Themes – was ‘captions’ – who knows what it will morph into?

Truth in advertising would have required her to include her complete moniker, “Typhoid Mary”, but it would not have sold the 25¢ lunches more quickly.


The Empire’s space force suffered a staggering loss yesterday, when God decided that he wanted to play with their newest weapon.


I have always believed in miracles but I had never actually witnessed one until I saw this angel restore this poor, blind, homeless man’s sight right in front of me.


Bill’s fear of falling back to Earth ‘the hard way’ was realized when he tried to set foot on an asteroid with almost no intrinsic gravity.


Caption this – if you wish to.


Gomer decided to impress his new girlfriend, out on their first date, by taking her to the Cadillac Motel after making a stop at the McDonalds drive-through.


Is this what is meant by “old time religion”?


Everything and everyone can find a place in life if they try hard enough.


“I think that I just sat down on somebody’s half-eaten tuna sandwich. In fact, I know I did.”


MRSLL and Oldest daughter at wedding. Kids grow up so very fast, don’t they?


  1. I don’t think Mrs. LL has ever been featured here. She’s a bit of a mystery – or at least, it’s a mystery how you snagged such a gorgeous woman (okay – only kiiiidddding, LL)

    • MRSLL worked as an executive in the fashion industry for many years, unlike her unfashionable husband.

  2. Maybe it wasn’t a tuna sandwich. Maybe it was something already in the pants.
    No comments on The Bloody Cutlass. I’m waiting for a time to read both sections at once. Business is, for the moment, both brisk and profitable.

    • As best I recall, there wasn’t anything on the chair or in the trousers. Just working on a caption ;^)

  3. Old Time Religion…and really uncomfortable pews to keep everyone awake when the pastor drones on.

    Very cool picture of “the place”, and wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Takes effort, like anything worthwhile.

    I see you married up as I did (if I may be so bold). I somehow managed to convince her I was worthy enough to make the cut for the marital team.)

    • This MESS needs to come to a conclusion and the US needs to forge new policies in regard the Communist Chinese. However, the PRC is spreading a lot of grease among politicians to buy their way out of the hole, and politicians almost always sell their souls very cheaply.

      • “…politicians almost always sell their souls very cheaply.” And yet they ( their souls ) are still greatly overpriced.

        Thanks for the post.
        Paul L. Quandt

    • I have four daughters, each prettier than the next. All good girls, all make me very very proud.

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