What’s in a Name?

Wet Beaver Creek, AZ

The area pictured is referred to as “the crack” on the map. Google it if you don’t believe me. The creek flows through it. It’s about 40 miles as the crow flies from the White Wolf Mine.


It’s One Way or the Otherbut you must decide.



There is nowhere on Earth that is more ‘progressive’ than Africa from a contemporary American political perspective. This is a current map of Africa over if each people was independent…maybe they each need to create their own self-funded country?



Don’t ride distracted

Well, you can if you want to. It’s not like I’ll judge you. I’m getting old, peevish and cautious in my old age. You can tell because I issued the cautionary note.



I had a few guys over to the White Wolf Mine before I left on the business trip. One stayed behind to guard the Mine. Essentially many of the same guys who hang out at the “Marine Hangar” at the Payson, AZ airport. They didn’t want to drive so they packed in and flew out in a jet ranger and I squared them landing at the heliport pad at the Blue Ridge Fire Dept. We hung out on the deck, MRS LL made Cuban sandwiches in a press, and brought drinks.

“You guys never talk much. Somebody says a word or two and the rest laugh, then somebody else says a word and you all laugh and then “Duffy” pounds half a beer.”

That’s just how it is. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand. Nobody expects you to. Nobody will complain so long as the ice chest is full and it’s a monster ice chest that holds 40 lbs of ice plus payload.

We (just the few of us, old though we may be) could solve the riot problem in Portland and Seattle. It wouldn’t take long. You don’t need the national guard nor do you need to spend a lot of money. Just give us a letter of marque and agree to replenish the ammunition and hand grenades that we expend.  We’d drive them toward the claymores, so we’d need a few of those slipped back into inventory as well. As a caveat, we wouldn’t clean up the meat that we harvested. They’d need a crew to do that. Nobody knows what sort of diseases the BLM types carry. You really need a moon suit to handle that level of toxicity.


It’s time for War Dogs

Cry “HAVOC” and let slip the dogs of war.

I haven’t seen police dogs used in the riots in Seattle, Portland, New York City, etc. Why not? We need a lot more of them, and it’s a good idea to give them light armor…big, savage dogs in large numbers. It’s not a new strategy. The Romans used dogs to break up an enemy shield wall, and I think that they learned it from the barbarians. Let the dogs eat what they kill.



  1. “We (just the few of us, old though we may be) could solve the riot problem in Portland and Seattle. It wouldn’t take long.”

    Over on another blog there is talk about Darius Sessoms, the (Black) man who shot-in-the-head and killed his 5-yo (white) neighbor for no apparent reason. Someone said something along the lines of “we can’t understand his motivation because we’re incapable of committing such an act.” I strenuously disagree. I suspect many readers of this blog are fully capable of imagining, planning, and executing acts that would make any and all of the violent crimes of the left and the inner city types pale in comparison in terms of body count and sheer bloody mindedness. Not to mention savagery and deliberate cruelty, if it came to that.

    We don’t do that sort of thing not because of incapacity, but because we are guided by ethics, morals, and (I like to believe) honor. We voluntarily accept those boundaries, which bind us as tightly as the Fenrir wolf was bound by dwarf-forged fetter Gleipnir. I don’t think the BLM action types, the random impulsive violence criminals, and much of the left understand the implications of that. The few that do are the hidden ones pulling the levers to eliminate the rights enumerated in the BOR.

    In local (BOS) news, I went out for a burger at lunch, and happened to walk by a grocery where some youngish women, all white, were outside with protest signs. “This store supports sexual harassment!” and “Boycott this store!” They wanted to talk to passers-by, so I paused. “So, what’s going on?”
    There is an employee here who harasses women. We want you to boycott the store until he is fired.
    “What exactly did he do?”
    He harasses women!
    “Yeah, but what does ‘harass’ mean to you? Did he grab someone? Coerce a subordinate for sex? Look at someone cross-eyed? What acts did he commit?”
    Oh, I don’t know that. I’m just here as [dramatic pause] an ally.
    “So you’re on the sidewalk trying to get a person fired, but you don’t know what he did.”
    Um. That girl over there knows….

    Our activist youth in microcosm.

    • There are two different non-negro groupings. One is the know-nothing brand who you discussed. The other is the evil anarchist shot callers, who are coordinated and funded. At some point, there will be a push-back, if the lawless situation is allowed to continue. Naturally, these people who call the shots (from behind the scenes) would like to see before the national election so that they can blame President Trump. I suspect that following a Harris election to the presidency, there might be an acceleration to that push-back. I am not predicting it, but there is a matter of cause and effect.

      There are a lot of trained veterans. There are a lot of dissatisfied citizens. Both would be fine with wearing masks and head coverings while they did their business in this regard.

    • I don’t know if I’m actually ethical, moral, or honorable, although I do have an internal code of a sort.

      What I am though, is capable of understanding what side my bread is buttered on.

      I like civilization and all the benefits that come with it. I know that if I do all the things my glands tell me would be just the best stuff (it was a more demanding refrain when I was young) then civilization is damaged, and if everybody does what their glands tell them, it is replaced by an anarchic hell on earth.

      Although (especially when I was young) there is some appeal to the anarchic hell-on-earth thing, civilization is way better.

      Yeah, I can imagine all sorts of awful shit, with pleasure. I just have self control and am not dumb.

  2. What’s the Internet quote? Something like “When black people rampage they destroy their own neighborhoods, but when white people rampage they destroy other continents”?

    I agree about the “Veteran Thing”. If you haven’t been there, you probably can’t relate. I never served, but after spending a grand total of 86 weeks at-sea, on a working ship, surrounded by and living with 90% Veterans, and five years volunteering on the Iowa working with 99% Veterans, I think I have a bit of a clue…..

    And I’m grateful to have worked with Veterans.

  3. Salt Lake City just suspended their K-9 Program.
    The dog started munching on a suspect that was kneeling with his hands in the air.

    The new Portland DA says he is Antifa Friendly and won’t actually prosecute any of the protesters arrested, not even for felony arrests, and will “thoroughly scrutinize” any arrests of protesters accused of assaulting police.

    If you start your rigorous enforcement program with the DAs, mayors, city councils, and governors that refuse to do their duty to keep their citizens safe and to apply the laws equally and impartially to everyone; you may not have to apply your ROE to the protesters. You would also get rid of the people truly guilty for today’s problems.

    • The flood of refugees from progressive hells such as New York City, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, etc. tells the tale.

  4. Police dogs are good, but so far Police Horses have literally been kicking ass. There are several videos out there of Pantifa activists slapping a horse’s ass and getting punted by said horse.

    As to the Truth, well, especially lately, veterans have seen things that normal people just don’t understand. My nephew, who spent his AF career sitting on his butt doing nothing but taking community college classes and other training because TWPE had shut funds stateside for the military to actually do things (he was in an AF construction unit and they had to beg parts and fuel from the local Nat Guard unit.) So, of course, he gets out, joins the Nat Guard and spent 2 years deployed overseas. Seeing things that can’t be unseen.

    As to solving large scale rioting and lane blockading of public roads, well, there are a lot of people who would volunteer as either shooters or powder monkeys or even spear carriers. Fuck, I’d even gopher for ya. We out here in real world are a tad bit tired of all the spoiled little marxists.

    And, like the Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz put it when asked about killing other humans, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed communists.” What a great saying, with so much truth in it.

    • Police officers on horses need sabers… Or big pig-sticking lances. They can practice on quatrains and can slice melons.

  5. I would add to “The List”: Hyperventilating T.P. hoarder morphed into a mask ninny – Democrat.
    Those shaking head in disbelief of the above while buying a couple more personal weapons – Republican.

    If Antifa idjits decide to block 287 north I figure the regular monster brush bar wearing semi’s – sans Jake Brakes – will have a say in the matter, clearing a path to town for me.

    • The last time I was in Costco, there was a guy with 5 monster packs of towels and TP in his cart. I understand wanting to stock up, but creeps like him are the problem.

      • Stocking up for a bad taco Tuesday, maybe?? (It is creepy…solve that head-scratcher and you win the big prize.)

        • Montezuma on the move? Perhaps, but he didn’t seem to have that look of a desperate man. Determined? I guess, you could sell me on that.

          • Maybe he just doesn’t like to come into town very often. My wife and I have been stocking up since we moved into our new house though we are not as far as the WWM is from stores (we are only 40 minutes) but still it is a pain to go.

    • Block 287 North of Denver, or further North than that?

      As many times as I driven I-25 between here and Denver, it always struck me that you could close down the Interstate very easily in dozens of places between here and there.

      Never been on 287 South of about Erie, but it looked pretty “closable”, too, IIRC…

  6. I’m pretty certain I know the hanger. The last time I was there Jim was in the process of hanging Garretts on his bird down at Scottsdale.

    • That’s the hanger.

      And it’s either THAT hanger or the one at Jim’s house. Both are close in proximity.

  7. you don’t need to kill them. they are largely wimps and when attacked they whine about you being “mean” or try to call the police they are trying to defund. dogs work great and batons work but only when used enthusiastically. back in the day we were taught the civil disturbance formations and such. when we were called up to put one down we went about it step heal step heal. not a lot of effect, until a rioter threw a bottle at a state trooper. those guys broke ranks and went to whaling on the rioters, which scattered with troopers in hot pursuit with batons swinging. riot over. that city hasn’t had another. all of these cities have the resources but the leadership is in concert with the rioters.

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