President Trump & The Norks

(more here) Creepy old Joe can’t seen to get any respect from the North Koreans. They don’t trust him. And in a strange and almost surreal way, they felt that President Trump was a man of his word. Even if he was an enemy, he was a trustworthy enemy. Who would trust Jo/Ho? Nobody. And that’s the point.


Identify the Aircraft

Answer at the bottom of this blog.


US Counties without full Traffic Lights

A single flashing red doesn’t count as a “traffic light”.


Tanks, for the Memories

Tiger 131 on display in Britain after being captured in Tunisia. 1943

I prefer Godzilla, but I know that’s racist.

2020 Election Results by precinct. 

The cluster of blue in the southwest represents Indian reservations, where the Democrats actually bought votes with coupons, lottery tickets and cash prizes. It’s considered to be legitimate so long as it’s being won by Democrats.

The map is not weighted by rampant voter/voting machine fraud. This is after the fraud. It helps to explain why the donkeys are concerned…there are a lot of Trump voters out there.


Death Penalty & Method

In Utah it was always the prisoner’s choice between firing squad or hanging. I heard that they recently also offered the lethal injection option.


Murder Rate (2019)


The Old Dominion

Answer to Identify the Aircraft:

Northrop XP-79, an ambitious design for a flying wing fighter aircraft, designed by Northrop. It had several notable design features; among these, the pilot would operate the aircraft from a lying position, permitting the pilot to withstand much greater g-forces in the upward and downward direction with respect to the plane – and welded magnesium monocoque structure instead of riveted aluminum.


  1. That Northrop plane? Designed before any American saw any of the Horton Brothers’ designs.

    I saw a show, well, part of a show, on ‘Ancient Aliens’ and they went on and on about how Aliens must have given information on flying wings to the Nazis, because they’re the inventors of flying wings.

    Um. No. Nope. Well, maybe, but Germans were flying flying wing gliders before the Nazis. So were lots of other people.

    Everyone ‘knew’ about flying wings. And everyone knew about the instability issues regarding flying wings. Because, until the Hortons and Northrup, nobody had been able to beat or even somewhat beat the instability inherent in flying wings.

    Even more curious is that both Hortons and Northrup proposed and built flying wings where the pilot lay prone in the cockpit. Much like what the Wright brothers used in their early planes.

    • It took fly-by-wire to deal with the inherent instability.

      I don’t know why the Ancient Alien Theorists attribute “space alien tech” to every new idea including velcro.

      • Because it’s easier to say Awee-ens did it all and write books and sell it to other idiots than it is to actually, well, learn math and science, theory and application.

        What’s really funny is mostly the same people who say aliens did everything are also mostly the same people who don’t believe that God did anything or even exists in whatever form he exists in.

        But, really, it’s all about money. And jealousy because they aren’t smart enough to grok math and science.

  2. Traffic lights. Jackson County (North Park) CO has a population of around 1,200. Summertime fisherpersons and tourists can double that. Only busy intersection is Hwy 14 and Hwy 125 (6th St and Main St). Prior COVID, three good restaurants.

    Maternal side of the family were original settlers. Spent many summers in my youth putting up hay for relatives.

    • In the very small town where I attended high school, there was one flashing red light. And I think that was the only one in the county. I haven’t been back in something like twenty five years and they may have a traffic signal now.

    • Traffic light map is incorrect for Idaho, the county that is red is Clear Water County and there is traffic lights in Orofino, the County Seat. I know this, I live in the county directly south in Idaho County and do a lot of fishing up that stretch of the Clear Water River of Steel Head and Salmon.

      • I’m with Dr Jim on this. We have a couple in a row on the way to church. Small diameter. I drive over the center.
        When busy, they might as well be a 4 way stop due to indecision.
        Another one from Ann Arbor at quitting time is impossible to enter from any direction except those leaving Ann Arbor non-stop.

        • The Texas highway department spent the 40’s and 50’s putting those abominations every place they could and the 60’s and 70’s jerking them out. I flat out don’t understand why they have become popular elsewhere.

          • Because they are popular with socialists of either national or international ilk.

            Which is why they are everywhere in Europe.

      • I like them, but I’m biased…first one ever encountered is in Jersey on the way to the shore, has a restaurant in the middle…ones out our way are inconsistent and often too small, shoe-horned into a location, or as Djim says, stacked which is confusing at best. Discovered they are used a lot in Denmark, consistently designed and large enough for easy navigation.

          • One advantage to a lighted intersection over roundabouts is not being visually assaulted with a weird piece of “urban art” rising out of the middle like it’s some great monument.

          • Proper Rotaries (big “traffic circles”) can work very well – or they could if anyone knew how to freaking drive. So… not so much.

            The little ones (roundabouts) are specifically designed to slow traffic, by making the road unsafe. Just like speed bumps, another abomination that should be illegal.


          • Driving is a privilege and skill, not a right, hence a lotpf lousy ones. The inside the car mask wearers are worse with their reduced oxygen and elevated Co2 levels. “Circles” requires looking in both directions, and knowing where you’re going next.

  3. In re: murder rates – I seem to remember a historical note that London, around the 1290’s, had a murder rate of about 129 per 100,000.
    The streets must have been knee deep in firearms, or something…

  4. The instability of a flying wing can be cured by a little up elevator or “reflex” in the airfoil. Fly-by-wire isn’t needed until you reach higher speeds, ie. lots of tailless gliders hanging out at low mach numbers without any problems. High speed leads to compressibility and rapid shifts in center of pressure and then you need the fly-by-wire computer control.

  5. A sad state of affairs out there with The Illegitimai in Chief falling up the steps (not making fun, but the guy is a total fail), his nimrod Sec. of State getting his head handed to him by the ChiComs, and Dr. Mengela Fauci looking the fool he is by A Real Doctor, Sen. Paul…just to name three of the cavalcade of idiocy.

    2021 at the hands of Democrat losers is shaping up to make 2020 look like happy time. Morons.

    • The feeble, senile, old gent is pathetic and it’s worse every day. The tumble on the stairs to AF1 was sad. They need to hoist him up in a wheel chair or something just to keep him from falling and breaking his neck. The Ho would be worse. Yeah, 2021 is the year where the US is the world’s laughing stock.

    • The clip of Biden I saw showed him visibly gathering himself before starting up the stairs. That to me was more telling than the slipping.

      As to Blinken, he has all the “Early Life” key words for advancement: Dalton School, Harvard University, Columbia Law. Plus some others. It’s looking like the top levels of FedGov are an inbred caste that is ever more divorced from the average American.

      • The “I can do this” pause. Seems there’s a direct corollary between the president and our nation, and decline is the current mode. Worse is the next in line will be wearing her Converse sneakers…for comfort.

      • I think that Blinken peaked professionally with his record album. I realize that’s not much of a peak, but he’s clearly out of his depth with the Chinese (and everyone else).

        Mike_C, it’s not the “divorced from we mouth breathers in fly-over country” that I find disturbing as the complete break with reality. The obsession with race and gender to the exclusion of all else is pure insanity. It’s hyper-racism. And it’s stupid. They’re getting called on their stupidity, getting their pants pulled down on the international stage. It’s painful to watch the decline of the nation – when looking at the leadership, if they can actually be called that.

        • Camperfixer, the Ho is in many ways less competent than the old man in cognitive and physical decline. Disturbing.

          I realize that it may be racist to point this out, but you could train a chimp to do a better job than Jo/Ho.

  6. As for murder map, I am a resident of one of the darkest states . I would bet my soc. Sec check, that if broken out by county the murder counties would exactly match the counties voting democrat.
    In my rural county we may have one a year, mostly democrat on democrat. A few years ago a democrat killed his republican girlfriend . Most all drug related.
    Play stupid games ,,etc.

    • Stats show that black-on-black crime accounts for well over 60% of the murders in the US. Which is interesting because they represent 13% or so of America.

  7. Let’s do it.

    I once heard a tale about an executioner from a faraway land that attended a conference of correctional facility administrators.
    During a break he asked how a people could be so cruel as to lock a person in prison for life.
    I think Gary Gilmore had it right.

  8. re:
    Murder Rates (2019)

    Do the rates include murder by bears?
    Medical malpractice?

    Do the 2020-21 rates include future Byssinosis from inhaling cotton fibers in masks (ska ‘face-masks’) and Pneumoconiosis from the dust inherent in Third World home-based manufacturers of masks (aka ‘face-masks’)?


    January 2021, before a millennial physician would consider entering the exam room, he demanded I remove my OSHA-certified dual-filter respirator, and replace it with a little blue fabric mask (aka ‘face-mask’) from the dispenser with the warning in bold –“Not Effective Against Any Air-borne Virus”.

    That seemed a particularly bad idea, and I told him so.

    • Murder is a category of homicide implying malice. So no, the murder rate isn’t that broad. It doesn’t include death as a result of traffic accidents, which are homicides if two drivers are involved, but there is not malice.

      The mask situation is out of control in many places. Nobody wears them where I live, and we’re fine.

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