You Robot?

I have a friend who lives on a ranch near me, who is sort of a cyborg, not a robot as such. He has artificial knees, hips and one shoulder, ears, and eye surgery. He can’t move in slow motion to do great feats of strength the way that the six-million dollar man did in 1980’s tv. My point to this is that medical science has improved to the point where they are able to manage this sort of thing, they can control infections due to surgery for the most part and can do things that while science, also feels miraculous. Mike_C does those things – thank you Mike – with cardiac problems that were fatal just years ago.

And at the same time, they react so dramatically to the plague, the vaxes, the booster vaxes, etc. It’s almost a schizophrenic duality. A year ago I got sick with a non-plague thing that got much worse but couldn’t be seen because of the plague. Finally in the Spring, when they figured I’d die if they didn’t do something, they operated. And I’m more or less better, a year later.  I didn’t need robotic parts and I’m not a cyborg (yet – I haven’t been assimilated) — but they’re starting up this whole plague hysteria once again. When will it end?

When I was a child I learned early that medicine couldn’t cure a common cold or flu. You got it, you felt sick, you got better. I realize that the plague was a virus in the process of gain of function research to weaponize it – but absent pre-existing conditions, sort of like the flu, you soldier your way through and come out the other side.

As dystopian as the US gets, Australia has reached the tipping point. It really is bad there. God forbid you sneeze and somebody records it. They’ll treat you like a murderer.  The army will come for you. The boxes that the cheap paper masks come from have notices printed on the side, warning that they are not effective at stopping the plague, but people only seem content when everyone wears one.

The vaxes apparently don’t work very well, because now in some parts of the US, you still need to wear a flimsy paper mask that doesn’t work either even if you’ve had the shot. People who have dire reactions to the vax aren’t being counted or reported on by the propaganda ministry.

Of course.


ZZ Top – A Different Early Image

They really need the beards and sunglasses to be classic ZZ Top. They need to be sharp-dressed. (I love ZZ Top). RIP Dusty Hill


Correctly Identify the Mystery Tank


And this is because I think that the picture is cool.

The Search



  1. LL the plague will end when it quits being useful as a means of gathering more control over the populous and as a distraction from how messed up the politics in the world are getting. I read today that the Aussie truck drivers are threatening to block all major roads in Australia as a protest against the Australian government’s handling of the various plague associated shutdowns. Possibly that might get some attention.

    Definitely +1 for Dusty Hill
    No idea on the tank and I would be interested in visiting that planet if only to find what the tall tower is for. It looks like a good way to get out of the atmosphere but that is about it. Doesn’t do anything for velocity unless it is straight away from the planet.

    • The Australian police state and the current excesses show what happens once a population is disarmed and functionally helpless. If the wheels stop turning, the population starves, and based on what I’ve seen from the political masters in Australia, they’d just turn those bodies into Soylent Green.

      It is most distressing. Many of my Aussie friends left before this happened.

  2. The meme says the last variant is communism.
    Fauci said people need to get vaxxed with Fall coming and the onset of flu season. Maybe it will miraculously disappear again this year.

    • We haven’t seen the flu since the end of 2019. I’m sure that it will remain cured along with the cold and hay fever. All we have now is a plague and new and ever more exotic boosters.

  3. Eye surgery. I had cataract/lens replacement surgery in both eyes in April. I can see the sights on my lever guns again and my Swarovski scope is as crystal clear as I remember. Amazing. So far, no issues with my ankles, knees, or hips. Knock on wood.

  4. The tank is a Soviet T-26, probably a late model: I can see no twin turrets which were a characteristic of the prototype and the early models. The conical turret and the searchlights indicate a construction from the mid-1930s onwards.
    The T-26 was the main tank of the Soviet Army in the defense against the German invasion 1941 (“Operation Barbarossa”) where it was barely adequate against the German panzers.

    Panzererkennungsdienst was my favourite subject and a well-thumbed Jane’s Tank Recognition Guide is my trusted companion.

    • You sure nailed (again) Martin. The T-26 was very much in evidence early in the Great Patriotic War but is not that well known outside of circles of people who study such things these days. It wasn’t adequate unless used in large numbers and when that happened, the Stukas took them out.

        • Sir,

          I am honored by your kind words but I beg to differ: I am a plain, normal guy because the infantry accepts nothing else. That’s what I have been doing since the late 1970s.
          I have a strong Asperger-like affection for all aircraft and vehicles from the period of WW I up to the end of WW II; perhaps including some stuff from the Korean Conflict. With ships and all other floating objects of that period I am not so good.
          Every flying or floating thing that comes after that period completely stumps me: e.g. I do not have the faintest clue about jet planes after the year 1945.

          Thank you very much for your (wholly undeserved) praise.

          Kind regards


    • I don’t recall ever having seen a picture of a T-26 with a conical turret before (or at least if I did, it wasn’t identified). Late model, maybe from 1938 or later? Still a death trap against anything more modern than a Pzkfw Ii.

  5. With all the publicity about the delta variant you see more masks, maybe one in ten in public. Since this county went for Trump 70%, the assumption is mask wearers are Xiden voters.

  6. Plague…don’t get me started…and you know how a rant would follow, so I will refrain…this once. Can’t stop Covid fools, sociopaths, and moronic potentates so best to avoid the stupidity as best you can, yet be armed with the facts in case you’re cornered by some psycho ninny.

    So far no bionic implants, although at some point all of us who had a similar active childhood (like falling out of tree forts, crashing the homemade go-kart due to forgetting the brake, etc.), we begin walking around like an old football player and find it a bonus getting out of bed and dressed without injury until the joints loosen up.

    La Grange, one of the top driving tunes.

  7. RIP Dusty Hill. I always loved that Frank Beard was the one without a beard.

    Thanks for the “mention in dispatches”. “Medical science”-wise I’m a very small cog in a few big cardiac “device” trials, and a small cog in a few very small trials of novel cardiac drugs. But pleased and privileged to have a role.

    Which brings me to the FDA. The funny thing is that in my corner of the cardiovascular world, the relevant FDA lead people are actually intelligent, knowledgeable, sensible, and (it seems) ethical. At least the individuals I am thinking of are all those. I don’t know anything about the Infectious Diseases nor Vaccines part of the FDA, but WTH is going on with the Pfizer approval?

    We shall see if I’m doing any medical work in a few weeks though. The hospital is getting ready to fire my happy butt (not just my butt, which incidentally isn’t all that happy these days, but you get the point) for refusing to take the jab. I’m looking very closely at the list of exemptions (and looking at lawyers) and brushing up on my Mary Baker Eddy (though the Christian Science people apparently do not frown on vaccines). I may have to start a “crackpot cult” instead. If anyone can come up with something religious sounding with the initials BFYTW I would be MOST appreciative.

    • I default to your membership in the Mystic Knights of the Sea. Because of Amos and Andy (where it originated), it’s impossible to be racist. The Mystic Knights are also a faith it seems. We may need to begin a chapter here on this blog. Because it’s impossible to be both vaccinated with the plague crap and an official Mystic Knight.

      What about Islam? How do they feel about the vaccines? It’s an easy thing to join (and quit). Just say I testify “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.”

      These Arabic words mean, “There is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God.” Once a person says the Testimony of Faith (Shahada) with conviction and understanding its meaning, then he/she has become a Muslim. And you’re off to the races with the racists that govern your hospital. Dare they be Islamophobic?

      Use your new name, Yusuf Islam. It’s true that Cat Stevens got to the name first, but you got to the name last.

      Work the system and you’ll get all of the Mohammedan holy days off in addition to regular holidays. You can say that you’re on the hajj when in fact you’re in Grand Cayman snorkeling with the Pretty Korean Lady.

  8. My last programmer job before retiring – I’d put in comment lines that said ZZTOP for testing/bug searches. Easy to use, and easy to remove before production install.
    I also liked the Beard without a beard in the group.

  9. They will keep it up with the “plague” bullshit until civilization has regressed to the point that nobody recognizes the words, any more. Then they will just say “because we said so, and or else”.


  10. The great thing about the vax is that it doesn’t stop you getting Covid, that’s why everyone has to have it. Then there’s bionics. I wouldn’t mind a new set of eyes, useful.

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