The Clouds Part, the Sun Shines

(from the Spectator) The fog of the Trump wars is lifting, the road from COVID-19 rising before us, the outlines of the 21st-century American system emerging. Like the bankruptcy in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, the change has happened ‘Gradually, then suddenly.’ The age of the democratic republic is over, the age of the American oligarchy beginning.

Oligarchy is the ‘rule of the oligos’, the few: the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a self-sustaining elite. It sounds quaint, classical even, as though it couldn’t happen here because it already happened there. But it has, in fact, already happened here. Augustus Caesar, who made himself Rome’s first emperor in 27 BC, would recognize the symptoms of our American novelties. The cult of the founding fathers and the cult of entertainment. The elites divided by violent factionalism and united by naked venality. The decay of republican virtues. The widening of the wealth gap and the rise of the populares, the members of the ruling class who rebel in the name of values already overthrown. And then, when all seems lost, the rise of the imperial oligarchy that offers to restore law and order, but installs a different law and a new order.  (keep reading – link above)

And who best to lead the sham republic? They’re calling Uncle Joe, “America’s Brezhnev”. Brezhnev may have had more on the ball than Uncle Joe. Both are said to shat in the swimming pool, but I wasn’t at the pool and can’t affirm any of those rumors as true. And frankly, who’d want to visit the pool? The oligarchs have a front man that will sign whatever they put in front of him and that’s the point.

Some cynics opine that Slow Joe may not make it until June and Camel-A will rise as the new representative of the Oligarchs – Indian-American, woman of color, etc. But she’ll just sign what they put in front of her. Just the same as Barack.

The Obama legacy was one of a man who entered the presidency with a net worth of a couple hundred thousand, read from a teleprompter, signed what the oligarchs wanted and left office worth a billion. Nice work if you can get it.



The Arizona Weather Gods spoke:

2007 Toyota FJC – Scorpion

They park at the ridge line when snow is forecast. If they need to crawl up the driveway, they leave ruts that I then have to repair.

The wind tends to blow snow off the ridge and it drifts up lower, so it’s not as deep up where the rigs are parked.




  1. Your meme about the clowns cracked me up, me too… the second one is spot on, no one could top the show of excrement that we are perverse to fallow in…

    • Every time you think that we’ve found a new bottom to the depravity, you find that no, it’s not. There’s something else.

  2. Excellent Spectator piece, and what a good closing infographic. Glad to see the climate’s changed and the sun’s out. What, did you stop paying the tax?

    • I figure Arizona (may have) gone for the progressive candidate and the progressive gods of weather made it snow. That’s how they’d spin it.

  3. Turning into a real cluster—-, at warp speed.

    Had a town run earlier for supplies…nearly dead on a Thursday morning. Sad but expected when the Prog’s take over. Can these people get anymore depraved and deceitful? Bet on it.

    Once the Masker-in-Chief turned King finishes doing Congressional end-arounds on his pre-drafted EO’s, he’ll be gone. Fort Marcy Park suicide? Something weirdly wrong with his eyes. Once that happens Harris takes over and promptly resigns. Then Pelosi takes over…she’s currently practicing saying “Let them eat cake” without losing her teeth.

    That’s when civil war begins. Already starting with Wallstreet hedge fund club members illegally killing trades, or with school boards who refuse to open schools, collectively hamstringing parents while delaying growth in children — that dad from Michigan screaming at the board sitting in their high seats, “You’re all a bunch of cowards…do something or we will!”. He was on Beck today, sounds like a decent guy who’s at the end of his rope, same as the man who spoke before him. These Pharisee’s merely dismissed both of them after “awarding” one minute each to speak (normally 3 minutes). Guess we now all work for those who are supposed to work for us.

    With all the clowns ensconced inside the Capital fencing, taking a hike into the woods with a clown not from DC is likely the safer bet.

    • Pelosi needs a better glue/grip for her dentures. No denying that. She’ll drop a partial plate into her soup at a state dinner while cackling.

      I think they’ll turn on each other. I have laid in a 4 year supply of popcorn.

      • Agreed, too many rats in a cage.
        (Sorry for the screen name typo, that’s what I get for going to town, messed with my head.)

    • Tucker chatted with the dad from Virginia last night. I had thought Michigan. Regardless, this guy speaks for most parents facing the teacher union and School Board gestapo’s who are using this to not work while they get paid in full. Mr. Michon was merely advocating for the kids who have been robbed of a year’s schooling, as well as parents who are being ignored.

      Thinking taxpayers should get a tax reduction/refund because schools are effectively closed. It’s criminal.

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