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Bill Cr. (Not to be confused with Bill C) visited the White Wolf Mine yesterday for lunch (we ate shrimp tacos – you only get keto-friendly food here now). Bill Cr moved to Idaho a year after I moved to the White Wolf Mine, where the hovel had been under construction for a couple of years. We engaged in a discussion of who is more conservative, Arizona residents or those from Idaho.

Why didn’t you move to Idaho, LL? – Because it’s much colder there than in Arizona – even though I live on the Mogollon Rim (not in the desert). He admitted that the remote nature of the White Wolf Mine led to a better compound than could be constructed in suburban (sort of rural) Idaho. Yes, I live in the middle of a national forest and he doesn’t. It’s apples and oranges.  There are restaurants and gas stations where he lives and a generally conservative population. I’m not against Idaho at all. I just preferred Arizona.



Bullet Points:

* The FBI is not finished with Pres. Trump. More raids are planned at other residential and business locations. –to slow the spread of MAGA.

* Former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was charged on Thursday with felonies for helping organize the We Build the Wall movement. A movement of private donors built several miles of the US border wall when Democrats AND REPUBLICANS in Congress like Paul Ryan refused to honor President Trump’s pledge to secure the US southern border.

* On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit released a shocking video compilation (see video below) of individuals and sometimes teams of people depositing multiple ballots into absentee ballot drop boxes at Detroit’s satellite voting centers before the November 2020 election.

* Tranny Urine – Trans activists left over 60 bottles of piss outside the offices of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Friday afternoon to protest the government watchdog’s policy on trans access to public facilities. Masked representatives of the anonymous group Pissed Off Trannies (POT) ceremonially delivered the urine to the EHRC offices in Westminster, London, and staged what they described as a “piss-in”.  Liberals pissing on liberals – fitting.

* Worshiping Satan openly, which likely includes sacrificing cats, can be the gateway to federal service.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On August 2nd, President Biden appointed Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, as the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. Also the CDC’s Division Director for HIV Prevention, he previously served in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration in the New York City Health Department.


Poland Likes Apaches

(h/t Claudio) According to the statement made by the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD) via his Twitter account, Poland is examining options when it comes to the acquisition of attack helicopters. The Polish MoD has sent an offer request (LOR, Letter of Request) to the US, regarding the potential procurement of 96 AH-64E Apache Guardians for the Army aviation units. The statement also mentions a potential Transfer of Technology, it remains unclear, however, what the scope of that transfer would be.

The above tweet somewhat ends the saga of the Kruk attack helicopters procurement program, where AH-64E, AH-1Z, Airbus Helicopters Tiger, and TAI/Leonardo T-129 ATAK were being considered among the possible bids. This is also yet another procurement that is done in a manner that omits a competitive tendering process in Poland – the usual course for major defense contracts.


A Map

Least to most expensive [contiguous] US counties to rent an apartment AND buy a house.


  1. I predicted this a long time ago. The Jan. 6th committee is just a façade to go after anyone connected to Trump in order to put down the MAGA rebellion prior to Nov. Right out of the 1930’s fascist handbook. All is proceeding according to plan.

    • January 6 was their staged Reichstag Fire – because it’s in the playbook. The persecution of Republicans loyal to President Trump will be ramped up. Krystalnacht…

  2. It’s all about the election in Nov. They can’t allow the repubs to take back the house, and/or the senate. This strategy is to intimidate repub candidates to distance themselves from the MAGA agenda, threaten to send the FBI after them, send a message to the establishment repubs (Turtle, McCarthy, Cruz, etc.) that if they speak up they will be next. They only need to keep the house by a few seats, the senate will stay dem.

  3. The Federal Machine is already ramping up to subvert the November midterms by calling everyone who loves America and The Constitution, “Terrorists!”. The staged Satan Loving event at Independence Hall last week should have resulted in an impeachment…but…crickets. We have American citizen political prisoners unlawfully languishing in prison for exercising their Constitutional right to question The Obvious Cheat. Those are but a small number compared to what this Regime will do if given the opportunity.

    The Dems have intentionally weaponized the government against law-abiding citizens to strike fear in order to keep people from the polls, all the while allowing every evil doer and cretin to roam free and create chaos. Lawlessness is unchecked, and The Dems are watching their evil plan unfold without opposition…and laughing at how stupid people are and how easily it can be done. Yet some call it good.

    This is getting more painful by the day, and I fear The Swamp is just getting started…”Two months to flatten America” is their new motto.

  4. The democrats are sure pushing to make the mid terms a referendum about Trump and MAGA has become an umbrella term for anybody that believes in the Constitution and limited government. Regardless of who wins the mid-terms the next couple of years are going to be pretty darn ugly.

    Dr. Daskalakis. God how the rest of the world must be laughing at us. Deservedly so.

    Gateway Pundit and ballot stuffing. And yet, despite all the videos of illegal ballot stuffing that are on the Gateway Pundit video and 2000 Mules nobody will be held accountable and punished.

  5. From Stringshot:

    h/t ncrenegades.com


    I read about it before Stringshot sent it to me, but it is worth discussing. We’re living in an age where we are bombarded by credible reports of corruption from within the US Justice Department and FBI. It’s difficult to keep up with all of them. At the same time, the information we receive is a tiny fraction of what is going on.

    • Imagine sitting in a meeting somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon brainstorming on how to subvert The Constitution. It’s bizarre.

      Anyone not getting up to leave immediately and resigning post haste is complicit in committing tyranny and should be hung at dawn. Yet they continue coming up with this idiocy every month.

      • It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around. The daily outrage continues.

        Sure, I guess that there is an allure to power – but really? Don’t people just want to live a happy life and be left alone? Some do, but the spite and anger and hatred that spews from that sewer that is the American left is something that I can only describe as “satanic”.

        • All of engineering was called into the conference room one day. I sit down and the HR gal starts in on “what we will be doing to teach engineers “x”. I wait for her to pause, then ask (in my inimitable fashion):

          “Who came up with this, and do they have any clue this will add material cost let alone extra work?

          She said, “I did”.

          I said, I’ll save you and the company a lot of headache and expense, we’re not doing this.”

          You could hear the collective exhale from the other engineers.

          I later discovered (with a little digging) the consultant to be hired to teach us idiot engineers was a friend of hers.

          People have to know their position then take a stand. Usually those running a grift from a position of weakness will back down. Trouble is the government thinks it’s invincible. It’s not…by a long shot.

          • Working for the government, in many capacities, you DO have a lot of armor around you. It’s surprising but yes, for many including me, when I did that, I wasn’t literally bulletproof but had a lot of shielding. I worked hard and I really didn’t need the shielding, but I went up against the FBI hard a few times, was arrested twice by them – didn’t go anywhere, it was for show – but lesser mortals would have been screwed. On one occasion, unrelated to the other two mentioned, I ended up filing a police report (Santa Ana PD) against an FBI Special Agent. Oh, the fur did fly. I told the SAC, a turd, “Go ahead and try and charge me with filing a false police report – everything alleged was true.” They didn’t do that. I have MANY stories, PaulM. They had female special agent in the Santa Ana RA who had a mastectomy and I used to refer to her as “one tit”. She didn’t appreciate it. She worked Foreign Counter Intelligence. On one occasion after work she and two other FBI chicks saw me with an uber hot woman at the Santa Ana Mall at about 5 pm. They walked up to me, and One Tit loudly proclaimed as she took my photo, “I’m going to send this to your wife!” MRSLL asked, “can I have two 8×10 glossies?” I then introduced her to them as MRSLL. I told MRSLL, “This is one-tit.” No love lost. They’d make trash runs at my house, digging through my garbage looking for “evidence” of whatever. To their credit they didn’t plant “evidence”. At the time, my son-in-law was the beat officer on morning watch where I lived so he was the one standing by while they searched. They never knew… MANY more stories. And my partner for 5 years an FBI Special agent.

          • “I’ll save you and the company a lot of headache and expense, we’re not doing this.”

            Good for you. If only more people had the stones stand up to the harpies of the nonproductive classes.

            What you did was useful. I on the other hand put myself in the sights of (one of the many) VP(s) of HR for no good reason. Long story, but basically they didn’t have a proper job classification for me. So after much sturm and drang HR decided to create a special category. Eventually the HR VP calls me on the phone and tells me that I will now be known as a “Technical Manager”.
            MC: Okay, great! I appreciate all the work you’ve done to make this happen.
            HR: Are you happy with the title?
            MC: Sure, it’s fine.
            HR: We don’t want it to be “fine”. We want you to be happy.
            MC: I am happy.
            HR: You don’t sound happy. Tell me what you want your ideal title to be, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.
            MC: Technical Manager is good. As I said, I appreciate all your work on this.
            HR: No. I need you to tell me what you want your title to be.
            MC: Honestly, I don’t care what my title is. But if you really want to know, I want the word “supreme” in it somewhere.
            HR: What? I don’t understand. Supreme?
            MC: Yeah. You know how Kim Jong Un is the “Supreme Leader”? I want to be supreme something. You can make it “Supreme Bottlewasher” but I want “supreme”. Or I’ll just stick with “Technical Manager”.

            THAT did not go over well.

          • Okay, both of you really topped the charts with those anecdotes. Funny how life is so much more interesting when we confront the nudges who demand a place at our campfire. Can’t be afraid of blow back. Working thru Hunter’s Swagger series, reading G-Man now, about his grandpa Charles. He did the same, been there done that, got the war and Law Enforcement t-shirts and battle scars to prove it…but knew his stuff. The contrast between him in operation and the regulars is as you both describe (especially LL).

            LL – That is epic stuff. I will live long enough to read your autobiography.

            MC – “But if you really want to know, I want the word “supreme” in it somewhere.”

            THAT is classic Churchill level wit.

          • Supreme is good. I’ve asked for Lord High Executioner before. I never got that title (either) but I hid my disappointment.

          • I just was given a promotion and raise and the promotion of two other employees I had been demanding.
            My boss then said that next we had to work on my attitude.
            I had put on my self-eval that my attitude sucked.
            When he said that, I looked at him and said “I’m 69 years old. do you think that’s going to change?”.
            He’s a good guy. Retired Chief in the SeaBees.
            We both laughed.

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