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How early in the day is it acceptable to make and eat a sandwich? I don’t think that there is a rule, but there must be some sort of unwritten guideline

I have to admit that I like a sandwich for breakfast from time to time.


Male suicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants, 2021.

How much of this is due to pressures from the plague (as opposed to the flu-like disease itself)?


Fighting Sail

I’ve posted some notes about different positions and their tasks on a sailing ship. So far, this has mostly been about officers. Many of the men on board also often served as mates to support an officer. The Sailors themselves were assigned to positions by the First Lieutenant in a Station Bill based on their experience and skills. Here is a rough list of their respective posts and duties.

The upcoming first book of a three-part fictional series about sail and piracy will be out in 2022 (once the Red Mist Series is complete and published).  How quickly this series will take shape fully is up in the air at the moment.

Boatswains mates, working with the watch, relay all orders from the officer of the deck and signal by whistle to tack, haul or moor in accordance with those orders. They are stationed at a mast or in the gangway to pass on the orders of the officer on duty by a whistle. They assist the boatswain who could not be on deck at all times or at every position.

Carpenter’s Mate and Carpenter’s Gang assemble and disassemble capstans and pumps, clean pumps, and skylights. And assisted the Carpenter with basic work on board.

Master’s Mates are experienced Sailors and later Midshipmen who were waiting for their examination or commission. They served as deputies to the Lieutenant of the Watch.

The quartermaster’s mates were more skilled and less gruff than the boatswain’s mates, these were often older Sailors who conn, or direct the steerage of the ship. Other duties included the stowage of ballast and provisions, coiling of the cables, turning the hourglasses, and supervising the purser’s steward.

Gunner’s Mates helped the Gunner keep the guns and carts in line, maintain and clean the exterior of the guns and carts, put the powder in the cartridges, align the guns and make sure the guns were always ready.

Forecastle men ( mostly older sailors) were too constantly responsible for the operations in the forecastle. This meant that they looked after the sails on the bowsprit, the jib boom, the flying jib-boom, the foremast, and the foresail, the head-sails, fore-sail, lower foresail, and topmast studding-sails as the lower part of the foremast to put it simply. Stowing the anchors was also part of their job, as was keeping the upper deck clean from the head to the foremast.

Fore-top men took care of the foremast sails that came above the lower headsail. This meant they took care of the fore topsails, topgallant sails, and royal; main topmast and topgallant staysail, set and furled fore topgallant staysail, and hooked the burton fore topmast staysail. Keep foreship and fore channels clean and in order and clean port gangway.




Get it?


When you live in Florida & Louisiana and go swimming, you’re not at the top of the food chain…


  1. Old joke once heard on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio program: A rather large woman staggered out of a bar in Florida and passed out on the canal bank. An alligator emerged from the canal and said “Wow! Look at the hors d’oeuvres at this place! I’m coming back!”

  2. Sandwiches are appropriate at any time you want one. Same with any food. I regularly cook ‘breakfast’ for dinner, so, well, if you want what you want, make it and eat it.

    I’ve eaten grilled cheese sandwiches and cream of tomato soup for breakfast on really cold days or when I’ve been sick. Have eaten hot Reubens and cold turkey sandwiches for breakfast.

    Eh, it’s all good. You’re technically an adult, so do what you want.

  3. As to water environments, very few places exist where Man isn’t not on the top of the food chain. Just, well, in Florida most of the apex predators are visible. Other places the killer amoeba rules the chain.

    And as to the power-couple? I always suspected the movement behind keeping one’s last name was for just this issue. Don’t take the male’s last name and the couple can skate under the radar.

  4. How early in the day is it acceptable to make and eat a sandwich?

    Such rules only apply to the tragically etiquette-bound. And the rules only apply to them because they’re the ones making those rules. If you want a sandwich, have a sandwich. Any time of day or night. In any room of your house.

    • +1
      There is a lot to be said for a good hot sandwich on an ice cold day first thing in the morning. Then again there is a lot to be said for a cold turkey sandwich at 11 PM Thanksgiving night.

      Sure wish the sandwiches were as easy to work off as they used to be.

  5. The train photo reminds me of the first set I had as a kid. As far as sandwiches go in the morning I do it all the time albeit simple versions. Fried boloney on rye toast or bacon on toasted buttered bagels are eaten regularly. Oh and those two need the poor Beagle puppy treatment for as long as it takes.

  6. The Amtrak Southwest Chief is now the only train operating on the BNSF tracks through southern Colorado. The BNSF desperately wants to abandon the route but can’t. Evidently there isn’t enough freight business to make the line profitable.

    Do you remember the wigwag railroad crossing warning? To the best of my knowledge, the last remaining operational one is along the route between Lamar and Trinidad.

  7. As a New Englander, I have more than once gone kayaking in rivers full of gators in Florida. We get great photos, but keep our distance. No selfies with them like the idiots at Yellowstone do with bison and bears. Once we were in a pool of super clear water, and there was an absolute monster lying on the river bottom below us. Got a great photo and then moved on before he decided it was time to come up and investigate.

  8. Ok folks gotta share this , it was new to me. At Wiedmans restaurant in Meridian MS (one of the oldest in MS.) They serve a grilled cheese with bacon 🥓. It’s a joy.
    My bride improved on that by making a grilled cheese , Using her homemade jalapeño ,pimento cheese with bacon.

  9. Evil couple of the year…look at those two. Geez. They were THAT house in the neighborhood your buddies dared each other to go up to while Trick or Treating, and if you got anything you had your parents check to make sure it wasn’t laced with poison. Yet half the people trust them…natural attrition.

    Sandwiches are for anytime of the day, and often with whatever can be foraged from the fridge. That’s settled food science.

  10. Sandwiches are for whenever you want them. When I was a young lad my father would routinely wake up about midnight, got to the kitchen for a toasted peanut butter and jam sandwich, and go back to sleep.

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