I propose US legislation for the purpose of pubic identification of products all or part of which are made in, packaged in, assembled in, or use components made in or assembled in The People’s Republic of China. The warning must be large, readily visible and in RED.


Inform the US Public and let them make up their own minds as to what they will and will not buy.

There are a lot of people who read this blog but who never comment. Some producers at Fox News lurk here. Pick up this story please and run with it. Suggest it to our elected representatives.

China will fight it. Those on the Chinese payroll in America will fight it vocally (both Republicans and Democrats). Scions of business who have holdings and huge profits in China won’t like it. But they don’t need to weep. They can still sell to the domestic market in China if their compradores still allow it… They can also sell to the US market if people are stupid enough to buy it.

I’m not saying that it must happen today, but by January 1, 2021, the law needs to be in place. No loopholes. If it’s a new car and has parts in it that are made in China all or in part, the MADE IN COMMUNIST CHINA mark needs to go on it. Call it the Mark of the Beast if you will, or just an informational item. Eventually people will get the message. So will the Chinese Communist Party.

The American people need to know where things that they consume are coming from.


  1. I like it. Depending on product, Chinese goods can be difficult to avoid and the quality varies widely. I’d rather not have to search for the fine print.

  2. That sounds like ethical product information. It becomes popular these days to know the origin of the product. Especially agricultural products where farmers are using antibiotics to make a profit. This is a risky business with negative health consequences. Good information about content and origin enables the customer to make informed decisions. Communist China will also definitely be proud of getting a chance to stand out and be a visible brand in traditional democracies based on a market economy. Good suggestion.

    PS. Red is also a good color the Chinese appreciate.

    • There you go, John. You nailed it. The Communist Chinese should be proud to slap their label on everything.

    • It should read “Scion” Typo: From Middle English sion, sioun, syon, scion, cion, from Old French cion, ciun … He was the scion of an ancient noble family; listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Common use: It means a rich person who inherited wealth.

    • Yes, Hunter Biden, Pelosi’s kin, and a wide group of parasites, all who seem to have relatives in decision making positions inside the Beltway.

    • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has to stand firm on this and investigate all claims. Seize shipments that are falsely labeled and destroy them.

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