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Tigercats and other Warbirds

The only time that I saw a Tigercat (F7F) fly was at the Reno Air Races. I recommend the races to anyone who loves to watch these aircraft. Get a VIP pass, spend the money if you must, go backstage, schmooze your way into the pits and scam your way closer to these aircraft.

I was lucky when I attended because I knew people who were involved without having to engage in the politics of the races.

In Cameron Park, California, Vultures Row Aviation is deep into the ground-up restoration of what will become the world’s only airworthy Vought F4U-1 Corsair. This combat veteran Corsair served in the South Pacific in May 1943, initially with VMF-112 and later with the famed VMF-214 ‘Swashbucklers.’ I’m not part of this. There is a LOT of money and love that goes into this sort of project.




Is it a species of Religion?

(Zerohedge) “The three pillars of today’s white man’s civilization – environment protection, veneration of non-Europeans, and gender mainstreaming – fit the definition of a religion. Reason need not apply. The more things become topsy-turvy, the more they are “rationalized” by university authorities and… protected by law. Dissenting opinion is labelled as hate speech, fake news or conspiracy theories, so now young, impressionable minds are on the hunt for haters, climate change deniers and rednecks. They have the religious fervour of their forefathers. They have something to believe in, they have someone to fight against, they have their set of virtues to be practised and their list of sins to be avoided. Young impressionable minds, to repeat the epithet, will not devote themselves to engineering, the sciences or the economy. These are too demanding, too rational, with no use for fancy language offered by gender studies, race critical theory or sustainable economy….”

It’s thoroughly Orwellian.


Countries by median wealth per adult in 2021

The map says that Aussies are rich.


Solar Cycle 25 is here. It is the current solar cycle pattern of sunspot activity. It began with a smoothed minimum sunspot number of 1.8. It is expected to continue until about 2030.

The general trend of monthly sunspot data now confirms that the minimum of the approximately 11-year cycle of solar activity occurred in December 2019, marking the start of Solar Cycle 25. That quiet Sun, at minimum activity, appears on the right of this split hemispherical view. In contrast, the left side shows the active Sun at the recognized maximum of Solar Cycle 24, captured in April 2014.

The extreme ultraviolet images from the orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory highlight coronal loops and active regions in the light of highly ionized iron atoms. Driving the space weather around our fair planet, Solar Cycle 24 was a relatively calm one and predictions are that cycle 25 will be calm too. The cycle 25 activity maximum is expected in July 2025. Solar Cycle 1, the first solar cycle determined from early records of sunspot data, is considered to begin with a minimum in February 1755.


  1. Memories from the Reno Air Races in the early 80’s.

    The Blue Angles were still flying the A-4. #6 took off, rolled inverted at about 50 ft., retracted his landing gear as he passed in front of the bleachers, rolled wings level, and climbed out at about 45 degrees.

    Somebody on the ramp had a P-51 with a radial engine bolted on the front. Chalked on the side “Why? Because we ain’t go cubic bux!”

    And just because I mentioned the Blue Angles–

  2. SCROTUS…hahah, Priceless! Iffn’ these audits prove out what we all know to be true, then what? Only option – I believe – is prevention so the Dems, who are flying illegals all over the country to change voter roles, and using every underhanded tactic, can never steal another election. All about 2022 mid terms, to start…altho putting about 300 in Leavenworth wouldn’t hurt.

    Sooo…the sun now has global warming?

    • I realize that climate change is all the rage, but Earth’s climate has been changing since “day one”. We drill for oil in the Arctic. The last ice age wasn’t all that long ago and much of the northern hemisphere was under miles of ice. I know that you know, PaulM – but it amazes me how many people just drift through life without the larger view. The Sun does not burn at a constant rate. It’s constant enough for life to thrive, but the Solar System passes through areas of dust and other external conditions exist that change the amount of heat that we do (or don’t feel.

      It takes a lot of hubris for a political party to opine that man can do a lot about it. Pollution is a different matter altogether.

      • Thanks for clarifying my tongue in cheek with truth. Yes, we know that of what you wrote (we went to school before it became indoctrination oriented and full of bravo sierra blather) and yet I am waiting for The Oval Office Idiot to say the Earth’s climate change is worse ing and due to the prior administrations policies. Wouldn’t surprise me after what he said yesterday that defies logic and reason. But he’s an automaton, burping out whatever anyone tells him to, like that piece of garbage AOC…well paid mouthpieces regardless how stupid they look or sound.

        A Garth Brooks song comes to mind…SHAMELESS!

  3. SCROTUS livened up morning coffee on the porch, though the new religion depressed it. Let’s see how the nihilists enjoy their genderless, math free, masked utopia.

    • SCROTUS is such a pathetic clown. It’s sad that he’s where he is, embarrassing us all.

  4. Definitely agree about the current occupant of the oval office. Really makes you wonder at the end of the day who is running the show. Dr. Biden doing her imitation of Woodrow Wilson’s wife? We probably will never know.

    Agree with zero hedges comments. This entire liberal mindset is a religion to a lot of people. No discussion just believe in the mindset of the day or you are worse than garbage and should be eliminated for the good of all right thinking people.

    Glad the sun appears to be waking up again. People should be concerned a lot more with the repercussions of global cooling vs. the repercussions of global warming.

  5. I am very much an atheist, or perhaps a pagan, where this alleged “new religion” is concerned. New apostasy is more accurate, I’d say.

    The Corsair is of particular interest, Larry; thanks much. My squid father turned wrenches on aircraft at Henderson Field during the period in question, including Corsairs. I gathered from what little he said about it, TPTB were more concerned with getting aircraft fixed than who was doing the fixing in those days, so I can’t help but wonder….

  6. “When I was A Little Boy….” and they asked me in grade school what I wanted to be, my answer was “A Jet Fighter Pilot….Just Like STEVE CANYON!!”.

    It didn’t go over well with the nuns, what with everybody else saying the usual “Doctor”, “Teacher”, “Policeman”, et al.

    The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino has an F7F. I vaguely recall seeing it during the times I hung around there. Would have been a great asset had we been flying them earlier, but they needed some more beef to survive carrier use.

    Never saw a Corsair stripped down that far. More like “Remanufactured” than “Restored”.

    I think Zerohedge would have been more accurate if they said “Three False Pillars…”, but it’s their story, which I pretty much agree with. The last time I saw such zealotry on public display was with a group of people I worked with who had “Gone Cult” with a variant of Christianity.

    Yes, Cycle 25 is definitely off and running. HF propagation on the Amateur Radio frequency bands has been picking up quite a bit. 14MHz has been “open” until 2300 local, which hasn’t happened in a good 4 years. LOTS of shortwave broadcasts booming in both above (>7.2MHz) and below (<6.5MHz) the 7MHz Ham Band.

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