The sermonette today is brief, and it’s broken up into a few parts:

FIRST (see below) Never sell your front line fighter to somebody you may need to fight.

Spit vs Spit

SECOND  You can run on for a long time 

God’s going to cut them down…life is short.

They all made it to the Island…which is why Epstein committed “suicide” and why Maxwell will never live to testify.

THIRD – Nose Art doesn’t lie

FOURTHThe Man Will Come Around

It’s a good idea to have oil in your lamp and ammo in the gun safe. Don’t wait or say that you have time. Events of the past months suggest that they may overwhelm you if you aren’t ready to confront them.



Can you Name them All?

I’m not asking you to name them all, just asking the question.


View from a Helicopter


Adjudication and Imprisonment at Hard Labor

Arrest is only the first thing and the police can do that. What happens after that is really what matters. There is a system designed to lawfully deal with scum, and politicians have caused that to break down. An absence of bail in places like New York, returns them immediately to the street. Early release from prison in many states simply exacerbates the revolving door. Politicians have failed America, not the police.


The Communist Chinese Espionage Apparatus

It’s been alive and well ever since Nixon visited China, and has operated at every conceivable level, from giving people like Joe Biden a $1.5 billion bribe to stealing every wisp of technology that they can lay hands on.

And now the brakes are being put on by the USGOV. The Communist Chinese are panicking. What will they do if they are unable to steal new and unique ideas from the West?


  1. I did a Term Paper in High School discussing our WWII air power yet the mind cannot recall a single one…BUT I do remember Mad Magazine. Go figure.

    Just read an essay linked from Adrianne’s Corner. What we all knew/know, that COVID et al, was the perfect Dem/Left storm ruse. Masks, lockdowns, fear-mongering, etc. are all a lie employed as a last ditch effort to sway November. (’cause they got nuthin’). Government “officials” AT ALL LEVELS are criminals and should rot in Hell for what they did to the innocent. Hopefully it’s okay to post the link…I believe every red-blooded American should read it:

    • Thanks for the link.

      We now know that the mean age for death from the Chinese Plague is 78, and that 50% of deaths occurred in nursing homes. Asking the elderly to stay home (provide meals on wheels if necessary) and defending the nursing homes would have fixed the problem. The country didn’t need to be shut down. There are demographic groups that had unusually high casualties, but if I mention it, that’s racist.

      • 68% of Covid cases in our small rural county are in the Indian population. 70% of the deaths. Most of the remainder are nursing home residents . Must be white privilege, keeping me healthy.

        • I think that we have VERY similar numbers in Arizona. The Navajo people on the rez have taken a horrible beating. As with you, I rely on white privilege to keep me going….unless you’re old, then you’re screwed.

  2. saw a video of chinese putting up posters on how to get to the bomb shelter and/or react to the bomb. are they wagging the dog on their people or getting ready to loose the dogs of war on us?

    • It has good propaganda value – somebody to fear instead of having the Chinese look at their overlords as being responsible.

      Having said that, I still predict a shooting war that will fall short of a nuclear exchange.

  3. I could name a number of them but not all. I liked the B-36 photo at the top. The old Jimmy Stewert film had some good footage of one in flight.

  4. I knew all but one of the aircraft, but misremembered the model number of the Polish fighter at top (I had to check). I don’t know the 3rd one down.

  5. I think I know all the planes, if I remember that Pzl correctly. The rest I’m positive of.

    The magnesium overcast pic is very nice. I recommend the USAF museum at Wright-Pat strongly to anyone; they have one hung from the ceiling. Or at least, they did when I was there last, sometime around the turn of the century. Their Valkyrie is amazing, too.


  6. Got all the U.S. German, Japanese, and Russian. Had to look up the other two.

    As to the Rimirez cartoon, yeah. See point #4.

  7. Arrest them. Chicago is a great Example. States Attorney Kimeshia Foxx is undercharging and flat out refusing to charge a whole list of crimes, especially if you are her race. The criminals end up back on the street and predictably they commit more crimes. Arrest them for gun charges, they get released, and too often are either shot dead, or rearrested for shooting someone.

    The criminals are actually more likely to survive if they are arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to prison than if they stay out on the streets of Chicago. The poor neighborhoods are also a lot safer if the criminals are locked up.

    Why does Black States Attorney Kimmy Foxx hate Black Men so much?
    Why does Black Mayor Lori Lightfoot hate Black Men so much?

    • Imagine the damage to the Democrat Party if black men decided to marry women before impregnating them, and then raising children and working for a living. It would be a disaster for the Donkeys. They’d all become Republicans, abortion numbers would drop, the entitled mentality would vanish, and drug use would become insignificant.

      There is a plot to keep black people poor, dependent and on the Democrat plantation.

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