This is for LSP – SMLE No.4 MkI rifle

Lee Enfield

Manufactured by the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, England c.WW2. .303 British 10-round box magazine, bolt action repeater.

It was the penultimate series of British bolt action service rifle, before the final jungle carbine. It is interesting to note that the British never felt the need for a semi-automatic rifles during the 52 years they used Lee-Enfield rifles, despite being exposed to Dieudonné Saive’s early FN-49 designs. This is in stark contrast with almost every other faction of the World Wars. Was it a lack of vision, was the crown cheap, or was the rifle just that good?

Fitted with a No.32 MkIII scope and a hardwood cheekpiece.


Andrew Yang’s Initiative


Make Sure your Children are Hidin from Biden


Identify the Aircraft

The answer is at the bottom of this blog. I would be surprised if anyone pegged it right off.


The Democrat Cry “Make the US into Zimbabwe” Gains Traction


Fun with Maps

Suicide mortality rate by county.


Where neanderthals were found naturally in the world.


Where is Christmas a Public Holiday?


Percentage change in deaths for every month in 2020 compared with average deaths for every month in the period 2016-2019, Europe. Make of that what you will.


Median age by US congressional district. Utah’s 3rd District was the lowest because of a high birth rate.


Counties in the US with a Spanish speaking majority.




Answer: Identify the Aircraft

Caproni Campini N-1 August 1940. It was the second jet aircraft to fly in the world, the first being the German Heinkel He-178 (below).



  1. I’ve know a few folks that wore codes like that. A couple of them didn’t mind talking about it. One, a Pole who survived Auschwitz, only lived because he was a shoemaker. He told me once he was required to make a pair of boots for the commandant who he described as one cold bastard. Another, also an Auschwitz survivor, was a tailor. He weighed 85 pounds when he was liberated. Some would like to see us with similar tattoos.

  2. More theater from our elected and non-elected overlords who haven’t a clue the backlash they will receive. Yang is another doofus who defies logic. I would ask that clown “when, in that pea-brain of his, does he think the continued erosion of our Constitutional rights stop”? Will they start contact tracing to know if we are all wearing clean BVD’s…because…anything for health and safety, and no longer for ourselves but for everyone else?

    Politicians are worse than PhD’s…the more they live inside their bubble the more idiotic they get.

    I’ve decided Trump and the First Lady should be gracious and welcome Corrupt Biden and Not-A-Doctor Jill to the White House on the 20th. This would NOT be an act of concession so much as it would be proper. BUT, while shaking hands he should tell him: “Have at it pal, let’s see how long you last.” Then walk away with that smile of his. Me thinks this entire mess will implode massively on the Dem’s, American’s will be more like Colonial times, no rolling over for at least 74 million of us. Lots of popcorn in the prepper closet at the ready.

    • I think of Gregori Markov and the poison pellet in the umbrella, except instead of ricin, there is a little wad of plague, for Old Joe — but then we’d get the Ho.

      • The septic guy came out, had a tough time cleaning the stuck crud by mere pumping…this Veep Manchurian is scraping the very bottom of the Swamp for that one.

        • The Ho isn’t just a communist, she’s a dim bulb who relies completely on handlers to know what to say. She makes Barack look like a frigging genius. Even California rejected her soundly before the donkey primary.

          Apparently she has ONE skill, though, and its seen her through.

          • She’s serving as a role model for girls – showing that, if they service a man with powerful political connections, they too can play second fiddle to a man with dementia.

          • The Hoe or Joe, it doesn’t much matter which one pollutes the Oval Orifice. They’re both just marionettes dancing to the manipulations of somebody else’s strings.

  3. the brits thought semi auto fire was wasteful. i agree, until its not. i have a no.5, serial 459. love that old mule kicker. you can lay down a base of fire with it, for a short time. european death ratemap kinda puts the lie to covid mania doesn’t it. like so many more but nobody is listening. i find that “uninformed voters” believe the first thing they hear and can never be convinced its wrong no matter how many facts you can show them. i wonder if its genetic or environmental. or maybe its the flouride in the city water. kinda like the lead in the goblets of rome.

    • I prefer the Garand…but that’s just me… and ’06 to 303.

      Paranoia and panic are contagious, which is why lemmings are lemmings.

      • After watching the latest Boston Dynamics video a M-1 with AP seems like a good idea.
        The impressive thing was the lack of a power tether. Wonder how much run time those things have?

  4. I knew it was a very early jet and a Caproni, but that’s as far as it goes. Maybe Claudio knew the model offhand?

    The Brits loved deliberate fire for a very long time. IIRC, wasn’t until after the Falklands that their
    infantry rifles went to select-fire.


    • I wonder how jet engines would have evolved if there had been no Second World War?

      What if the Russians had no captured German scientists to exploit?

      • During the war the Soviets were running experiments using “motor-jets”, where a propulsive turbine was powered by a piston engine through a shaft. Sort of like waterjet propulsion, but AFAICT a much worse idea.

        OTOH, they might have just bought British engines and then stolen the tech through reverse-engineering, like they did IRL.

  5. This is a great post because it features a Lee. I’ve enjoyed mine a lot over the years. Must get round to finishing off 2 #4 projects…

    • The compressor is driven by a conventional reciprocating engine. It would have been wicked cool if Campini had worked out a ducted fan/gas turbine with an afterburner. Likely better for the outcome of the war that he did not.

  6. My only Enfield is a U.S. M1917, 30-06 obviously. It still has red paint on the wood up front, so served in Britain during WWII.

    Fascinating to read about different approaches to developing jet power. IIRC, there is a restored Gloster Meteor still flying with it’s original engines.

    The code–I have walked the grounds of Dachau. If anyone has made a reservation for me, they can cancel it.

    • Yeah, if it comes to that, we’ll just have to see how many I can take with me. I’m hoping for at least a Hundred Head (Kipling) to open Heaven’s Gate for me. I’ll tell St. Peter, “look what I brought”.

  7. For whatever it’s worth there was Australian international arms making new Enfield rifles in .308 and 7.62×39, with plans last I saw to make them in .223 as well. I don’t think they’d be easy to find but may be something to keep an eye out for if you’re an Enfield nut.

    I think only a few hundred were imported into the USA, and from what I recall people had issues with the barrel quality. I don’t even know if the company is still in business.

    • IIRC, 7.62x 39 was a favored conversion for the .303, as the .311 bore worked well- the barrel could be set back and rechambered.

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