If you complain about the economy, or the price of food, fuel, and building materials, you must be one of those Trump supporters who recalls how good things were before the rigged election and the onset of the political plague.

You just don’t understand how good you have it now under Jo/Ho as they “build back better”. Wear your obedience mask and get your booster shot because this isn’t going to end anytime soon.

The votive Fauci prayer candle is lit while you pray. It is common practice that you start your prayer and light your candle with the first words of your prayer. You can extinguish the match or lighter while you continue to pray if you’d like to. It’s up to you.

In every state, the median age of death due to plague exceeded the average lifespan. Isn’t that interesting?

“All in all, it’s just a brick in the Wall”


Making Music

A different sort of musician.

Make your own kind of music!


Spanish Treasure Ships 

Columbus Day Rant–continued

A gold bar recovered from the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, a Spanish treasure ship that sunk in 1622. Note the marks for weight and hallmarks from the Spanish crown.

Studying the effect of so much wealth derived from the New World and deposited in Spain is a statement more about the nature of mankind and nation-states than anything else.  Spain has never recovered.

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?


From C. S. Lewis

“We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

I wonder how much treasure the People’s Liberation Army cached for him offshore? There is no telling – and those anonymous havens continue to exist for the benefit of traitors, politicians, tax cheats, and drug lords.  Of that crew, the most honest are the drug lords & tax cheats.


It works – not really.


Identify the Tank


The End is Near!

After being told in 1970 that the whole established Earth would be frozen by 1980, and told in 1980 that the world would starve in 1990, then told in 1990 that we had enough food after all but the world would boil like a poached egg by 2000, then in 2000 by 2010, then in 2010 by 2020, and now there is a plague and murder hornets, and there may be a comet in the Oort Cloud with our name on it…but… it seems that the alarmists may be running out of alarms to ring.

First, we were stridently warned that the world would soon die of overpopulation and now there are concerns throughout the developed world of underpopulation and the burning need to import uneducated, unskilled, and diseased masses from the third world to keep us from an “existential crisis”.

Everything is an existential crisis these days.


When the Aztecs decided the world would end, they had a little more imagination. Maybe it is to these people who the Europeans looted that we should turn.

Based on Aztec lore, ours is the Fifth World and is destined to be destroyed by vast earthquakes. (They didn’t read Red Mist or Loki’s Fire, but they can be forgiven for that faux pas)

The Fourth World ended by flood, the sole survivors being a man and wife. who transformed themselves into fish.

The Third World was ended by rains of fire, the sole survivors transformed into birds who flew above the clouds. (no further details were offered by the Aztecs)

The Second World was ended by hurricanes, the sole survivors transformed to monkeys who clung to the trees, while the rest of mankind was flung by winds to their doom.

The First World, when men were giants, was ended when all were eaten by jaguars, with no survivors.

The woke, Green community needs to hire new fabulists in order to be able to spin more gripping (and interesting) fables! Imagine a million women marching, with endless lesbians screaming about the coming apocalypse of jaguars, demanding socialist world-government in order to wipe out all hunting cats while displaying pictures and paper mache representations of their vaginas as talismans to avert doom.

They are entertaining in their lunacy.

And they’re more fun than the FBI rounding up parents (now branded as terrorists) who demand accountability by their locally elected school boards.


  1. End of the world in myth, eh?
    So I was listening to Neil Gaiman on Norse Mythology (YT) in the background the other day as I was working on something else. He described Loki as driven by resentment which was interesting. Perhaps it’s a projection of modern-day psychology onto a mythical figure, but it fits.

    Anyway, entertaining as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is, the proper history, as readers of this blog likely know, is that Loki is NOT Odin’s adopted son. Loki is the offspring of a male Jotun (“frost giant” [1]) and Laufey, a female of the Aesir [2]. Despite his partially foreign ancestry, Loki is blood-brother to Odin and sits in council with the leaders of the Gods. Loki is also the source of at least half the new ideas that come to the Gods. Some are clever, others seem clever but turn out to be foolish and harmful. And many, clever or foolish, are about putting one over on someone else, for profit or out of malice. Loki is glib, with high verbal acuity; he likes to argue letter of the law rather than spirit of the law; and he is a mean, nasty drunk given to boasting and slander.

    Loki is also the “father of monsters” having sired upon the Jotun woman Angrboda three terrible offspring: Hel, who becomes ruler of her eponymous realm; the wolf Fenrir who ultimately kills Odin at Ragnarok; and the world-serpent Jörmungandr that proves to be Thor’s bane at World’s End. Basically Loki is the progenitor of the things that destroy Odin, the chief and law-giver of the Aesir, and Thor their greatest defender, not to mention the entire world order.

    Hmmm, thought I. What are the great monsters of our age, that will destroy the West? Freudian psychology (more properly its spinoffs, which include fascination with and glorification of perversion), Critical Theory (from which Critical RACE Theory was developed) and that terrible serpent which chokes the World: communism. Combine those with the whole resentment thing and obsessing over being “outsiders” despite having tremendous input at the highest levels of power. What kind of people play the role of Loki in our world?

    [1] “Giant” was a terrible translation. Jotun were more likely another tribe or race. Certainly the Aesir bred freely with and even intermarried with Jotun. There is no reason to believe that the Jotun on average were physically larger than the Aesir or Vanir.
    [2] “Loki Laufey’s son” gives the speaker skaldic points for alliteration which is why it’s a stock phrase. This has led to the false belief that Laufey was a male. She wasn’t.

    • You’re going to be in for a treat (end of Loki’s Fire and) with The Wolf God, in the process of being written. Loki’s Fire is finished and will be out later November. The Wolf God shows up on Earth, and of course, that’s Loki. As life imitates art, things may get interesting for the man on the street once these books are out, tracing to some extent what you’ve written above.

      Myth? I think not.

      The end of The Wolf God (third in Red Mist trilogy) has been written and I’m not going to tell you whether Loki (who has no horns, sadly) and Fenrir prevail against Odin and Thor. You’ll have to read the book. Will it be the last of the Red Mist volcano books? Ask the Norns.

    • Heimdall was also a super-white and extremely blond Aesir. He was described as the ‘fairest of all the Aesir.

      Stupid comics. The myths are so much better than the derivative comics.

      • “Whitest of the Gods” may have been a kenning for Heimdallr, but be of good cheer: At least he was portrayed in the Marvel movies by the whitest of the West Africans. Less sarcastically, at least Idris Elba has gravitas, can act, and is a strong male presence. It could have been much, MUCH worse.

        @RHT447: poor old Biorn. I genuinely felt sorry for the poor fellow. 😢

  2. I think a Fauci candle is just the thing for my woke neighbor this Christmas. I can’t wait to see the cognitive dissonance begin.

  3. Whatever that tank is THAT’s the one I need for the homestead…looks maneuverable and might be able to install a skid steer quick connect implement plate on the front, double duty for those times when the FBI isn’t checking up on me.

  4. “I wonder how much treasure the People’s Liberation Army cached for him offshore?” Yes, exactly.

    Excellent, CSL quote — he’s such value. Btw, my dad’s last conversation was with Lewis’ last secretary, Walter Hooper. I was there when the call came in. Quite a thing.

  5. I read somewhere that someone actually tracked down some post-Incan Incans and asked what was up with the calendar ending in 2012. Their surprising answer was “We weren’t around to make another.”

    Which, come to think of it, makes much more sense than believing the calendar ended in the end of stuff.

    Ah, well, it’s still Hispanic Heritage Month, so celebrate the destruction of several murdering cultist civilizations.

    • Eat a few tacos, have a Cerveza, work on your car in the driveway and celebrate – wear a wife beater and a hair net.

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