Dystopian America

If you were going to write a sci-fi novel and were going to go out on a limb with conspiracy theories, now would not be the time to do it, because all of them have ended up being true. The FBI did attempt a coup on the sitting president and it failed. Congress attempted to impeach President Trump for actions that their favorite son, Joe Biden did in Ukraine – and Biden is on the Chinese Payroll. Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) on the House Intelligence Committee has been sleeping with a Chinese spy (Fang-Fang) and they didn’t want to relieve him of his committee assignment. The US Navy has photos of the now famous Giant Tic-Tac, possibly space aliens, evading fighter jets. The Pandemic, with a 99.9% recovery rate caused the shut-down of the nation. Biden, a walking corpse and his running mate, a whore, (Joe and Ho) spent the campaign season in a bunker without campaigning for the presidency while voting machines known to produce fraudulent results were sold to many states. The 2020 election was a fraud — and Congress including the Republicans — are cool with that. The American democracy has ceased to exist because what value is a vote? There has been no effort to prove or insure that voting this year or in the future will be sound, and accurate.

There are some who feel that the rally in Washington DC yesterday will provide an excuse for more coercion (tyranny) on the American people, but let me assure you that they don’t need an excuse. Oh, they may belch it out on CNN, but they’d do it anyway.

It’s very progressive

President Trump was the only voice for Americans in a very long time. He pulled the curtain back on the Washington DC swamp and they hate him for it. I realize that President Trump is not perfect, but he did speak to the concerns, hopes and wishes of much of America. The power elite who run the country immediately launched a relentless smear campaign and a lot of people bought it. But about 80 million Americans didn’t. Those eighty million must be destroyed.

Do any of you actually feel that Congress fairly represents you?


  1. I have NEVER believed that congress has ever fairly represented me.
    Now, we are deep in indian territory and no one is going to come riding over the hill to save us.

    • We have to look to our own defense, Dan. The enemy is through the gates and is among us. What pretense might have existed in a democracy is gone and it’s remarkable that it lasted this long. 1984 came and went on the calendar. It just took a little longer.

  2. No. Congress has not represented the people since at least the turn of the century – that would be around 1900 or so.

    The rampant stampede to socialism during Woodrow Wilson’s administration, followed by the tongue-bathing support of that ass FDR.

    And, funny, about the time that Biden and Pelosi got into power is when Congress turned into Royalty (actually it was a little earlier with that fat ass Kennedy and LBJ and and and and.)

    F. it. Nation’s dead. No more representative republic. We are now a kleptocratic aristocracy.

    No rules apply as long as you’re one of the favored ones. Attack a congresscritter as long as the congresscritter is on the right? You’ll spend minimal time in jail. Riot as a leftist or socialist? The police will hand you water.

    Act uppity as a right winger? As we saw in the halls of Congress today, a shot to the head, from behind. Just like in all the other Democratic People’s Republic or People’s Democratic Republic or Republican People’s Democracy or something.

    When you can control a government with blatant lies and cheating? F. it. Pissed, totally pissed. All those congresscritters and judges and senior administrators who all swore an oath to protect and defend? F. them. And congressman one-eye? F. you. Skull F you in your empty eye for acting all righteous and then folding like a limp pancake. F’ing pussies (from pussilanimous, not derived from a pet name for ‘ladybits’, means weak-willed.)

    And the right winger who yelled at the cops after the cops pepper-sprayed a bunch of right wing ladies yesterday, shouting “We had your f.in backs…” Well, the operative word is ‘Had.’

    Any police agency that stepped back from BLM or Antifa or the Pink Pussyhat People or any other leftist or anarchist (well, usually, they’re the same…) and now gets all ‘law and order’ on anyone to the right of Stalin? F. You.

    I am so pissed that, well, some people are very fortunate that I have to be here to take care of Mrs. Andrew. If I was a widower… I’d be dead by now. Along with quite a few others.

    And any 3 letter agency people listening? F. you. You’re part of the problem, you sanctimonious scumbags. Want to redeem yourselves? Turn your guns on those who are telling you to do illegal things like ruin a man’s life because somebody gave you illegal orders to spy upon him and his family. Until you either gun your bosses down or suck your own gun? Well, you’re dead to me.

    One nation, very divisible, with autocracy and thievery for a select few, the rest of you peasants? Back to the work farms, the Latifundia won’t grow and harvest itself. Capital District demands you peasants to work hard and suffer.

    My ancestors died for this crap? They suffered through socialism, tyranny, revolution, rebellions, uprisings, a ‘civil’ war to free people that today want me dead because I sunburn easily? Survived diseases and pandemics that were real, not this fake Covidiocracy crap. Survived being screwed over by their Federal and State and Local governments over and over again (like, oh, not being able to speak their language in public school, having to learn English only, so that 40-60-80 years later a bunch of people can come here illegally and get more rights than an actual citizen.)

    This country is dead, even if somehow sanity is restored and we have an attempt at returning to the status-quo. Because until the seditious a-holes and traitors and grifters swing from the roof of the capital until their bloated corpses split and fall, there will be no return to the ‘status quo.’

    Dead. Kind of nice while it lasted, hated to see the fall over the last 30 years.

    (And this is after I toned down and cut out about 9/10th of what I originally said. Seriously surprised the Fibbies aren’t at my door right now…)

  3. I guess O’Sullivan’s Law is in progress. The law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.

    Many trends globally, nationally, regional and locally head in the same and wrong direction.

    I have no solutions on how to turn the trend. California as an example where millions are planning or have already left the state is a symptom of something wrong.

    Professor George Borjas work documents how what used to be the solid middle class in the US are loosing. The billionaires get richer and the immigration makes the wealthy people richer and the middle class poorer since they pay the price and carry the burden.

    The urban liberals and soscialists are increasing in numbers and they all votes for Democrats.

    The US will continue to divide and Joe Biden will speed up the process.

    The liberals own the media and they will only support the trend that divide and polarize the US. The same goes on in Europe.

    At some point in the future people will start to wake up.


    • So? Waking up in the future, after they’ve shackled us to debt-peonage on their work farms and work districts?

      The time to act has passed. We trusted the system too much. They used it against us.

      We’re hosed.

      But being of good Germanic stock, I’ll go down, taking a death-guard with me.

      • I am not boarding a boxcar like an unarmed pacifist Jew to be hauled off and worked to death or gassed.

        • Thinking Orwell was a prophet. The Left will run open-loop for a while. They have already started with their symbolic indignation over yesterdays idiocy, likely another semi-staged timed event to trap Trump so they can build a case against him. Will it all boil over? Just might. I’m boxcar phobic as well…over my dead body. The Constitution hating reprobates need to get a clue they have no power over real Americans…and won’t they be surprised.

  4. i thought a few of them did, but the vitriol coming out of them over the rally proves me completely wrong, as if their total capitulation to the cheating dems weren’t enough. we’re screwed blued and soon to be tattooed and put on the boxcars. if not literally then figuratively with the killer vaccine.

    • I plan to avoid the vaccine. If that means that I have to stay up at the White Wolf Mine like a hermit and not attend the sporting events that begin as a pageant for BLM – oh well. I can do that too.

      There is a lot of migration going on in America right now. Give it another ten years and the landscape will look differently because of that. I’m not predicting how it will look, but it will be different. Refugees from here and there may bring their odious politics with them. Or maybe not? In the past, refugees from California had economics in mind. This wave has politics in mind, so maybe it won’t be as bad? (I know, glass half full of water, not half empty).

  5. I wonder if a lot of the more violent folks were Democrat plants? My wire had ABC’s GMA on and a bunch of those folks with strange clothes and body tatoos looked more like folks from the Left than the right.

      • There are photos of key people who stormed Congress back when they were protesting for Antifa – the Democrats sent agents provocateur in to mingle with patriots and they apparently led the destruction. No surprise there.

  6. Interesting isn’t it. Man does not learn from his own history and keeps repeating the same mistakes. Folks in power and their propaganda industry see and report what they want the peons to herar.

    Still, the one maxim that always sticks out the most is absolute power corrupts absolutely. So many go in with good intentions but are almost immediately overcome with that feeling of power over others and can’t and won’t give it up. The history of mankind

  7. Perhaps the Deep State’s downfall will be the collapse of the US Dollar. Thanks to the Federal Reserve printing money with nothing to back it, that makes the dollar a Ponzi scheme, IMO. Historically, all Ponzi schemes collapse.

    As an aside, who controls the Federal Reserve? Certainly not the voters.

    • Who controls the Fed Reserve? The very congresscritters and other politicians who are now in power, well, I mean, those people who control the congresscritters and other politicians like Biden and Harris and Clintons and Obamas and and and.

      So the Shadows have taken over. We are the Centauri Republic, fallen, with our leaders under mind and body control. And there are no Sheridans or Membari to come rescue us.

      Or… Capital District will always have money. It’s us other Districts who will pay for the excess of Capital District.

      • The Capital District, brimming with the elite and entitled, will always prosper. Their propaganda stooges will always spew their filth.

        It’s not as if we haven’t seen this before. The democrats have worked long and hard to re-write or eliminate history. It may work for future generations of slaves. But not for this generation.

        • I’d hate to lose the Smithsonian, but it really is time to take off and nuke it from orbit. “Collateral Damage” be damned….

          • Maybe we can call upon the military to take it with them when they leave before the next State of the Union? I agree, it would be a shame to lose it.

        • This latest “Relief Bill” (yeah, right) was nothing but a money laundering program for the Washington Special Club card holders, which is most of the reprobate scum who smugly call themselves servants of their constituents.

  8. Time to burn the f*cker down.
    The pin has been pulled.
    The fuse has been lit.
    I will NOT “go quietly into the good night”.
    Or go quietly into the boxcar.

    My beloved country is dead…….

        • The government will confiscate them soon enough. Radio is dangerous unless it’s censured by the government.
          “Molasses tomorrow will bring forth cognac.”
          “John has a long mustache”
          “the long sobs of the violins wounds my heart with a monotonous languor”

          Those sorts of messages.

          • And my chair is just about JAMMED against the wall…..

            Working, useable, two-way radios can be built from an astounding variety of junk and cast-off parts, and disguised as other things. One of my old radio magazines has run numerous articles on the “parasets”, spy radios, and especially, the POW radios. The people that built these things demonstarted a solid grasp of the basics, and came up with simple receivers that let them receive news, and in some cases, orders.

            And there’s a ton of people who know how to build “Oatmeal Box” radios and “Fox Hole” radios, basic crystal sets that with a few changes can tune other bands…..

  9. EVERYTHING spoken on the MSM yesterday and today was a lie..all of it…not one word of truth…all theater for effect, designed to destroy any thought of the best President in modern times. Worthless to give the hyperventilating do-nothing chatters any brain cells. (In that, I thought Levin was gonna blow a gasket, and have yet to listen to Carlson, luckily the Sirius/XM App allows backtracking on the shows.)

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