I could never be a Quaker because I’m simply not that peaceful. However, I try and spotlight different religions from time to time on the Sunday Sermonette. They’ve been around for a long time and they do have their take on things. My peace through superior firepower view of things – and be polite but have a plan to kill everyone you meet take on the world, in general, diverge from that of Quakers. That notwithstanding, I appreciate their conservative and fundamentalist approach to living an abundant life.


Russian Orthodox Sermon

This “sermon” unapologetically praises the death and destruction raining down on Ukraine and deliberately killing indiscriminately unarmed men, women, and children alike. To try to defend such actions as blessed by God is a moral travesty beyond belief.

Quote from the article: “Patriarch Kirill’s sermon on the Sunday of St. John Climacus does no less than refuse to acknowledge the distinction between Russian and Ukrainian culture and identity, and it denies Ukraine’s right to exist as a sovereign nation, both historically and in the present. Furthermore, it legitimizes the ongoing violence as necessary and even, perhaps one could argue, holy.”


The Woke Mouse

Disneyland(s) and their media empire have long hired homosexuals as a corporate choice. The theme park personnel and the corporate focus deviates sharply from the philosophy of Walt Disney. As a result, many Americans are horrified with Disney pandering to their new demographic: sexually twisted young adult Peter Pans who refuse to grow up.

Yes, Pinnochio wanted to be a real boy…but what did he know? What is a boy anyway? Are you a biologist? Did the cricket give him bad advice?

Disney’s Business Model is Turning Kids into Dysfunctional Adults: Its customer base isn’t kids. It’s messed up adults.”  Greenfield, as always, has done the research, and, in the case of Disney, he points to the fact that Disney’s most fanatic consumers are in the over 18 demographic

Disney isn’t for kids anymore. Its movie business is dominated by Marvel blockbusters. Half of Disney+ subscribers, its big bet on the home streaming future, are adults with no children.

60% of Disneyland visitors were adults with no children. Only 36.7% of Disney World visitors had children under 18. The largest demographic for the theme parks, like the movies, are millennials. Disney is rapidly adapting with theme parks and resorts that emphasize its Marvel and Star Wars properties more than classic fare. A week at the Galactic Starcruiser hotel, aimed at Star Wars fans, costs $4,809 for two adults. Why bother with kid stuff when you can sell $13 beers? Who with kids could afford that?

Disney’s new demographic is adults who have never properly grown up and on some level still think of themselves as children. That’s also the profile of the average child molester. And of the kind of adult who insists that schools force children to “explore their sexual identities and appetites”.

The company’s real profits come from overgrown children born into broken families, prematurely coming of sexual age, who are eager to embrace leftist utopian causes and fantasies, who are seeking an identity and an escape at the same time.

Disney isn’t for kids, it’s for broken adults. And it’s only natural that Disney would seek to create more broken adults to perpetuate its business model. A healthy functional adult isn’t nearly as profitable for the entertainment giant as a dysfunctional one addicted to its product.


Emotional Support?

The Russian T-72s have been mocked.

They have been dubbed as “emotional support armor” or “cope cages.” One thing is certain, they don’t work against the FGM-148 Javelin missiles. The Russians would be better just issuing security blankets or crying towels.


  1. Weapons, and defensive countermeasures, have advanced ever since anthropoids descended from the trees.

  2. Seems we have a lot of modern day Pharisees, drunk on their own position and influence…and fully missing the Gospel they profess to know or espouse. God sees.

    Disney- It’s a small-minded Lefty world after all. Begs the question for the newly minted Disney: When lining up for rides will the entrance requirement change from “You must be this tall…” to “You must show us your Tranny Club Card”. Any business thinking this is a good profit model shows the level of delusion that embracing the Father of Lies can do. They wholeheartedly believe this reprehensible soul-robbing nonsense.

    Quaker, not so much. But could go Amish, or Amish-Lite…Mennonite. Thought about it over the years having grown up 100 miles from Lancaster, PA (and who doesn’t like “Witness”?). Plus, the Amish didn’t get Covid because…no TV.

  3. I’ve had little contact with Amish; more with Mennonites. Once shared a subway ride at DIA with an Mennonite family. The contract between about a 16 years old Mennonite girl and the black girl standing next to her was amusing. The sister was slightly overweight, wearing a too small halter top and even smaller shorts, with lots of “bling” adorning her body. The sideways glances each was giving the other I found amusing.

    • When I pick up SLW from DIA, I always try and get there plenty early to watch the show. I swear, you can tell what passengers came off what flight by the way they’re dressed.

      And plent of Sideshow Attractions passing by, too…..

  4. Given DeSantis’s track record, I think Disney picked the wrong fight. Florida won’t be “Mickeys Town” much longer.

  5. Quakers? It’s due to them that we transitioned from a corporal punishment-based penal system to a reformation-based system. It’s thanks to them that we went from lashes and public humiliation to locking away in CrimeU.

    At least they still stick to their convictions, unlike many other sects.

    Ah, well…

    As to Russia? How’s the loss of people from alcoholism, drug use, low birth rates, inferior weapons and tactics and from people just abandoning Mother Russia working out for the Russian Orthodox Church and for Russia in general?

    Ratworld has been Ratworld since the late 70’s. Once the Corporation took over, rather than Walt’s vision, it started a negative slide that I just don’t see the company surviving unless there’s an extremely major shakeup.

    And disfunctional millenials? Back in the late 1980’s, I worked with several very successful executives and white collar workers who had seasonal Disney passes and would drive from Gainesville, FL to RatWorld to go there for dinner or a show, sometimes several days a week. So the disfunction has been there for a loong loong time.

    • In the same timeframe (late 80’s) I knew a guy living in the *upper Midwest* who had Disney season passes. He went about every two months and his social life revolved around all things Mouse. (Personally even as a child I never could stand Mickey, that chirpy little nosy do-gooder. If I had to pick a favorite it’d be irascible Donald. But that’s neither here nor there.)

      So far as Ratworld goes, my goodness, if the problems Phil and BC have had with their minions are at all representative, then the place needs to be razed and the land salted.

      • There is still the goodness and wholesomeness that Walt created, just hidden and buried under all the junk. It just needs a good cleansing. It’s like a good car that some twinker got hold of. Yank out all the garbage and reinstall OEM or equivalent parts and bada-bing-bada-boom Ratworld would become Disneyworld once again.

        It’s possible. Just get rid of the Lavender Mafia and bring back “Han shot first” and clean it all up and you can make the place ‘family-friendly’. Of course, dropping the entrance price to where a family can actually afford to attend would help.

        • The Lavender Mafia is so heavily embedded in Disney at all levels that the company is more like a cancer patient, filled with tumors. How do you bring it back to Walt’s vision?

          • But seriously, the insidious Left won’t allow a purging of their ideology, they’d rather burn it down before relinquishing any ground.

          • Install a CEO and Board who are family-oriented, based in Christianity or Judaism (heck, I’d even accept Asatru,) and then fire the whole HR organization and then work your way through the Cast and other workers.

            Also, abolish the H1b Visa indentured servants.

            Get rid of ‘Guuuurllll Powers’ and ‘Perv Powers’ and focus on Walt’s vision of an America the way it should have been, a sanitized version of pre-WWI/Gilded Age/Revolutionary Age America.

            It can be done. It should be done. And Disney would rake in bazillions as people would flock to see Star Wars returned to “Han shot first” and return to see happy fun stuff rather than ‘message theater.’

            The flaming gays and groomers would scream bloody murder, but the normal gays (Cary Grant gay, not Bravo TV gay) could still work there and enjoy and enrich the Disney message.

            Of course, the first rule after shitcanning the HR department would be ‘Anyone accused of sexual assault, grooming or pedophelia is on unpaid leave until the court case is over, and anyone convicted of sexual assault, grooming or pedophelia will be fired, pronto, out of a large cannon, into a lake of alligators.’

  6. Even though one of my grandmothers-in-law was a San Diego Quaker, I had never seen that meeting house. Doesn’t look much like the ones here in R.I.

    I’m not a fan of pacifism (Amish have the same problem), but different strokes and all.


    • It’s a new meeting house. What more can I say. I know almost nothing about the inner workings of the Quakers and have little appetite to delve.

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