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The Value of Experience

The Value of Experience

I hope that you’re enjoying the new format for Virtual Mirage and that you took time out of your busy life and came to visit. Over time, you’re going to find that this blog is expanding in some new directions, which will allow for new content, presented in a more interactive way.

Please don’t be too quick to judge the changes because this is very much a work in progress. It’s the look that has changed, not the content.

The world that we knew a month ago doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not going to tick off the changes that we are all experiencing together.

This is the fifth day that Global Strategies Medical has been up and running. I’ve never been in the supply chain business and truth be told, I’m not really a feather merchant. However, we are now selling ventilators, face masks and personal protective equipment because of the Chinese Plague. Brian, who you will meet on this blog, has been asked to post some observations from China. I met Brian in grad school about a hundred years ago and he is now working on the Chinese end of the supply chain that we’re trying to put together.

We’re selling to governments in need of Plague-related stuff and it’s interesting. For example, a senior health official in the UK we were speaking with yesterday laid out desperate needs for face masks, ventilators, and other PPE. OK, no problem. Then she said that there was a HUGE list of compliance demands for the suppliers to deal with before HM Govt. could do business. The volume of paperwork involved would take a month to complete. Literally. Then they could consider issuing a purchase order for twenty million surgical grade N-95 masks. (All N-95 masks are not created equal) But they need the masks NOW because of the health emergency in Great Britain.

The supply chain for any COVID-19 related PPE or life support material is INSANE at the moment. We just shrugged. Good luck with that, Great Britain.

A colleague of mine had a conversation with President Lopez-Obrador of Mexico about their need for PPE. The Mexican federal government won’t be buying ANYTHING. They will accept donations. (this is my shocked face) Mexico has a communist government and they are waiting for their comrades in China to give them free stuff. (don’t hold your breath, Mexico)

Others, it would seem, view PPE as a commodity, to be speculated on. They see that it can be bought at a current price, stockpiled, and then sold for a profit as the demand increases. Those to catch that vision are a bit like corporate raiders. They’ll buy 500 ventilators today and hold on to them until the grandmas and grandpas are about to expire, before they sell them.

This is a short term business for us. Eventually the world will be awash in masks and Chinese Plague related stuff and we can go back to rescuing kidnapped people and intervening in political hot spots with innovative solutions.


    • There are still some kinks that I need to work out, WSF. Worth the change? I think so and in the end I may win you over.

    • The UK says that they care.
      But it’s form over substance.
      They’re content to get supplies by summer or early fall.

  1. You’d think the UK would wave red tape like Trump has for most stuff.
    As you say, good luck to them.
    Definitely a different sort of start up venture.

    • The UK, Norway, USA, Germany, all of them want a month’s worth of paperwork. And in a month, the ENTIRE supply chain will have changed and shifted. If you want something in two weeks, you need to order it now, and put 50% down. It’s why they are unable to cope with a fast moving virus.

      During the Cold War, things worked better. The (now defunct) Soviet Union moved very slowly – glacially – and bureaucratically. So did the USA. Nobody moved fast. Nobody upended the apple cart. Fear of the other side allowed for more power to be amassed safely in government. A war against drug lords or a virus moves incredibly fast. And governments have great difficulty coping.

  2. I hope you keep your standard as part of your masthead. It’s worthy in every sense. The one that states something about solutions in an uncertain world. It is the reason why I was first, and still am, attracted to your place of sanity in a world going mad. It’s about Shitlords, and those of us armed to the fucking teeth. About once again grasping the timeless imperatives, of drinking from the skulls of our enemies, by the hilt.
    It’s a great time to be a free and armed Man of The West

    Appreciate you.

  3. I hope you keep your standard as part of your masthead. It’s worthy in every sense. The one that states something about solutions in an uncertain world. It is the reason why I was first, and still am, attracted to your place of sanity in a world going mad. It’s about Shitlords, and those of us armed to the fucking teeth. About once again grasping the timeless imperatives, of drinking from the skulls of our enemies, by the hilt.
    It’s a great time to be a free and armed Man of The West.

    Appreciate you.

    • Any drink tastes better if its sipped from an enemy’s skull. I think that you can say that’s a timeless value.

      • The value of timeless imperatives?
        I’m really digging the circular feature of history of late, had hope, but did not actually expect the drinking from such vessels to become great again. Life is full. And full of sublime surprises. The future is wide open.

        Really like to share something of myself with you, courage of conviction if you please and my regards, I believe you understand in no uncertain terms, and because, it is good to be in the company of such men.
        Like men who carry a big fucking pig sticker and a mouth guard.

        On 1-20-20 I was gifted one of those come to the Lord experiences, maybe it was serendipitous, or just maybe it is because I’m finding the Man of The West inner citizen warrior that exists within me, (being i was brought up on a northern NE farm, a Boy Scout, self educated and raised to be indomitably self reliant/sufficient, steeped right in the geographical history of Captain John Stark and his Rangers of the French Indian Wars, and the events later in that century many of those men went on to be a part of, this gives credence to what I’m trying to convey to you), it certainly was one of those deeply sublime moments which are transformative and empowering.
        In a modern construct, which in outward appearances is under an artificial hedious illusion of emasculation, I reject it all in entirety. In totality. I defy, as Ethan Allen stated.
        Nevertheless I was fortunate enough to attend against all advice and my own personal reticence which I’ve always had an inner battle with, between what my instincts and heart tells me, and what this modern world which I reject more each day, carefully, with critical thinking, because I believe there is a profound harvest to be had. As you say, “timeless Value”.

        Point I’m sneaking up on here, what I’m talking about to you is Richmond Virginia, how there is nothing like being in the company of 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords and Shitlordettes. The embrace of being in the company of 50,000 who will never comply, never bend a knee, the utter revelation, the certaintly there was absolutely fucking nothing usurpers can do about it, was that moment.
        There is no describing this.
        You really got to show up.
        It matters.
        “It is the act that counts”
        Saint Crispin’s Day.
        It’s all about guns.
        Everything else is a fucking sideshow.
        All there is is power.
        The small unit infantry combat rifle, and the 21st century rebirth of 4th Generation Warfare, has transformed the tyrant/Freeman dialectic.
        Mao was dead nuts right, all political power ultimately grows from the barrel of the gun.
        Our citizen warrior armed to the fucking teeth culture is upstream of all poltiks.
        All else on this mortal coil pales.
        Skull’s Bitchez.

  4. Well done…as with anything, quality takes time.

    As for the Brit’s, no surprise…some people simply do not want a solution to this. Read a report from a Seattle lab (if I recall correctly) that was “at the ready”, as experts to assist in testing. Ready to rock n roll, but the FDA required so much paperwork (email, FedX, and snail mail no less) that it delayed everything by a month. The lab owner was dumbfounded. But not if you actually see this is on purpose by some faction to delay getting through this quickly.

    It appears the proverbial “they” (not just the Left) want to generate chaos from the virus, to kill the economy, make the 80% fearful, and crash our Republic…effectively burning the place down to get what they demand is theirs (Pelosi is possibly more evil than HRC). Take Cuomo, who had the moronic audacity to say:

    “The President is incorrect and misinformed, we are not “storing ventilator’s, we are stockpiling them and have not sent them to the hospitals ye.”…then rambles on in yet another self-serving speech to the minions and fawning media, how he isn’t getting the assistance he needs.

    Liars…every.last.one.of.them….at all levels local, state, and federal. It’ll get worse. In the meantime I’ve got stuff to do…the strenuous life keeps me sane as I watch from a distance.

    • Politicians want power over us. It’s been the dream of every politician since day-one. And there is nothing like a crisis such as this one to bring out the very worst in them all.

      I heard the president (who I like) on television, talking about another $2 trillion for infrastructure. Shovel-ready jobs. Bigger government, more stuff. Phase 4. Scary stuff.

  5. Looks very clean and nice, LL. Good job!

    This whole Wuflu thing is getting tedious and tiring.

    For one thing, I had to cut my own hair while my Frankie doggie is, as we speak, at his hairdresser being made all pretty. Of course, my hairdresser doesn’t have to squeeze my anal glands – so there’s that.

  6. I think the ne format is great so far. I do miss that overwatch photo(header),it had a calming nature to it.

  7. Liking the new look. Very clean and modern looking.

    Still applying Hanlon’s razor to most people’s/factions’ actions in this (bleep)-storm.

    But not ALL.

    • I suspect that a lot of people are bored with the inactivity under quarantine. Unless they’re sick, and that’s a completely different thing.

  8. Liking the new changes Larry. Looking forward to seeing it all come together, definitely need a WWM logo.

    The world has become a slow-motion trainwreck and unfortunately we are along for the ride.


    • Yeah, it’s one of those things we all are taking a bite of. Nobody likes the taste, nobody will want to pay more in taxes (to pay back our “stimulus” – because there’s no such thing as free cheese), and nobody likes to be locked down for another month. I find it all depressing.

      Working on the WWM logo. I want something cool that can go on a t-shirt.

  9. As a Registered Curmudgeon, it will take me a bit to get used to it.

    I’m sure there are some subtleties that may take me a while to grok…

  10. Never mind. I just noticed the URL. I was automatically redirected to virtualmirage.org on my desktop system, but not on my phone. Once I manually entered the URL on my phone, I see the new site just fine.

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