The Impact on Space Flight (h/t Claudio)

(link) Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine this week will have devastating consequences for the people on the ground. Although the terrestrial implications of this war are far greater than those for spaceflight, there will nonetheless be ripple effects felt by space programs around the world.

During a speech on Thursday about US sanctions on Russia as a result of its invasion, President Brandon mentioned space.

So what does this mean? While it is very early in this crisis, this article will attempt to draw the broad outlines of how this conflict may impact spaceflight. As the situation is dynamic and the political landscape is tumultuous, please note that rapid changes are possible.

It’s a good, balanced article. I suggest that you read it.



Today we import 595,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia under Plan Brandon. The Keystone XL pipeline would have produced 830,000 barrels of oil per day.

Why is the US relying on Russian oil?

(Meme h/t Frank)

The news media has been given their ‘how the Ukraine crisis is hitting Americans’ wallets’ talking points by the Brandon Regime.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Americans should expect higher gas prices from Russia sanctions.

Brandon assured American consumers that the price of freedom in Ukraine means gas prices could go higher.

Even if the mid-term elections bring balance to Congress, impeaching Brandon only means that we get the Ho.





  1. A case can be made either way for supporting the Russian rocket engine program. Maybe the infusion of all that money helped keep the Russian economy from collapsing and maybe it did not and all the cash made it into some oligarchs pocket. What is unconscionable though is letting the U.S. rocket engine manufacturers die on the vine. Glad it is getting reinvented today.

    P. J. O’Rourke. Certainly a wise man and his passing was a great loss. I hate to say it but I have read several of his essays/articles but none of his books. I will correct that error.

    US energy policy = dumber than dirt. A great example of what happens when the government prioritizes special interests over the overall welfare of the country A grade school student could do a better job.

  2. I understand the point but 595,000 barrels a day isn’t enough to affect prices. However, it probably is enough to making bribing officials worthwhile. The question is, who benefits?

        • Jo & Ho were “installed” – the election had nothing to do with it.

          With a corrupt Pentagon & JCS and congress being what it is, did Pres. Trump really want the job? Now it’s Brandon – for all to see.

  3. I read back in ’18 that New England states were importing Russian natural gas because the local greenies had blocked building a pipeline from Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale. It was a couple of hundred miles long. It ended up cheaper to buy Russian LNG than to ship it by truck or even by tanker from the US.

    • They’ve also blocked any significant improvement in LNG port facilities.

      City gas in New England is generally running at such low pressure as to be hazardous.


  4. PJ was not wrong, may he rest in peace… sigh SiG beat me to the LNG one. And yes, FJB did take us from energy independent to energy dependent to please his base. The question is, what will he do next? I’m betting allowing Keystone or allowing sale of reserves is NOT on the list… dammit

  5. has nobody noticed the internet, power, water, tv are all still operational in ukraine? have you noticed the media plays the the same missile strike on kiev all day long? ONE? really? has anybody noticed russia has not gained air superiority, with 500 planes? or taken the antonov airport? or any other large town? i see “captured troops” but they are wearing german camo. are we being wagged? i don’t see any casualties. all but one destroyed tank has been ukrainian. that one had no snow in the picture. no artillery bombardment, no shock and awe? something stinks.

    • Starting to look like media driven theater, is it real or is it a false Memorex to distract? Looking more and more like a media circus for the latter.

      Musk went live with Starlink over Ukraine, maybe the truth will find an operating channel to speak through.

  6. Found a comment about politicians that I thought I would pass along:
    “I swear, if they rooted out the corruption in all of our governments, there would probably be about three politicians left, and they’d be people so dumb that they barely qualified as sentient.”

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