre of Idiot Not-Savants to take over to start moving their game pieces around…like they “knew”. It’s clear the cretins are circling the wagons to cover their nefarious deeds, using the same ignore program they did with the Epstein evil.

    God made us XX & XY…can’t pull a switcheroo, a simple bit of biological science lost on a small number that wish it to be otherwise. When confronted they are often stymied, they know it’s an excuse to flout their brand of personal sadness. Right about yesterday Walt Disney was doing RPM’s in his grave over what his family-oriented company has been turned into by a bunch of mentally-ill societal anarchists.

    Was hoping the header photo was today’s tank quiz…was going to say “Not Russian” because it’s not stuck in Ukrainian mud or upside down in pieces and smoldering.

      1. You watch this stuff going on, trying to see the forest for the trees, stay out of the weeds, etc., and it makes sense; there is a group of enemies from within working to wreck America at any cost, and We the People are taking it in the shorts.

        Reckoning time. (yeah, I’m a broken record)

  2. Who has any solid information on NATO AWACS assisting the Ukrainian Air Force and has solid information on F-18s jamming?

    Screen shots of flight aware and other flight tracking software are nice, but not conclusive. That’s the same with stock photos. Where are the F-18s operating from?

    There is a huge amount of disinformation flowing right now, so if anyone has solid information, please post it.

    1. I’d hope that it would be classified. There are F-18’s in Poland but I have no idea how many or specifically where.

  3. I think the Jupiter shot is from 2001, early in the monolith sequence.

    This line, “Two-thirds of our ships are being decommissioned before they were even used to their designed longevity. That is damning of both our maintenance and fleet design errors of the last 30-yrs.”

    Just to be clear, is the “our” the US?

        1. They admitted the mistakes of the LCS and Zumwalt and that’s something, but the billions and billions wasted and the lost time. And then there is all of the racial and homosexual promotion and the skilled and dedicated people who have been driven from the service. Deep damage.

  4. can a woman have a penis? yes, as many and as often as she likes, if she’s pretty…..blinken, well his parents were ardent soros supporters so…

    1. Being an ardent Soros (which spelled backward is still Soros) supporter would seem to give you special status in the swamp. How wonderful for the Blinkens.

      As to the whole number of penises thing, there is a motto, “No sky to high, no sea to deep, no muff too tough” that friends of mine held as almost sacred. I beg to differ. There are some places you just don’t want to go. (shudder)

  5. I’m going for C: Fun With Photoshop – that doesn’t look right to me.
    Jupiter is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. And the fastest spinner. Look at that marbling! Stunning!

  6. The hits keep coming. Two thoughts about the internet. Without it we, the common herd, wouldn’t have a clue as to what is going on. Since the internet can’t be controlled or censored, flood it with so much information/disinformation that the common herd is completely confused.

    1. I did not invent the Internet, but I was aware of it back the days of Archie, Veronica, Usenet, Lycos, etc. It was long before streaming video, Pepsi ads, etc. There were no hacking laws then. Then the InterNIC stood up in Virginia with ADM Bobby Inman in command and USGOV tried to get a handle on things. I was also around when SATAN arrived and UNIX tools called the shots and I acquired the assembly language for Cisco servers…and I used SCO Unix – open server release series. I even journeyed to Santa Cruz, CA for a better understanding of SCO. I walked into the Merrill Lynch computer room on the sixth floor of their Liberty Plaza building. A quant looked at me like an insect and asked me if I understood what I was looking at. It was early 1995. I asked sit at a terminal. He said “yes”. Four minutes I stood up showed him and said, “I have root.” Which meant I’d just taken control of their system. Faces went pale. It was glorious, WSF.

      Oh, those were the days, WSF. Excaliber was Point of Presence (POP) for Southern California, the gateway to the backbone of the Internet and I had unfettered access.

      I did answer your question nostalgically. If control routers, you control the Internet.

      1. “I have root.”
        Ahahaha! Glorious indeed.

        Quants in the early to mid-90’s. That was the thing for a LOT of MIT engineering grads back then. Me, like an idiot, went to medical research (for virtually no money) instead. I have friends from back then who retired in their 40’s.

        1. Orange County filed under Chapter 9 Bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch was one of the culprits. I was in charge of the investigation. The $2.5 billion loss had a market leverage value of about $15 billion. That’s why I was there.

          To Merrill Lynch, I was a belching, ignorant public servant lapping at the government trough, traveling through the sanctum sanctorum with an escort. Once I walked through their back door, politely, and electronically, I gained a little more street creds and they stopped thinking of me as near bovine.

          The case is published here. but it is boring if you’re not into that sort of thing.

      2. My admiration for those who master the internet is boundless. My computer skills are abysmal (and I don’t care).

      3. I knew my best friend (Force Recon, None Such Agency) went places he wasn’t to be caught at, but I was surprised that he actually understood telecomms enough back in the day to hack into foreign phone systems.

        1. Just because you are a professional trigger puller doesn’t mean that you can’t apply yourself in other ways. I was self-taught when it came to Unix, etc. but there were some excellent “flashlight repair schools” that taught specialized tradecraft to include foreign phone systems. In my small experience, many governments that offered far less than what we understand as Constitutional protection would simply give USGOV access to their phone systems without the need for clandestine action.

          1. PS – Of course today, in the USA, with the government’s active measures in violation of the Fourth Amendment, the concept of Constitutional protection over coms is a bad joke.

  7. “The FBI now reports that it lost Hunter Biden’s Laptop”
    I actually said “What?” out loud upon reading that. Must work on self discipline….

    “a group of enemies from within working to wreck America”
    Noticing is Hate Think. Speaking of it is Hate Crime. The general US public is as brainwashed/trained/cucked by those harming us as Will Smith has been B/T/C’d by Tupac’s bald “widow”.

    “Look at that marbling!”
    This is a phrase I usually reserve for top-grade steaks.

    1. Yeah, the FBI didn’t mirror the hard drive and download the software – allegedly. Do you recall Weiner’s laptop? Same lapse. Send those krugerrands now if you believe them. Buy the Brooklyn Bridge while the offer is open. I’ll also name a star after you.

      1. Mike, check your e-mail in regard Suge Knight (doing time at Donovan State Prison in CA) Tupac, Notorious BIG and Smith’s piece.

  8. Getting out of the LCS boondoggle is a good thing. Firing a few flag officers involved in perpetuating the mess would be even better.

  9. This is interesting, a black hell hole on Jupiter. The ancients believed the planets reflected earthly reality.

  10. And, this just in:

    “Fox News Channel says it has hired Caitlyn Jenner as a contributor, with her first appearance set for Thursday on Sean Hannity’s program.”

        1. They just confirm that XY doesn’t make you a guy unless you’re a biologist, I guess.

  11. Saw a comment on one site saying the Javelin usage in Ukraine showed enough problems that the US is going to switch to something else. Of course, they also said the Ukraine conflict was responsible for the ending of the F-22 program – ???

    1. They may upgrade the seeker head?

      It’s big, clunky, and expensive at $175K each.

  12. I am betting the US Gov spent a lot of time and money losing Mr. Biden’s laptop and we should all appreciate the effort involved.

    No problems with some of the LCS being retired early, a Navy friend called it a design in search of a mission. I believe some of the Ticonderoga cruisers are slated to go to and I always thought that those ships were thought to be useful. I would not know myself being pretty ignorant of most things Navy but would appreciate educated input from people more educated in Navy goings on.

    1. The Ticos are a maintenance nightmare but the missiles might be useful if we have to fight China. Better to have a solution before you dump them.

      1. The Ticos were built in the 1980’s, using 1970’s technology, so they’re a bit long-in-tooth.

        I, too, have some mad UNIX Skillz. I’m a bit out of practice these days, but I saved my employer’s bacon more than few times by being able to do things when required.

        1. I admit that the Ticos are old, but the navy F-ed around with the nearly useless Zumwalts and LCS when they should have focused on either more advanced DDGs or a CG. Now were in decommission mode instead of the other way around.

          DRJIM, you can do a lot with “traceroute”. SATAN may be past its day now, but back when, it was fun. Remember that I worked for the government at the time and this was my hobby. You don’t need to do denial of service attack if you can merely route traffic around the planet a few thousand times before the data lands where it’s supposed to. It was not illegal at the time and woe betide the person who offended. I recall one odious government agency that took several years to figure out why it took months for an e-mail to travel across a hallway. Again, it wasn’t illegal and UUNET was above Excaliber and controlled everything west of the Mississippi and I knew the guys there too. If you don’t control your routers and the very system administrators that might save you are friends with somebody offended, that’s how it goes. For want of a nail, the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, etc.

          Today it’s not fun anymore. But, WSF, in those days, it was a blast.

          1. Mike_C, I thought of quitting my day job and going to MIT when Ron Rivest was the crypto god. RSA was just launching in those days and I loved toying with block cyphers. DES, launched in the mid-70’s was vulnerable and then, almost overnight, anyone could crack it. DDES and then TDES and I had more trust in TDES than the other cyphers out there at the time. Still don’t know if that was misplaced trust.

          2. Yep. VERY familiar with all the “Network Tools” available on UNIX/Linux platforms. When I ran my Community Wireless Network I used them all the time to see who was trying to break in to the network. Mostly Script Kiddies using canned software, but a couple of intruders were very good. One of them almost made it in, but my second firewall stopped him cold.
            I still remember the big flap over Cisco Routers being exploitable….

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