A Word from your Commander-in-Chief


Bullet Points:

* There was a man named Harald Bluetooth who was a legend among the Norse. He was the Viking King of modern-day Denmark and Norway. During the time that he ruled, he was able to bring the surrounding Viking tribes together to create a place where they could all co-exist. Many years later, Jim Kardach, who is the founder of Bluetooth, named his invention after King Bluetooth.

* As I look back on my career, I realize that none of my grandchildren could do what I did. Promotions and hires were based on merit. That’s seldom the case now.

…”the Navy’s recent decision, described above, to cease ‘blind review’ of personnel files by officer promotion boards after the blind reviews led to fewer minority promotions than before.” If the objective is to find the most qualified candidate, it is unclear how a photograph’s revealing race or ethnicity is relevant to a promotion selection decision—as opposed to being guided in that decision solely by the record of the officer’s experiences and performance reports. (from CDR SAL)

* Old Wooden-Head has a plan – Appearing alongside WEF President Børge Brende and various corporate executives, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said that it is urgent for the private sector to pair with governments to realize the goal of preventing the global temperature from rising and to save lives in the allegedly looming global climate crisis, Breitbart reported.

“So there you have it. These globalists are on a mission to destroy not only the individual freedom that millions of Westerners have enjoyed in the Post-World War II era, but they also plan to destroy the market capitalism that led to a prosperous middle class. As long as the middle class is prosperous, it remains independent and capable of critical thinking. Wipe out their wealth and you wipe out their ability to think independently and make their own decisions.”

* Trump-Appointed Judge Strikes Down Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan.

* Isn’t interesting how democrat ballots continue to arrive at ballot counting locations across the nation long after the deadline for submission has ended? Maybe complaining is racist and transphobic?

* It’s 11:59 on Radio Free America; this is Uncle Sam, with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I’ve got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone. The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. It’s twelve o’clock, American, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.”


I received a few e-mails asking me how I felt about the fact that it takes Arizona at least a week to count ballots.  I thought about it for a while.


The War in Ukraine

There have been questions about Ukraine’s military casualties so far in 2022. They’re listing about 10,000 killed which means (rule of thumb) another 20,000 wounded. The question of NATO fighting the war in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian is a significant one because while there is considerable information about the Russian recruiting woes, there is very little about Ukraine. It’s as if the mainstream media has a narrative that it is pursuing to keep the cash flowing.

Radio Free Europe reports (h/t Claudio) that Chechnya has experienced some recruiting challenges in its efforts to feed the meat grinder. The trick it would seem is to enter the military with a full winter uniform and load out, a rifle that fires, significant food, and ammunition. Apparently, the Chechens are going to the front with most of what they need as opposed to the average Russian recruit who has his uniform stolen as soon as he arrives at the depot. Training is said to take a couple of weeks and off they go to the front, often without food.

Ukraine is dedicated to recapturing Crimea from Russia and they’ve choked off much of the supplies that the army needs to operate. Logistics wins wars. This winter will be a hard one for Russian troops. The leadership won’t feel a pinch though.


Cartoon of the Day


  1. I just heard that Biden introduced Kerry at some useless political function in Europe as, “One of the most decorated soldiers in the Viet Nam war.” Must be true if Joe said it.

    • Joe claims that his son (Army JAG) was KIA in Iraq and that he, himself was arrested while protesting in Africa in support of Nelson Mandella and was thrown into prison.

      • I just read, “Biden kicks off ASEAN summit in Cambodia by referring to the host Prime Minster as leader of COLOMBIA – after arriving in South East Asia on the first leg of his ‘world tour’

  2. Hires based on merit – I had mentioned my son being laid off earlier. He’s smart and hard working and got another job fairly quickly at one of the places he interviewed at, that he also liked. A couple days later, one of the other places he liked called and made their offer and he told them he had already accepted an offer elsewhere. They immediately bumped their salary offer up by $25K but he told them he had already given his word to the other company and was not going to go back on it.
    I guess you can still find some places that want merit, but it no longer appears to be a national thing.

  3. History says we are not even close to the temps we had before the Little Ice Age (~1300-1850) but honest history does not have a place in much of today’s world. No profit in it….

    • “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.” – 1984

  4. Lake will win, Masters, with the late ballot drop for Kelly (not votes) days after the deadline, should sue the pants off them, expose the fraud. What part of illegal can’t people see? Especially since the the chief vote counter is a candidate and likely set the multi-pronged fraud machine up years in advance.

    No McConnell cash for either also speaks volumes…that guy, geez. It is doubtful the blatant election cheatery will be stopped regardless who’s in power, The Stye loves their gold painted stink.

    Heard a blip of Adderall-Man speaking over fancy desserts and Rawandan peasant harvested dark roast to the self-appointed Elites (based solely on financial status) at their “aren’t we special” NWO forum”. Seems The Bum in Chief admitted the latest trillion dollar spending bill was for climate change, saying the semi secret part out loud…again.

    Takes a certain mentally ill hubris to believe that man can adjust the earth’s climate in the manner they determined necessary to sustain life, via taxes. This entire farce is a smokescreen for another agenda, and somehow the Covid PsyOp was the lynch pin that gave them license to do whatever the hell they want.

    The Larson panel speaks to where they all belong…and no special expensive ice cream for The Nan.

    I had totally missed the inference of the leaning chair by the window. My take, being a rather literal type, and with the AR in the background, was he was waiting for them to come for him but needed to grab another beverage, a load of firewood, or hit the head.

      • I believe that rather much less than half of the nation wants The Cheat. Rather it’s ignorance and/or apathy, as well as fear. I don’t condemn, or rather, I don’t spare myself. A better man might already have stepped off the porch. But I’m too comfortable, and I tell myself “you have responsibilities to certain other persons” as an excuse for preserving my life and fortune (such as it is) at the price of my sacred honor. Also, as a certain somewhat out-there blogger is wont to say: Must! Not! Fedpoast!

        Bearing in mind the sample bias of my usual contacts (academics, medical people), most of whom are at a minimum soft lefty (all the way down to full-on DEI / St George / “I stand with Zelenskyy” / “Hate has no home here” full-on nutbags) even among these types there is NOT ONE person who is happy with the direction the nation is going. Foreign and social policy is still up for debate, but every. damn. person. is worried about the economy and disgusted by the aggressive promotion of deviance, to children. Noticing this moral corruption, and that the distribution of persons who appear to be behind this is NOT uniform/reflective of the population as a whole, are, of course, Hate Think.

        And the ignorance/apathy is terrifying. A surgeon of my acquaintance stopped by to chat yesterday after work. He had no idea who ADM Rachel Levine is. Nor who Sam Brinton is. And Demetre Daskalakis was not on his radar either. Given the preceding, it’s not surprising that he had never heard of “Jessica” Yaniv. After he was “illuminated” my surgeon friend looked at me with disbelief and asked if I was playing some elaborate prank on him. No, alas.

        I just started reading The Romanov Rescue by Kratman, Ezell, and Watson. It is, as the title suggests, an alternate history set in the early days of the last century. I find it fascinating that among the characters there are German soldiers and airmen who are men of decency and honor; men who if they actually existed, I would be proud to meet. And there are Russians who are men of decency and honor. (This is of course clearly fiction and Hate Think.) One line, the musing of a Tsarist officer, struck me in particular:

        I think, unless we’re both very lucky and fight very hard, that someday people will look at this war the way we see the war between the Spartans and the Athenians; the great calamity that ruined our civilization beyond redemption.

        I am inclined to agree with that fictional officer. Via the slaughter of, and after WWI a different kind of man began to come to power. WWII and its aftermath set us on the slow-motion path to inexorable disaster. Ironically, our now overlords did not cement their vile grip on power as open conquerors, but rather by claiming the mantle of victim. This was a cynical exploitation of glitches in Western (and therefore Christian) neuroprogramming. (Or maybe not true glitches, but rather misinterpretation of actual core Western/Christian ethos. Either road, we’re in the shit, ruled by resentful, ungrateful, vengeful and covetous middlemen, ticket clippers, and useful idiots.)

      • Kle…exactly. When so many are mind-numbed robots they start to enjoy their captivity. It’s Stockholm Syndrome….getting them to see the truth is fruitless.

    • How much money of the $200 million that President Trump is sitting on went to the close but vital races in the mid-terms?


      I am not anti-Trump in the least. I simply wish that he’d rethink his approach.

  5. All will be well by next week or so after you and BRM meet and sort out all the country’s problems.

    Pictures of Kerry and fellow criminals homes don’t show a single solar panel or nearby windmill. Their yachts rely solely on sails? Can you spell hypocrites?

      • When BRM and I are chomping down tamales and salsa verde for breakfast, I expect that light will descend from the heavens. As you say, the lamb will lay down with the lion and all that jazz (the lamb inside the somnolent lion).

        • John Kerry became a billionaire overnight when Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira-Hinds became a widow. Well played, John.

          US Senator John Heinz (R-PA) died in a tragic airplane crash. John Kerry stepped in to fill the dead man’s shoes.

  6. I doubt if somebody could replicate my career, too. It’s all about degrees and certifications anymore. Experience has little relevance for beginning Engineers these days.

    It was 10* here last night. Where’s this “GloBULL Warming” I keep hearing about? And this whole reset BS is all about destroying the American middle class. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We need paper ballots, voter ID at the polling place, NO mail-in ballots, and a inky finger to limit voting more than once.

    Oh, and purge the voter registration lists like DeSantis did.

    Does RFA originate from the American Redoubt? Wonder if they need an RF Engineer….

    • I am an automation engineer.
      I am not degreed. Everything I got was OJT with a few technical classes thrown in.
      I’ve worked with degreed engineers who wondered why they were still paying student loans.
      I’m bragging, but forgive me. I learned from others. One young man we hired out of school told me one day, “I’ve learned more working with you in the last two weeks than I learned in the last two years of school.” I treasure that. I’m still mentoring guys that will carry it on.

      • Pretty much the same here, Ed. I have two AA’s, and around 120 hours of college credits, but never got my BS degree. I was extremely fortunate to have several mentors who were exceptionally good, and saw something in me. One called it “Natural Curiosity”, and said it was both unusual, and good to have. I’ve just always been able to “figure stuff out”, and make cross-connections to different disciplines while finding solutions.

        I try and pass it on, but sometimes I wondered why some of the people I tried to teach had gone into Engineering. They were clueless, but had a degree, and didn’t need any coaching….

  7. The status quo will be maintained. The deep state will not be defeated. Too bad, the repubs had a good chance and then snatched defeat from victory once again. Sigh.

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