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US Navy vs House Armed Services Committee

(Defense News) WASHINGTON — After two of the four congressional defense committees have debated their fiscal 2023 bills, two key U.S. Navy issues have surfaced as the most contentious: the Navy’s plan to decommission 24 ships in one year and its decision to cancel a sea-launched low-yield nuclear weapon.

On the nuclear weapons program, the Navy is arguing it does not want a new mission of hauling around nuclear weapons similar in size to those dropped on Japan in 1945, arguing its attack submarine and destroyer fleets are busy enough with their traditional mission sets. Some military leaders, though, say they should have another option at their disposal to deter Russia and China, which field low-yield tactical nuclear weapons.

Honk if you love the TLAM-N


The Suwalski Gap

(Stars and Stripes) Lithuanian officials have downplayed concerns about an imminent Russian attack over the ban of goods going from Russia to Kaliningrad, saying Russian forces already have their hands full fighting in Ukraine.

“We are not particularly worried about Russian threats,” Laurynas Kasciunas, chairman of the Lithuanian parliament’s national security and defense committee, said as quoted by The New York Times. “The Kremlin has very few options for how to retaliate.”

Kasciunas added that an attack is “highly unlikely because Lithuania is a member of NATO. If this were not the case, they probably would consider it.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the situation as “more than serious.”

In response to concerns of a Russian attack originating in Belarus to support or relieve Kaliningrad, NATO established multinational quick-reaction battlegroups. One of them, based about 50 miles from Kaliningrad, is manned by roughly 800 U.S. soldiers and a few hundred troops from other countries.

Hundreds of troops from the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division have deployed in the forested mountains of eastern Poland, just a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border. That puts them in close proximity to recent Russian airstrikes on targets in western Ukraine.

The contingent is part of a wider deployment of some 5,000 U.S. troops sent to Poland in recent weeks and is in addition to the 4,000 American soldiers already in the country.

Lend Lease

The U.S. Army is weighing options for fast-tracking the delivery of M1 Abrams tanks to Poland to boost the NATO nation’s armor capabilities and replace old tanks donated to Ukraine for use in the war against Russia. Through new pathways opened by Congress, including the recently revived Lend-Lease program, Poland could take possession of U.S.-built armor years ahead of current schedules, the Army’s chief weapon buyer told lawmakers yesterday.

Having already donated about 240 Soviet-era T-72 tanks to Ukraine, Poland needs U.S. tanks sooner than 2025 to “backfill” its armor capabilities, Rep. Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, said during a May 17 hearing of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Air and Land Systems. The Polish government signed a foreign military sales deal in April with the U.S. to buy the 250 M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams tanks for $4.75 billion, but under the current schedule those tanks won’t show up in Poland until late 2024 or early 2025.

I can’t argue that Poland doesn’t need the tanks, but USGOV is pushing Russia toward World War III. What role would the Chinese play in such a war?


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  1. It really looks like we’re pushing Russia looking to start a full fledged war with Nato. No idea why anyone would think that was a good idea in the nuclear age.

    1. Blackrock people, key advisors to the Brandon Regime, feel that they stand to make a fortune.

    2. NATO is in huge part the USA. The USA is modern-day Rome. Rome (spiritually, at a minimum)is Edom. Only with the destruction of Edom can the eschaton be immanentized. Or so I’m told.

      Or it’s high-IQ sociopaths who have strange inability to foresee the near-certain horrible outcomes of their actions.

      1. Biden/Brandon is no Rain Man. Neither is he the angry but brilliant and neurotic Nietzsche. Nobody hangs on every word that Brandon says because Brandon isn’t in charge and he often says the “wrong thing”.

        It was interesting that he offered to eliminate the Federal Gas Tax for three months today (the market went up). Then the word went out that Congress wouldn’t support it and the stock market slumped (again).

        USA is Rome without the panache, (or the garum) at least as I see it. Some of the emperors were as weak as Brandon and were stabbed to death by their Praetorians. I don’t see the Secret Service doing that. The problem may be that a coup would have to eliminate SO MANY of the swamp dwellers that the logistics are overwhelming. It’s not like the Senate could unsheath knives on Brandon and eliminate the problem.

  2. Would prefer we keep our tanks stateside…but maybe that’s just me. Surprised they aren’t sending over Trans-Secretary Petey B EV Tanks, “Excuse us ma’am, can we plug into your porch outlet for a recharge before heading to the front? We should be outta your hair in 12 hours. Oh, and don’t turn on your microwave, might pop a breaker.” (…except in Ukrainian)

    War by the backdoor.

    1. No, they each will have a REALLY LONG extension cord attached to the back. Hopefully, some fifth column type doesn’t cut it when you’re in the middle of a battle. That or one of your buddies runs over the cord.

      1. Harbor Freight has 200’ 18ga extension cords on sale for $5.99 ea. Might catch fire but hey, you get what you pay for.

        Btw, If I had a TLAM-N i could have parked it put front instead of toiling away on Automatic Gates. One look at that and no one would dare enter.

        1. Will the Chinese extension cords work as well as the Chinese tires on Russian Army vehicles?

          1. Maybe. On some job sites the framing boys would drag out these 100 footer skinny Chinesium cords, plug in their 13amp Skillsaw and wonder why the saw was struggling and getting hot. Didn’t slow them down much tho, other than buying new saws every year.

  3. YES, get rid of the Little Crappy Ships! They are less than useless, along with the Nukes. There are ‘enough’ of them available on other platforms. I really don’t know why the are pushing so damned hard for WWIII, there will NOT be any winners.

    1. Not all the LCSs work – hull cracks, etc. Those have to go. The others can be fitted with radar reflectors for the Chinese Navy to shoot at.

  4. Navy nukes: No need, send a B-52.

    Decommissioning ships: May need if we don’t have sufficient personnel to operate them but it would be nice if the people that said oh we gotta have these were bust back to ensign for incompetence. Since commissioned officers are never actually “retired ” that goes for retired admirals too.

    Lend Lease: Why do I get the feeling that we will lend lease all of our critical weapons to other countries and then find we desperately need it ourselves.

  5. 25%+ inflation, recession/depression almost inevitable, food shortages, no diesel fuel, gas going to $10 a gallon soon, 40 food manufacturing/processing plants up in smoke, out of control crime, etc…..”Hey, we need a war to distract the sheeple.” Sigh.

  6. Carrying tacnukes *is* the traditional Navy mission, they did it for at least 50 years…

    It wouldn’t be an either / or conundrum if the DC filth would authorize and fund a Navy of adequate size, capability, and training.


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